Activision Explains Why They Decided To Bring Call Of Duty Ghosts To Wii U


Activision publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg has revealed to Joystiq exactly why they decided to bring Call of Duty: Ghosts to the Wii U. Hirshberg says that the company is determined to see the Wii U become a success and they believe that bringing Ghosts to the platform could well boost the disappointing sales. Hirshberg says if the platform does become successful then it’s ultimately great for Activision.

“The driving force behind us bringing Ghosts to the Wii U is the same as every other platform, it’s just we want to do everything we can to make the first-party successful. Obviously if they’re successful, that’s good for our business, that’s been our strategy in the past, we’ve been a very kind of platform agnostic company. We generally try to be wherever our gamers want to play. So we thought if our content can help the Wii U and Nintendo gain some momentum, then we wanted to do that.”


      1. Black ops 2 on the Wii u was awesome… definitely better than the ps3 version. Only one to support the wiimote… there is no substitute!

      2. I one Thousand percent agree, I have a wii u with bo2 and love it but the ps3 version is better even with all the great wii u features for on HUGE reason, DLC, activision says there happy to give us call of duty ghost and yet on the call of duty ghost page they remove free fall from wii u after a bunch of people pre ordered it. I am still getting cod ghost but we better get DLC BY 2014 OR IT BYE BYE CALL OF DUTY

      3. No they were the same, furthermore, the wii u version has framerate issues in co-op

      4. You are an idiot. The ps3 version was the worst version. The framerate so called issues only happen when doing local multiplayer when one person using the tv and the other using the gamepad. It was NOT noticeable at all. DF uses a monitor to see the drops…. normal human eyes NEVER sees this drop. That is magnicicent for a console with only 33 watts. The wii u version was also the best looking version between the ps3/x360. I have both the x360 version and with wii u and I see better results on the wii u. So please STFU!!!!!!

      5. That is magnificent with a console that is supposedly “next gen” stupid motherfucker, co op is still sucky, you are just retareded

      6. Co op is WAY better on the wiiu then the HD twins because NO SPLIT SCREENS!!!! You are the one who keep bashiing the wii u and you keep forget that it’s a next gen system. You are the dumb motherfucker who keep comparing it with the HD twins.

        FYI wii u only uses ONE core for ALL their launch title. The other two core did NOTHING!!!! The dev didn’t know how to utilize it properly and notice that ONE core could do ALL the computing. That is a NEXT GEN system you dumb fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      7. coming from sum1 who cant even spell retarded, id shut up if i wer u. I hav a wiiu,ps3, and 360> and the wii u is superior, even without dlc. Once 2014 rolls around and nintendo releases its arsenal of games, xbox 1 will get the shit raped out of it. Wii U sales increased 700% after the xbox 1 reveal. think about that. Also, how many of u idiots who r hatin on the wii u even hav 1 or played on 1? Thats wut i thought. stop talkin outta ur ass


        The lowest resolution game avalable on wiiu

        Gimped wii remote settings poor buggy code you have very very low standards

      9. What the hell you are playing? The buggy code has been patched from january. What you have not played in a while huh? Then please don’t be talking shit. Thank you.

    1. Yeah it’s a good attitude to have. I won’t purchasing Ghosts but I do appreciate that they took the time to port it unlike other devs.

    2. The sad thing is that they’re bringing it to the audience that hated it and bashed it for years and they’re still trying to help… I feel bad now :'(

      1. Don’t be… the people that bash it are very small minority. More people do buy it and play it. I was online last night and I saw 70,000 people playing. To me that’s very good

      2. Thank u! finally, sum1 who isnt a complete dick and does nothing but hate on the wii u. Nintendo appeals 2 all ages, and ive grown up playing nintendo. Do we not remember the magical moment when we first tried a wii, bowled with our families, and trash talked our buddies as we final smashed them into oblivion in Super Smash bros brawl? thx for the memories nintendo

      3. Yea… that is sooo true. I had sooo many great memories with my kids playing the wii. Even just dance give me a blast. My 4 year old son love “who let the dogs out” Only on wii my family comes together and have a blast. And I have the HD twins too.

  1. Doesnt seem to work in MS’s case.

    There fanbase only buys gun games.

