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Here’s The Opening Movie For Monster Hunter 4

The latest breathtaking Monster Hunter 4 video is the game’s opening movie, just released by Capcom Japan on the company’s official Youtube Channel. The clip features an epic battle with a Tigrex while showcasing some of the new features of Monster Hunter 4, such as the new Insect Staff weapon and the player’s ability to attack monsters by jumping and grabbing onto them.

Capcom is supremely confident in the game, recently stating that they want Monster Hunter 4 to break historic video game sales records. Although previous installments originated on Sony consoles, Monster Hunter 4 is now a 3DS exclusive that will launch in Japan on September 14th.

92 thoughts on “Here’s The Opening Movie For Monster Hunter 4”

      1. I personally don’t mind some cutscenes but showing these as tv commercials like they do with the Halo games doesn’t tell me anything about the game…

            1. you must end up going inside that machine and attacking people with your katana in a huge place like castlevania with some awesome platforming elements!!!!! people are going to be happy about this.

                        1. never before i wanted to slap a bitch so bad im my life. just slap and stare dead straight in her eyes. maybe spit. that is why the kinect is garbage. n dub natiom likes chicks with chest hair!!!!!

                        2. Agria… according to my database, you are otherwise known as Neutron, a.k.a. MrPSElite. either you’ve failed as an inferior excuse of a Sony drone or a cyberbully? does not tolerate cyberbullying and posting smut in this blog

          1. Have your eyes pryed open already. POWER IS NOT ESSENTIAL IN GAMING. Look at Crysis 3 FAILED, PS3 FAILED for 5 years, Vita FAIL, Halo 4 FAIL, just to name a few. Graphics and Power are a side dish. Never the main course.

        1. Why waste ur time with a lousy underpowered clamshell like the 3ds? Too bad people are too poor to afford a vita otherwise capcums greedy ass would make it for that and itd look 100xs better and include more features a wider world and better sound.

              1. oh that makes sense. thank you!! im going to get one and put it by my wiidustforu. my pdustvita can collect the dust in tight corners that the wiidustforu cant reach.

                1. Nah i rather use wiiu as a foot stool. my wii pad does all the tight corners and the safety manual i use as toilet paper

                      1. no because i jiggled the left analog stick down but still no results, it was so gross it was just sitting on top of my gamepad. i didnt want to touch it so its still sitting there. THATS FAKE ADVERTISING NINTENDO!!!!! if you make shit I SHOULD BE ABLE TO FLUSH THE SHIT!!!!!

                        maybe i should send it back so they can clean it.

        2. LOL they need to release it on Wii U then I will buy it, hunting for so long does not work for me on 3DS and i love the online elements as well!

          1. Ragnarok Odyssey and Soul Sacrifice were fine replacements. And I bought Toukiden. Great game! I think the Vita is fine without MH :D

            MH4 doesn’t peak my interest though :/ Where is the Wii U version!?

            1. Psvita is fine without mh, just need 3 games to replace 1 (3 games that is almost the same)
              Seriously, I really don’t know why people who likes monster hunter don’t buy a 3ds, and buy a psvita instead, and need three games that surely is a copy of monster hunter. It’s fanboyism? Is obviously cheaper buy a 3ds console.

              1. They were just examples of games that can replace them. There actually is a lot more. People who don’t like Monster Hunter because it’s on 3DS and not whatever rival platform they want are pure fanboys, simple as that. I just don’t like it on 3DS because I’d prefer a Wii U version instead.

                I was just showing Vita is fine without it.

          2. “Things that could [have] been”?

            If someone wants MH4 *that* much, they should get a 3DS for it. If they want to play MH on a Sony system that much, they can get a PS2 or PSP (or Vita) and play the Monster Hunter games it already has.

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        4. I thought people hated Capcom, is one game really all it takes to forgive them? Maybe Killer Instinct will be Microsoft’s reedemption after all -.-

          1. Lets just say, if EA released Star Wars Battlefront tomorrow on Wii U, people on here would consider them there new gods.

            1. Only if is good and that’s the reason I hate them in the first place.
              They can keep battlefield and the other crap star wars games have always been great on Nintendo systems.

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