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Nintendo Releasing A Patch For Mario & Luigi Dream Team In Japan

mario and luigi dream team bros

Nintendo Japan has announced that it plans to release a patch for Mario & Luigi: Dream Team on the Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo says that it is looking to distribute the patch as soon as possible and the company has apologised for any inconvenience caused. Hopefully  issues with the overseas release will be looked into as well. Here’s what the patch fixes.

  • On Mount Pajamaja, at the time you break the ice with a spin jump against the Massif Brothers, we fixed the problem in the game that wouldn’t let you progress when you spoke to the Massif Brothers, depending on how you proceeded.
  • Late in the game against Antasma, we corrected the problem that didn’t let the battle end properly in certain circumstances.
  • In addition, we fixed some other small problems to make the game run more smoothly.

Thanks, CM30 and Kallum


53 thoughts on “Nintendo Releasing A Patch For Mario & Luigi Dream Team In Japan”

          1. @Samurai Don – You’ve obviously never played the game. Why would you buy the game and then criticize it like that? You know you can skip tutorials, right? It sounds more like you watched videos on YouTube instead of actually playing the game yourself.

            @Hopper – Pay no attention to Samurai, he’s obviously never played the game. The game is not “OK”. This game is GREAT! I’m debating whether Dream Team can knock off Bowser’s Inside Story as my favorite Mario & Luigi game! Just one thing you might want to know though, Dream Team is less puzzle-y than Partners in Time, but a bit more platform-y and puzzle-y than Inside Story.

            BTW, I’m not even done with the game yet! I’ve clocked in at 35 hours, but I’d take off a good 5 for all the bean and pillow collecting lol! The game might take me about 40 hours to finish, but it might take you somewhere in the 30-40 hour range for you, whether you zoom through the game or explore! :)

              1. The giant Luigi battles were dreadul. What was the point of accumulating all those stats to then be in a fight where they don’t matter? And I don’t fight enemies thinking the repetitive battle music will get better after hearing it a thousand times. NO. I do it to level up and destroy enemies. So having fights that are basicly minigames is NOT A GOOD THING.

                Don’t even get me STARTED in the Spin Drill special attack with MARIO GETTING TIRED and the God-awful Gyro Controls.

                1. Actually the Gyro Controls were alright. I just had to be patient to see how they worked and then they worked near flawlessly. I’m not a fan of them but they were not “God-awful”. The reason why they don’t let the stats carry into the giant battles is because the stat multipliers are so dumb in this game. I beat Antasma in 2 turns by stacking Stache and Pow on Luigi. Giant battles allowed for a challenge to remain even if you knew how to play an RPG.

            1. I’m very sorry to say this, but this game was still spoon feeding me info 30 hours in to the game! Tutorials are unable to be skipped and gyro controls on the giant bosses are bad. Also @rockerztonight Bowser’s inside story was better and more polished than this. It was also a longer game! I clocked in at 72 hours to beat bowser’s inside story but only 38 hours to beat dream team while helping most of the pillow things and exploring. This game was sadding because it was so much worse than Bowser’s inside story

  1. Glad to know they patched it up really quickly, normally it would take a good month for that(Wuhu Island i’m looking at you >,> though i admit i would’ve liked to see the reactions of some that were affected by it xD ah good times)

      1. that long…. oh dear. why does it take that long to release a patch?? ive been waiting almost a year for my wii u to turn into a videogame system. the last update just turned it into a vacuum cleaner and a toaster if i put it on the stand.

    1. Listen to me when I say this:

      The Mario &Luigi Dream Team DEMO does NOT do the full game any justice.

      Buy the full game. You will not regret it.

      1. I’ve only played the demo and it’s the game I want the most right now. Does that mean it’s gonna be way better? :O

      2. Demos are like writing hooks – they’re made to catch your attention & ultimately sell the end product. Normally, game developers put good content on their demos in order to impress the tester & give him that urge to buy the full version of that game.

      3. That being said, if the demo failed to impress me, then more than likely, I will not enjoy the full game & will regret the purchase. This is one of those showcases where–for me at least–the company failed to make any impression.

  2. People are seriously lazy
    What if we were back in the DS era, where things could never be patched?
    I came across a glitch when playing the dream world demo, and the demo left a sour taste in my mouth because of it.

          1. a shitty ps4 exclusive that just look like Sony is sad they let Crash Bandicoot go and are trying to make something kinda like it, but they just can’t.

            1. Hey now, Knack looks pretty cool. Day one buy for me.

              Rubbing salt into the wound with Crash though, it’s his birthday today!

              1. Thats sarcasm. I’m mocking them for saying all this years that they don’t like kiddy games from Nintendo but they rejoice from what ever generic crap Sony and Microsoft pass has a game for everyone.

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  5. I found a glitch that got me stuck. The green beans running around the fountains, I talked to one and he keept running into me. I couldn’t open my Map or Save or anything so I had to reset…

  6. There were game breaking glitches I never had any of them must have been small but easy to overlook glitches. I finished the game with no problems I had minor glitches like luigi going through the luiginary wall when it should have toppled over but that’s the only one I’ve had

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