    They dont even buy things like Vanquished

    1. I’m no particular fan of Microsoft, but I’m a fan of the Xbox 360, and I don’t only play ‘gun games’. In fact I’m playing Rayman Origins right now. Think before making generalizations.

    2. You mean Vanquish.
      And yes, I bought and love that game.
      Platinum has a pretty solid record of high-quality material; it’s a damned shame that that game didn’t get the attention it deserved from the community.

    1. They have a 30 day exclusive on DLC, the game is coming to all current and last gen consoles besides the Wii.

      1. Yeah I wish they had put more effort into 007 Legends because it had a lot more potential.

      2. from what I heard, imagine a generic fps with Daniel Craig and some nods to James bond, but with only Daniel craig, yeah not the best game

      3. Ah, that’s kinda a shame. But if makes sense. I haven’t actually played Golden Eye (Yeah I know) but I feel like one of the biggest reasons it was so popular was because of how revolutionary it was. I mean, it was a console FPS game with 4 player split-screen! That’s awesome!

        And while it could still be a fun game today (again, haven’t played it) there’s SO many FPS now. So. Many. FPS. With very few that stand out.

  2. The sentence should have ended at the first comma. And the next sentence should have been : we want to get as much money as possible so we release Quick ports on all possible platforms.

  3. Thi is what 3rd party need to understand if you help a struggling then when that console turns around not only does 1st party gain from it but also themselves because the fans will remember who help their console instead of bitch and complain

    1. Most fans won’t “remember who helped the console” because most fans don’t care. They want the games they like, whoever makes them.

      1. i think we can all agree that even if EA decided to bring madden 14 to wiiU, most would not buy it. they produce the same games every year and also promote the pay-to-win casual game. They are a company whose games i would not purchase because they are not a good company. Nintendo fans know this because of their attitude toward the wiiU and the things they have said. We Nintendo fans won’t forgive, and they certainly don’t forget; if you do, then you are already lost.

      2. EA use to be so great during the ps2/Xbox/ gamecube age. Only title I would buy from them is bettlefield, burnout and plant vs zombies.

  4. Hey, nice reasoned answer. I still doubt I’d get this game but you know, that dog has me more interested in this than any other CoD.

  5. yeah well.. i doubt they did it out of the good of their hearts
    it was probably fairly easy to port which is why they did it… doubt they’d have tried if they’d run into any trouble along the way, especially after the bad sales of black ops 2 on the wii U

  6. Nice gesture, Activision, but if this game is coming out for the PS4 and Xbox One, who the hell is going to buy it for Wii U?
    Now, if you were going to do something nostalgic with that Spyro the Dragon IP of yours and release THAT for Wii U, maybe then we could talk turkey.

    1. Im going to buy it on my Wii U … because its the best way to play it… wiimote/nunchuck and the gamepad.

      1. I can’t stand shooters with the wiimote. I find the analog stick method much more comfortable and accurate.

      2. Well the wiimote is actually more accurate than twin sticks. What you meant to say is that your more skilled with sticks than you are the wiimote

      3. No, whenever I try and use the Wii Remote the sensor freaks out and the cursor starts jumping across the screen. I’ve never gotten reliable performance from the pointer in any game.

      4. Isn’t it an issue concerning your sensor bar? Maybe the place it stands… I’ve never seen that before…

      5. You didn’t do any adjustments to the sensitivity of the Wiimote or the sensor.
        I used to have the same problem until I adjusted that.
        So, Kaetsu is right; you’ve just got a preference. I’m not slamming you; it’s just the truth. The Wiimote, when adjusted properly and used well, is more accurate than a stick.

      6. i’ve always gotten very reliable results using the wiimote in shooters

        maybe you should reduce the distance to your sensor bar

      7. I like wii remote + nunchuck for FPS actually.

        Have you played Metroid Prime Corruption on Wii? The controls are amazing.

        I was expecting wii remote + nunchuck support in RE Revelations but Capcom didn’t feature it. Such a shame.

        But does anyone know if CoD Ghosts will support wii remote + nunchuck? I have no idea so far.

      8. Right. Somehow I thought abot Splinter Cell Blacklist.

        I need a job day off…

      9. Nuts… It will.

        I remake my question to Splinter Cell Blacklist instead, if you guys don’t mind.

