Pokemon Company Says The Mysterious Pokemon Wii U Images Are Merely Conceptual


The Pokemon Company has told online gaming publication Kotaku that the recent Pokemon image that appeared to tease a Wii U game is simply conceptual. The publication also tried to get some clarification regarding the recent Pokemon trademarks that have been discovered. Sadly, the Pokemon Company wouldn’t divulge any information.

“There is nothing to announce at this time. These are merely conceptual images.”

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    1. Uhh hello! no it isnt! it meens pokeman is working on diferent things and moore things for wii u weather consept or not it is stil kool because i love it! it shows thay are hard at work on some thing kool for wii u and wii wil like lee sea it after x and y come out because i cant wate four it!!! :)

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          1. Hey Ben! If you’re really a troll like others keep calling you, then you’re my favorite troll of all. I actually look forward to seeing your comments. I much rather YOU be here than some of those other trolls who I’m SO relieved to not see around here lately. I hope they NEVER come back.

          1. Agreed. Eventually, they will definitely do it! I’m hoping for a 3D Ninja Storm type gameplay myself. That’d be awesome, but hopefully PS4 instead of Wii U. If it is Wii U, then I hope that you don’t need the Gamepad >_>

                1. “I’m sure they will eventually”? I really don’t think that’s gonna happen especially not anytime soon.

                    1. Just like Sony and Microsoft have brought their characters to other consoles!… Oh wait…

                    2. I don’t see why they would do that. There’s absolutely no benefit there.

                    3. Sales. Sure, there would be less reason to buy a Nintendo console, but they would be getting money from a much larger audience. A lot of people wish that they could buy a Legend of Zelda game, but it’s just not enough to buy a Nintendo console. If the game went out to Playstation and Xbox, it would sell Very well. Could become the next Kingdom Hearts

                    4. Then technically shouldn’t sony and microsoft put their games on nintendo consoles for increased sales as well? Look at how horrible the vita is doing they should make all of their games for the 3DS for sales, right?

                    5. The Vita isn’t doing well, but that’s because the game selection is horrendous. Just about every game on the Vita is on the PS3, so why buy the Vita version? Also, there just doesn’t seem to be much of a point to the console, it’s one of the few that I’m skipping completely

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  1. why tease us in the first place? i guess this is only to shut down rumours and keep it as surprise

    1. You really think nothing is going to come from those images? Lol idiot. Why show them in the first place if they’re not going to do anything? They just don’t want to tell us what they have planned

      1. That’s what I want to think. I really want Pokémon Stadium 3, even though I know we’re highly unlikely to get it. You didn’t need to call me an idiot, by the way.

  2. Conceptual Images? Good, they can still change this game to become an open world. There’s still hope!

  3. Doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything to the images. Just means that they aren’t ready to spill the beans.

  4. Even if it is conceptual, I’m pretty sure the general public was okay with what they had seen. I don’t think too many people are saying “No. We really do not want a Pokemon Wii U game.”

  5. Why poeple is this stupid? They are referring to the image and graphics it could be any genre.

        1. hO CrAP! I usualy press so far too! :P

          (It is hard to spell wrong with autocorrect feature.) XD

          Seriously he probably type it too fast and spelling or grammar do not show how smart they are.

          1. Spelling & grammar doesn’t show how smart they are? I guess simple addition and subtraction doesn’t either ….

  6. it was way to mysterious to be just conceptual, i mean if fazes in then back out…no, not buying it lol

  7. I want Pokemon Snap and Pokemon Stadium rolled into one came… a safari type thing and then battlining across a series of maps/stadiums! Oh and nothing but the classic pokemon. I don’t even know any of the new Pokemons.

        1. Realy? I here that from people that are just so ugly than when they give their phone numbers they said that is from a friend. :P

    1. It’ll happen. They had to have put those images in there for a reason. Unless they want to face backlash …. and I doubt they are that stupid.

  8. Great!!! That means there won’t be another game besides Cod dogs that is ruining the Wii U game lobrary’s quality/shovelware ratio. :D

  9. They clearly have a game in the works. They wouldn’t have shown that for nothing. They just aren’t ready to announce and so they say its only conceptual images however they don’t say there’s nothing being developed.

    1. I guess moving pictures count as conceptual images. Seriously though, why they want to advertise the conceptual images. XD

      *read your post* Oh right! I am not the only one thinking that. :D

        1. Exactly that’s why I’m actually happy that they have already started on a Pokemon game on wii u I thought it would take at least until next year to hear about one so I am by no means dissapointed even if they don’t want to announce it yet

            1. My big toe hurts like hell I’m been crying because of the pain I can’t even walk straight because of all the pain. :'(

  10. So, basically they confirmed they’re working on a Pokemon Wii U title. However, something tells me that small segment was more developed than just ‘conceptual.’

    This and the name regestry is all too perfect, I trust they’ll have a Nintendo Direct announcing it after X and Y are released.

  11. i like how more than half the entire comment section consists of people getting worked up over a ridiculously obvious troll

  12. I love how there is so much going on with Sony right now, and then i go to MyNintendoNews, and its dead.

  13. I’m actually glad. Because I don’t care about the concept of a Pokémon fighting game. I was never a huge fan of the Pokémon Stadium or Battle Revolution games, and a fighting game just reminds me of another one of those kinds.

  14. Why is everyone dissapointed? It’s actually a good thing they are ideating a new pokémon game. Besides, the only thing conceptual means is that it is not final, graphics, gameplay and other elements of the game could still change. That is actually good news. Besides the Pokémon Company said “there is nothing to announce” not “there is no new pokémon game in the works” so stop being dissapointed and get exited!

    (I really do hope the name of the game isn’t Pokken Fighters)

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