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Puddle Developer Neko Entertainment Launches Kickstarter For New Wii U Game

cities of gold

Neko Entertainment, developers of the Wii U eShop’s critically acclaimed indie game Puddle, have launched a new Kickstarter campaign for Mysterious Cities of Gold, their latest Wii U and 3DS title based on the hit anime series of the same name. Neko originally planned to make the Nintendo and Apple exclusive only in France, where the series is popular. However, after an overwhelming internet response, the company decided to reverse course and develop both international and PC versions of the game, which the Kickstarter is meant to help fund. The campaign’s goal is $30,000, which will go towards costs for porting the game to PC, as well as English voice acting for the dubbing of cinematic scenes.

Although the game was originally scheduled for a fall release, that time frame appears subject to change with the Kickstarter running all the way through September. To date, the project has reached over $5500 of its $30,000 goal.

25 thoughts on “Puddle Developer Neko Entertainment Launches Kickstarter For New Wii U Game”

  1. the reason puddle was a nintendo exclusive because the baby fans always wake up with a puddle in their bed. so nintendo marched over there with their diapers tight and demanded why puddle should be a nintendo exclusive. they agreed because they felt sorry.

    1. Excuse me!? Wonderful 101 is going to be a “Gem” on the Wii U. Basically it is a great/fantastic! game that sold not so well. It isn’t too surprising though. Platinum games have a knack for becoming gems, like Bayonetta :/

    1. At least we know Nintendo will never nead crowdfunding. Mario, Donkey Kong and Zelda will forever sell just because…they are Mario, Donkey Kong and Zelda. :P

  2. So to anyone that thinks this game is low-quality crap…it’s not. Check out a video first. It looks like it will be well made. Doesn’t mean it will sell, but at least it isn’t some shit-bag like a lot of the games Disney makes.

  3. wtf is up with all those companies needing donations to put out games recently? Please give us your hard earned money so we can sell you some game, it’s getting ridiculous.

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