    2. They’re doing something for todays young gamers with Spyro. If you want the old formula, the old games are still there. I actually quite like Skylanders.

    3. Wii U is the only 8th gen system that has a free online. So why would you buy it for Xbox One and or PS4? Plus while I’ll never buy COD, Wiimotes are the BEST for shooters.

      1. Why? Multiplayer reasons, there will be significantly more people online for those two consoles than there is Wii U. PC has free online too, plus the game is cheaper, so why would anyone buy it for console? See, now the Wii U looks an unnattractive choice too.

        Wiimotes the best? Sure you can think that, your opinion, but I still believe Keyboard and mouse reign supreme.

      2. You cant compare PC with Consoles at all. 2 separate beasts. When it comes to consoles Wiimote is the best for shooters. And not everyone is going to spend $700 or more on a PC for gaming. We are talking about consoles only here so leave PC out of it.

      3. Just because PC makes your argument invalid doesn’t mean it can’t be said! Stupid little fanboy.

      4. Gamer, for over a year now we havent gotten along and we never will. And how am I a fanboy? I play Nintendo, PC and Xbox 360???

      5. I’m sorry about this.
        I know its a “cheap” knock-off, but actually PS move is the best for shooters.
        It’s more accurate, even against remote plus.
        Button layout is more comfortable.

      6. While i love the wiimote for shooters, hell metroid prime trilogy was like a religious experience, but the problem i have had with using the wiimote in twitch shooters like call of duty is, while yes the pointer function is more accurate, the problem is that turning is sluggish, on mouse and keyboard a quick swipe of the mouse means you can do a easy 180 turn, but on the wiimote turning is slow compared to dual analogue sticks, so you gain accuracy using the wwmote while sacrificing your movement abilities, and turning fast in my opinion is more important, accuracy on sticks can be improved with skill and by using fps freaks, (a add on which you click onto your dual sticks, and which increases accuracy greatly!!

      7. Your first point will only remain true for a little while.
        Once the install base picks up, the online for Ghosts will become very healthy.
        PC is also much less secure than consoles, since it’s so open to modding, and I’d argue that the competitive community there is full of many, MANY, more jerks than anything except MAYBE Live…
        So, no, the Wii U isn’t that unattractive a choice.
        Besides, there’s no reason NOT to get a good game for the system if it’s already in your home.

      8. What are you talking about “there will be significantly more players on the other 2 consoles” not true CoD only ever has max 18 players which the Wii U version of black ops had

    4. Ok, first of all, the xbox 1 will flop hard. wii U sales increased 700% after xbox 1 revel. microsoft does not know wut gamers want. My proof? Red ring of death, “always internet connected” xbox 1, poor replay of used games, and being forced 2 hav 2 hav the kinect always plugged in. Sure, theyve changed that now, but only cuz people complained. had no 1 said anything, microsoft would hav gone forward with the plan and shot themselves in the foot. secondly, the only reason more people play call of duty on the xbox is cuz it gets dlc first, which is bullshit. give the wii u dlc, and it will rape the shit outta the 360. y the fuck would any1 wanna pay for internet the gets hacked? Miiverse is fuckin awsum, and im willing 2 bet that all of u who r trashin the wii u havnt even played one, so stop runnin ur mouth about shit u dont even know about u stupid dumb fucks >:I

  7. Even though this game doesn’t interest me it’s good to see that Activision (as self serving as this is) wants Nintendo to succeed and is willing to put games out for the Wii U

  8. with this shit and the first party games coming hopefully sales are good enough for other third party to step up.

      1. You should ad it. It is the complete cod. It has single player, campaing Co op,multiplayer and zombie mode.

      2. dont think there is a zombie mode, thats not an infinity ward thing it should have a survival mode, even though treyarch are porting they wont add zombies for fun the game has to be consistent

    1. For sure, i was disappointed when i found out battlefield 4 wont be coming to wii u, even though i pre ordered it along side my ps4, i still would have bought it on wii u just to see how the wii u copes with a online and graphically intensive game, shame, i dont see why ea cant at least port bf3 to wii u, with all the dlc on disk, and if they optimize their engine to use the whole 1gb ram and gpgpu, bf3 on wii u should be miles better then it is on PS3 and 360!! and if it sells well then port bf4, the damn lazy bastards!!!

