Rayman Legends Exclusive To Wii U In Japan, Sports Lavish Box Art

Rayman Legends Box

The gorgeous box art for Rayman Legends on Wii U in Japan has been revealed via the Japanese version of While Ubisoft ultimately decided against making Rayman Legends a Wii U exclusive in North America and Europe, the game is still exclusive to Wii U in Japan, as it is being published by Nintendo. Although the game is set to be released today in Europe and September 3rd in North America, Japanese gamers will have to wait until October 17th to get their hands on the lovely artwork pictured above. Ubisoft is poised to have a hit with Rayman Legends, as the reviews pouring in are calling it nothing short of one of the greatest 2D platformers ever created.


  1. Oh so its exclusive in Japan but not outside Japan…. Wow, such a business move on Ubisoft’s behalf… -_-

  2. Too bad I dont live in Japan. I’m currently stranded on some island (not sure how I got here), and my only source of power is my 3DS which I’m using to comment on this site. Totally worth it. Totally.

      1. You’re so right! Maybe I would have had a better chance at survival if I brought a 3G Vita or My iPhone?

      2. There’s definitely a Wi-Fi signal here, but it’s too weak for my 3DS to fully pick up. It keeps coming and going and my 3DS is almost dead, too. :(

    1. Because Japanese culture naturally have higher standards, I guess.

      In the US (well at least where I grew up in the US), if a child’s drawing is bad, the parent/teacher would still say good job. In Japan, my grandpa would be disappointed and tell me to do better.

  3. Truthfully speaking though, I’m actually pretty scared because I’m not sure how long my 3DS will last and–

    Aw crud! I just turned it on and it’s already dying on me!

  4. I hope it sells a million on the Wii U on its own that way Ubi will turn around and say they are happy with the Wii U

  5. So apparently every box art that is released will be described as being “gorgeous” by the “staff” here? The same has been said about the last two or three box art reveals….just saying.

  6. Also the fact the box art is actually quite nice, bit of an odd comment when you think about the box arts and how rubbish some can be

  7. This game is so much fun. Got it two days ago. This and W101 make me a very happy gamer at the moment.

  8. Now thats one sexy box art.
    Im actually starting to warm up to that shade of Blue. It seems to compliment a lot of Wii U game covers.

  9. It’s about damn time Japan realizes how awesome Rayman is. They’ve already missed out on tons of Rayman games that were European and American exclusive. Either way, it’s good to see them giving him some love and acknowledging the fact that he’s purple.

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