Kamiya Hopes He Will Be Able To Make A Sequel To The Wonderful 101


Platinum Games designer Hideki Kamiya has told a fan on Twitter that he hopes to be able to make a sequel to The Wonderful 101. Initial reviews of the game weren’t as promising as many had hoped, with popular online gaming site IGN only awarding the game a solid 7.4. The publication stated that it’s flawed but eminently likeable. The Wonderful 101 currently has a Metacritic score of 79 and is due to be released in North America on September 15th.

@PG_kamiya Will there ever be a Wonderful 102?

I hope so. RT @enrico_cusimano: Will there ever be a Wonderful 102?


  1. Kamiya should just look toward Miiverse for feedback since W101 is a Wii U exclusive, reviewers will do everything in their power to rank it as low as possible making the developer think they shouldn’t make a sequel.

    1. That’s why haters tried to say Bayonetta 2 was the same as the 1st one since it’s a Nintendo exclusive. If Bayonetta 2 was exclusive or wasn’t on Wii U, that message would have never been said.

    2. Kamiya I played the demo loved it and am ready for the real game. Look for me on Miiverse I’ll rank your game the way it’s supposed to be fair and square and not because I have hatered towards Nintendo.

  2. As much as I want Wonderful 102 (I somehow doubt that title will work), I’d prefer seeing them work on something more… desired before that.

          1. How do you know that? They’ve helped Nintendo out with titles like Skyward Sword, Pikmin 3, and Animal Crossing. I think they’re capable of making any sort of game.

  3. for starters those aren’t bad review scores and second play the demo and don’t base your purchase decision on other’s opinions. if a sequel doesn’t come, it will remain a wiiu classic.

    1. That’s what the reviewers hope that people don’t play the demo and avoid purchase based off a 7/10 because it’s exclusive to Wii U.

      1. ignoring that famitzu gave it near perfect score, even when american reviewers didnt because it was to hard. ignoring that wii u is going to sell like hot cakes when mario 3d milk comes out. also ignoring. ignoring that if bayonetta was on other systems it wouldnt get hate. ignoring. ignoring that nintendo is sexy and i wish some how i could fuck it, also ignoring. ignoring. ignoring that, WHERE IS GAMER WE NEED HIS THOUGHT ON THIS!!!!! THE ,THE COMMANDER *pant* COME HERE!!!!! we need defense force!!!!! WII U WII U WII U WII U!!!!!!!! CALLING ALL DRONES, WII U WII U WII U WII U!!!!!!!!

        1. You rang? 10/9/10/10 from Famitsu. The best reviewers in the world next to us the gamers. Ignoring the fact that need for speed most wanted on the WiiU got a nine by these same reviewers because of that PC butter smooth cookie crunch perfection. Forgetting that Kamiya makes great games, ignoring that platinum were the ones that gave us Okami. How they forget, we are gaming greatness :).

          1. Famitsu actually is extremely bias. I would look at everyones review including western reviewers then make a final judgement.

        1. i rather keep you alive to suffer. alternately we can form an alliance and troll the hell out of this site

          1. it gets so lame, they damage control, and cant see the horrible facts about milktendo. everyone else not on this website and some others are just so corporate cock suckers for a company that lost its touch. why do you think in life that nobody even talks about nintendo…… yeah because everyone else knows what nintendo is now days, irrelevant gimmicky same old shit garbage. thats all you hear about nintendo, and its true.

            nobody will believe though or are scared to believe. if you want to troll, just act retarded, like praise anyhing but nintendo.

    1. you said you beat it stupid retard……. you are that stupid cornilius. avgn is a money whore too. his production is shit now, his videos suck and his movie will suck that you probably helped fund it for him, even if he has millions of dollars to do himself. sheep like you amuse me.

      1. hey clown :) I play spies vs mercs fucking noob … you cant understand this because you dont have this game .. bc you just suck like a noob.

    1. the next installment should be on 3ds and wii u mainly because it draw more ppl to it anbd i know it’ll sell likje hot cakes on the 3ds

  4. I love this game. I’m nearing the end and had so much fun. So much character, so many fun level with new mechanics. It’s no easy game, but that is a big part of the fun. A sequel would be wonderful. Hopefully this game will have the success it derserves.

  5. All the drama surrounding this game is so ridiculous. It’s a very good game and this is reflected in the scores and reviews. But in the end, people who own a Wii U should just play the game and stop holding out for the Nintendo “play-it-safe” software. Support this great new IP.

  6. I hope my purchase helps to encourage them to make a sequel. Can’t wait for this game. Since it appears that Sony and Microsoft will have their own Social networks, like Miiverse, I wish that these companies could somehow create a system where they let us, the fans, review their games. While that’s not a perfect system, I think it’s better than allowing some of these bias no talented reviewers continue to review games!

        1. Please fools. You don’t even know who your talking to. Just stop so you don’t look stupid.

  7. Kamiya they saw that Pikmin 3 got 93 % everywhere and began to shreik and fear what was happening. Famitsu gave your game 10/9/10/10 = 97% and thus sonyville ign got scared. They have realized that the WiiU’s launch lineup is more diverse than the PS4s. 3.5 – 5 ( when stretched ) gigs of internal ram left for developers for games. 6-7 gigs dream squashed. Then it was revealed as we knew the WiiU handles direct X11 resources or GL for you want to knows, Sonyans quivered. Then Crytek hit Aldaraz and his defunct third party Aeolus with the new CryEngine (4) being on these next generation consoles [ WiiU ™, PS4 (R), xboxone] and PC, the started to cry. X, Sonic lost world, Mario 3D world and now they are panicking. Smile Kamiya there are more nintendo fans world wide than PS and MS combined :). Nintendo! Eat your hearts out!

  8. I’m in love with this game, I really hope they get to work on a sequel, hell I just ordered another copy to show support and to keep safe.

  9. W101 would have gotten a 13.6/10 by IGN if Audrey was reviewing.
    She’s working with Nintendo now, glad for her.

  10. Looking forward to getting this on Sept 15th…US gets it way after cause we suck like that haha. Anyway judging by the demo alone I really hope this becomes a franchise.

  11. Who wants to bet Wii U’s version of Ghost, Watch Dogs and Rayman Legends gets ranked the lowest compared to the competition?

  12. In my opinion, Kamiya should finish Bayonetta 2, then work on Star Fox, then The Mysterious Murasame Castle before he can feel free on making a Wonderful 101 sequel. After all, a new Nintendo console wouldn’t arrive until 2018 or 2019.

  13. I hope so. Just finished Operation 3, fucking badass. It’s way more like Bayonetta than i thought it was going to be.

    1. Hopefully W101 has gotten Kamiya more in bed with Nintendo, maybe they’ll finally let him create the game we all want him and his team to do, Star Fox.

  14. Old news…

    Death to the Xbots, weaken the Sonyans and Nintendomination to sum up…

      1. Unfortunately I don’t have a Wii U just yet due to the current economic state I’m in but that will all change soon enough…

        I will tell you when I have it…

        I have a 3DS though…

              1. Depends…

                It’s going to be a very busy time from now on since I begin to study…

                  1. I would actually prefer a more original name…

                    Phoenix is used way too often, how does this character look like?…

                    1. Not too bad…

                      What about Spiker Wingman?…

                      Or uhmm…


  15. Start making Bayonetta 3 for Wii U, and then we’ll talk.

    But so far W101 has been awesome, but sequel really should not be called 102…

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