  9. Call of Duty is in a great position though, because battlefield 4 isn’t coming to the Wii U there’s an audience for the game that will go unchallenged by any other game in the genre.

    1. When it comes to the Wii U versions of call of duty, they should take advantage of its hardware. Y go just four player split screen, when u can go four player splitscreen AND and player using the gamepad. now u got 5 players local. and if the stupid xbox gets four player splitscreen on zombies, so should the wii u, if not five! and y the fuck does xbox get dlc first?! oh ya, theyre lab rats cuz the 360 is a piece of shit

  10. Nice enough justification to make me consider getting it on the Wii U. Now hoepfully they aren’t just talking and Treyarch puts out a quality version

    1. Activision has always been like this. They always try to make money from everyone. On the n64 age it was one of the few third party’s that brought his best games for the sistem like Tony hawk and vigilante 8. On the gamecube EA did the same great job. Now EA are easy whores and activision is a whore too but more high class.

  11. AND this is the reason why SOME Nintendo fans are dumbasses. You constantly complain about not getting third party and all the content but when a third party company finally steps up and gives you the full content, you don’t want it. And you wonder why there’s third party droughts and sales are abysmal. Get your dumb heads out your ass and support it when its there even if we constantly been shitted on, just suck it up cuz only we have the power to change the sales problem

    1. Im getting this game and that’s all I could do to help. I can’t force anyone to change his mind of what they do with their money that’s the job of a the seller the only I can realy do is try to show them what i saw and liked about it.

  12. I have the opportunity to pre order for the PS4 but instead I opted to order for the Nintendo Wii U one big reason is because like black ops 2 for one person can use the game pad and the other one can use the TV I cannot stand split screen so until PlayStation 4 implements this possibly with the vita and I’m not even sure if the be that can even happen? Any future multi player game I’ll get for the Wii U and it does have free online course that is a plus, games that have gimped and skip features, the multiplayer then I probably will get for ps4

    1. Baby steps. They give us the game now we should support them so we get the dlc but I think we will receive at least one test dlc.

      1. I think henmeans the other dlc. The one that is being made to scam…. I mean to add replay value xD

  13. The humble and truthful words of Activision telling us the want that MONAY ( money ) has be sold and convinced. COD duty ghosts pre-ordered as of today and right now. A western third party won over. EA you can keep your battlefield 4. Starwars we know we are getting because of disney and their Activision type levels of liking money. Plus Disney loves nintendo.

    1. And once they announce Destiny isn’t coming to Wii U, you’d label them as a typical Western Developer.

      1. On the Contraire mon frair! I have liked Activision for eons. It’s the recumbent western nonsensesical PS and MS fanboy western third parties that are a problem lol.

      2. And you’ll put them under that label as soon as Destiny is not coming to Wii U. Activision is heavily involved with MS. And is now giving PS exclusive content too for Destiny.

    1. Only if you want to. This one has a better chances to be more forgiving for new cod players. Also skip black ops 2 unless is cheap cuz this one will be better if they don’t screw the maps design.

  14. When the first party heavy Hitters have arrived and sold consoles in higher millions. Remember Activision gamers and promote them on MiiVerse. They are true to their money loving third party ways. :).

  15. Activision takes the Wii U advantage. EA had the chance but they pissed off every Wii U owner. Call of Duty will sell on Wii U and I will support them and the franchise.

  16. FUCK YOU GUYS! Your Biggest game this year isn’t COD its Destiny and I REALLY REALLY want that shit. Bring Destiny and I’ll be more than happy to pickup both your shooters

    1. I don’t think destiny comes out until 2014, and the only way it comes to wii u is if bungie lets them

      1. False Activison is the Publisher. They say what system Destiny goes on. The majority of Bungie are Nintendo fans.

  17. Thank you Activision, I really liked Black Ops and Black Ops 2, but I am disappointed about the DLC, but still I liked Black Ops 2 on Wii U and it was the best version with the cooperative play. I am buying this and already preordered Skylanders Swap Force on Wii U, Activision makes some of my favorite games, like Goldeneye on the Wii. Now I wish GTA V would come to Wii U with a map on the Gamepad.

  18. I never thought it would be Activision to make sense with C.O.D
    Finally someones releasing in hopes of building instead of withholding because of lacking.

