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Subscribers To ONM Will Get Miyamoto-Drawn Cover Featuring Mario And Pikmin

pikmin 3 characters

We recently reported that legendary Nintendo game designer Shigeru Miyamoto would be guest editing the 100th issue of the UK’s Official Nintendo Magazine. Unfortunately ONM reversed course on this announcement, and Miyamoto will not be guest editing the issue.

However, he will be prominently featured in the issue, and it has come to light that subscribers to ONM will receive a cover featuring a hand-drawn rendering by the master Nintendo developer himself. ONM has revealed that the drawing features a Pikmin handing a star to Nintendo mascot Mario. Gamers now have until September 9th to subscribe to the magazine and get the cover.

Nintendo fans will simply have to wait to see if Miyamoto discusses his new IP in the issue. In the meantime, gamers can get their Miyamoto fix by searching for the secret memos he has littered throughout his latest title for Wii U, Pikmin 3.

8 thoughts on “Subscribers To ONM Will Get Miyamoto-Drawn Cover Featuring Mario And Pikmin”

  1. I really hope he talks about or hints at his new IP. If he’s not going to say anything soon, he shouldn’t have said anything until he was ready to reveal stuff because the wait is killing me.

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