n-Space No Longer Developing For Nintendo


n-Space, a developer whose games have been published by both Activision and Disney on Nintendo systems, says that they are no longer developing for Nintendo systems due to a “low demand” for publishing on Nintendo systems. n-Space produced several popular titles for the Nintendo DS system, including Goldeneye and five Call of Duty games. On the 3DS, they are responsible for Skylanders: Giants as well as Heroes of Ruin, a title published by Square Enix that did not sell as expected. n-Space, who once had a very close relationship with Nintendo, hopes that they will once again see games greenlighted for Nintendo consoles, but for the time being, they are not working on any projects. Dan O’Leary of n-Space had the following to say:

“It’s kind of a sad thing to say, because for a long time n-Space has been known as a Nintendo-friendly developer. We certainly have loved all our time working with them.

“We think their hardware’s great. We think more often than not they have the right mindset in the difficult game world we live in. There’s just very low demand right now for their work through the publisher side. Which is ironic, I think that’ll probably swing back.

“The news was just talking about how Nintendo was beating everybody with hardware sales. The DS and 3DS sales curves have been slower than publishers would have liked. That may change, but I can tell you right now we’re not working on anything.”



    1. Uhh hello! but i wanted a CALL OF DUTY on my 3ds because thay r raited T for tene and mother lets mii play the DS Call of Duty but their hasnt bin a knew won in so long :(

            1. Uhh hello! butt i due have a uncle bobby:) u can reed moore about him on my blog bye cliking my name! it is a lil personle butt all my frends r personle on hear so it is ok because i love u:)

      1. Nintendo Inglets!

        The Xbot Warrior Dorko is back, destroy this puny creature!

        Japan Top 10 pure Nintendomination, we don’t need lesser beings to succeed ahahahahahahah…

          1. Yup,it will be the same. Plus XBOX sales are the worst in japan!
            Whatcha gonna do now,hater?

          2. Well Donko, let’s just say I don’t even know what or who n-Space is, so them leaving isn’t really affecting me, or my console of preference, plus, if I don’t even know one game they have made, maybe they are right, there is no demand.

      2. Haven’t you seen tons of third party support on the 3ds? N-space only makes portable games. Read the damn article you fuck wit!!!!

        1. I’m not talking about 3ds alone, and for all of you saying 3rd party is not important, or that you don’t know this developer, therefor you don’t care for their support, or xbox sales are worse…you do like leaving stuff out or contradicting your selves, not mentioning ps4 when it comes out, or when n-Nation were supporting the 3ds, everybody was loving them, and you don’t care for 3rd party devs, until one is supporting the wii u, then you say that you infact love that dev, did i break you?

              1. Then explain why ps4 and x360 are getting full games, they are not out yet, why are ps3, ps4 and vita getting minecraft and wii u and 3ds not, since you are all saying 3ds is getting it everywhere


                  Hasn’t it be noticeable? Did you not read anything? Unreal engine 4 can be used on wii u. The only games I’ve seen that are good to both systems are ones that will sell well on then is GTA 5, Uncharted, Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen, and one other, I’ll look up its name here in a sec. Most of the others are also coming to us that are in the list for 360 and PS3/PS4. The rest like FIFA 2014 are garbage, well to me they are. I’m not against any of these systems but I said it once and I’ll say it again…”I am a true gamer, but nintendo is my home console and I will defend it”. That means, I’ll play them, I’ll own them, I won’t have hate towards them. Why? Because this is the path of a true gamer, and I’ll try to open anyones errors if I can. You are on the wrong path by trying to bash and crash the one of the consoles that is keeping you from being a true gamer. “A true gamer plays all and having fun doing so”. A true gamer are the real hardcore players, rather competitive or not. I’m the non competitive type. Enough of this hate and be a true gamer! *reaches out hand* You have a home console but you need to see for yourself that not all are bad, a few flaws here and there but as long as you see inside your true passion, you will never faulter. I admit! Wii U isn’t perfect but I see good games coming from all three. Being on my low budget, The wii u is all I got until this christmas for my own 360 so I can enjoy my Street Fighter x Tekken again, go on gears of war 3 with my brother, Getting Xbox one in the future because of my brother. My brother’s home console is the 360 but even he owns a wii u and a pc! When he was with me, we played both systems at seperate times and together online on Monster hunter 3 both wii (before the servers were shut down) and Ultimate. We did own a PS3 but the games were the same and we didn’t bother until we saw a game that was different, my brother got fed up and sold it because it collected dust and we had no money at the time for food. <¦( So I don't have a PSNID yet. Do you see it yet? Here, let me ask you in a street fighter way. "Donko, what do you see in front of your fists"? Wanna know what I see? I see my future dream. What about you?