  19. There IS NO NEED FOR A FUCKING EXPLANATION!!! It’s COD it goes on everything. The only thing we want from you Activison is Destiny on Wii U.

    1. C’mon activsion! hear us out! U know, we could just start a petition. if we get enuff signatures, we can probly get destiny and grand theft auto 5. the other day i signed the petition for dlc on the wii u needed a few more signatures. Hear me out guys!

  20. There’s only one reason why they decided for Wii U Ghosts: To squeeze out little more quick money with false promises out of suckered Nintendo/COD fans like I use to be. Lets not forget what they did with BO2. They blantly lied to thousands about Wii U BO2 Nuketown 2025 and DLC support. That’s how the sale were shit and they denied us because they got no fucking brain to realize the reality. Those people like myself who gave this another shot hoping it’ll be a good COD has been fed up with the consistence of the selfish, graphic/power/money hungry 3rd party whores like Activision gimping games and spitting false advertisements. That’s why the 3rd party is failing on Nintendo platform and all of this is all intentional excuse to stop supporting Nintendo in general.

    So all this story about “3rd parties recognizing potential of a system” or “being generous” is all cheap corporate lies.

    As for COD, I gave it a second chance after buying/playing that big mistake MW3 and this is their thanks for redemption when I bought BO2 for Wii U? Nothing but lies for my quick $60. Well this time *fingers* they can kiss my Puerto Rican ass and my wallet goodbye same goes for Ubiliars and Electronic Assclowns (EA)



  21. I will purchase this game ONLY if it includes zombies. The game over all is not bad but not great. I liked zombies mode a lot, though.

  22. Well…I’m starting to think about getting it some time in the future. Be my first COD I own, now it all boils down on 2 things I’m looking for.

    1. Gameplay, it better keep me hooked for a long time. Games these days seem too easy for me and I pass them easily.

    2. DLC as they said. No DLC, means I’ll revoke my purchase…literally and fast!


      1. Same…

        Our Empire watched its rivals fall…

        I’m sure the Activisionists do not want to experience that…

  23. Hmmm…

    If Ghosts for the Wii U gets everything else the other versions get, specially the ones for PS4 and Xbox Done then I might actually buy it as I miss knifing and owning the holy N our of the crybabies…

  24. Fanboys, sigh.

    Some of you guys need to get real, almost every company loves money, stop singling out a few companies. Either stop hating or hate on everyone (including Nintendo and yourself for participating in capitalism).

    Seeing how little 3rd-party support Nintendo is getting, now that Activation is showing support, it’s seen as a bad thing??

  25. N-Report 576

    Creature Pachter exposed as a hypocrite:

    Pachter Twitter:

    “I am a fan of Disney Infinity, as you can tell from this:…
    Think it has a ton of potential, the team made a great game”

    So he likes Disney but not Nintendo?…

    They are both following the same path most of the time…

  26. All they need to do now is officially confirm that the Wii U version will definitely be getting all of the same DLC.
    Even if the DLC arrives late, if we get it, then I’ll be 100% sold.

      1. Good good…

        From Third Class Empires I will be buying Sonic Lost World, CoD:Ghosts, Watch Dogs to begin with…

        That is if Watch Dogs doesn’t get gimped…

      2. Count me in Nintendo Commander! I like ur style, so im gonna support Wii U in evry way possible. ill join ur empire

      3. That’s great to hear!

        It’s not my Empire, it’s Lord Iwata’s and the previous Lord’s, I’m merely a pawn trying to lead us to victory…

  27. If all companies felt this way about the Wii U, then the Wii U would be in a much better place than it is right now.

  28. Why just why? Infinity wars and activision? Relesing an awesome AAA game on such shit console… Only litle kids play that too play wii sports and Mario. That console is weaker than the crappy ps3. Only realise on Pc mater race ps3 Xbox ps4 and xbone. Its not gona sell much wtch… Only shitty games like pikimin 3 that appeal to jappenese people with no swag. call of duty u could quick scope and its very realistic and has good graphics. Which is better than crappy battlefield . Even battlefield isn’t realising on this shit

  29. I call BS on this. They release it for the extra money to fund the other consoles. Same price tag and nothing like the other versions. Way to try and save face guys. I see through it and so do all the other Wii U owners that wanted DLC on BO2 but never saw any.

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