  1. I don’t think this mean they are not developing for Nintendo anymore. It is just mean that they are not working on projects for Nintendo platforms.

    1. They just got new management recently. Don’t expect they are going to develop Nintendo in the future or before they are out of business. I pretty much wrote them off when I found out who the new CEO was.

      1. Yes, I can see that now. The new CEO is Dan Tudge which used to work for EA. Why the people at EA don’t develop for Nintendo consoles? It’s got to be more than Origin agreement.

        1. I think it has more to do with Dan Tudge has a different idea what makes money than the last management did. Somethings that have been said in interviews, is that they want to expand the company. So to me, it sounds like they are chasing the golden goose, which is right now Mobile or PS4 (possibly Oculus Rift related stuff on the computer, since n-Space is really into it).

          If I was a company though, I would try and make small solid investments and have the company follow their passion a bit, so they don’t burn out.

          1. Why everyone taking a risk with the PS4? It going be the same risk as for Xbox One and as well the Wii U. Nobody bought a PS4 yet. I just found it weird that he doesn’t want his team to continue develop for the most popular console in the world.

            I think mobile games are probably the best idea they are working on.

            1. There is allot of hope that PS4 is the golden ticket in the Industry. But again I don’t have insider info on them. I use to follow the Facebook site which was interesting and have been read some interviews, cause I have liked some of there games.

              Personally though as a someone who plays games, I am sticking with the 3DS and the Wii U.

        2. Sounds like a conspiracy to me to be honest. Could the chips have been set better? I mean a new CEO who cam from EA? Sounds like one of those instances were a politician who lobbied for Monsanto years down the line ends up with a 6 figure salary working for Monsanto.

          1. My Grudge, will take Tudge and turn him into Fudge so that I can eat him up like Such…

            Or something…

            1. Take Tudge and turn him into Fudge? How so? This Fudge would be as poisonous as toxic Sludge.

  2. I bought heros of ruin and it was great for about 5hours then i completed the campaign and the repetitive challenges got borring

  3. Good riddance. Heroes of Ruin was terrible. It was hyped and hyped and delayed and delayed and they released a steaming pile of crap. They tried to build a genre game in a genre that they didn’t understand.

    1. De försöker leva upp till Elektronernas Anti-Nintendo attityd kanske…

      But indeed, crack is so 2012…

  4. Well the real problem here is that when Nintendo releases their 1st party big guns, no other developer/publisher wants to compete with sales so they won’t be developing games anytime soon.

    1. That’s their fault. They had a full year to release games and chose not to. Whenever facts put these pathetic excuses these 3rd parties keep making on blast, they just come up with another one. Nintendo should just forget about 3rd parties and buy up as many independent studios as they can creating a network of 2nd-party studios. The DS, Wii and 3DS have proven that Nintendo doesn’t need 3rd party support. They just need 1st party titles and they are coming.

  5. Who can blame them. Who wants to develop on the underpowered baby Wii U console. The only games that sell well on the baby Nintendo systems are baby games that parents buy for their precious little babies!

  6. No more Call of Duty and Skylanders?
    Oh, rats, and here was I buying a Wii U and a 3DS for that, not Mario, or Zelda, or Pokemon or DK.

  7. “The DS and 3DS sales curves have been slower than publishers would have liked. That may change, but I can tell you right now we’re not working on anything.”

    Uh… The Nintendo 3DS just sold 47k+ copies in the first week of August in Japan, and in that week 17 of the Top 20 best selling games were from Nintendo. WHAT THE FUCK IS HE TALKING ABOUT!?

    Just because their shitty and not interesting games didn’t sell, doesn’t mean the Nintendo DS is the best selling console of all time and that the Nintendo 3DS has been the best selling gaming console for like 3 months. Make good games, you sell or at least are successful.

    1. My bad, it was for August’s second week, where Nintendo took 17 games out of the 20 Top best selling ones, idk about the 1st one. And the Top 10 is full Nintendo, btw, with 9 being Nintendo 3DS, so idk how the 3DS is BEING SLOW like this guy said.

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