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Kamiya’s Still Keen To Create A StarFox Game


Hideki Kamiya, the creator of Devil May Cry, Bayonetta and Okami, has revealed that he would still love to make a StarFox game for Nintendo. Kamiya says that he can’t commit to anything right now and understandably says that it would be a huge responsibility for team. However, he says that it would be something he would absolutely love to be able to do sometime in the future. Would you like a StarFox game made by Platinum?

“I can’t really commit to anything – if I was going to work on anything like that it’d come with huge responsibility, so I can’t say this lightly – but it’s something that I really love, and I’m personally speaking a huge fan of the franchise”), but before then who knows what?”

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106 thoughts on “Kamiya’s Still Keen To Create A StarFox Game”

    1. Hell no! He must get the star fox formula single player formula first then if he have a free weekend then add it.

      1. Yeah but what if someone could be Falco while I’m fox in the adventure mode? We can communicate through the mic and shit. Oh wait this is Nintendo they didn’t think of that. To them its year 2000.

        1. That sounds awesome! The Wii U has the power to allow 4 player co-op online. It certainly has! I don’t know why Nintendo doesn’t exploit the Wii U capacities. I hope to see this king of gameplay because this is part of the Starfox escence. Maybe Nintendo wanted to do a similar thing with the original Wii but it didn’t has a lot of cpu power. Now the Wii U has it and also a second screen (gamepad) and a wonderful online platform (Miiverse)

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  2. Unfortunately Nintendo won’t allow this because they don’t care about good games or their fans, they only care about quick bucks from little kid’s parents and casuals like the 2DS, Pokemon, the Wii, the Wii game brand, the games they put out and their console’s hardware shows.

    1. Man, it’s a damn good thing you’re here to set me straight! I’m an adult, 30+-years-old male that spends most of his gaming time on Nintendo products, but now that you’ve made me see the light with such a cogently and tightly argued comment, I’m going to burn all my Nintendo stuff and do something far more adult like–point and laugh at the silly troll that couldn’t form a cogent and tight argument if his ‘mature’ life depended on it.

        1. I’m 33 and all my friends play on Nintendo products also. We all also play on other consoles and PC. There’s a lot of people out there that simply buy all plate forms or at least more then one and enjoy what they have to offer. Your not alone sir!

      1. Really, So why’d they bother getting treasure to make sin and punishment 2 on the wii, or how about punch out, or you know getting platiunum to make a new ip for the WiiU and saving Bayonetta 2.

        how’s about the project rainfall games. you do realise that xenoblade chronicales, the last story and pandora’s tower were all part funded by the big N.

        then there’s the fact they’ve just paid out for the fatal frame franchise.

        Yeah nintendo just want to make a quick buck….. Evidence speaks to the contrary mate.

    2. Of course I would like!!! Indeed I am hoping 4 a new starfox game since a lot of time. But this man making it… WOOOOOO!! Platinum Games must be a second party developer for Nintendo. Having them for the future would be the best for Nintendo and for them.

    3. And we hope so too.

      Star Fox is the sort of game which is great but not modernised.
      It needs to be faster, more varied, basically feel like a character action game like Platinum usually does, but a vechile shoot em up. They made did it with a 3rd person shooter no doubt they could do the same with Star Fox.

        1. W101 is my game of the year so far, it’s so much fun.

          It certainly deserves to sell. Whether or not it does is a different matter but that’s the usual case with Platinum unfortunatly, amazing games that don’t sell well and become underrated gems. Either way, Nintendo are probably the best thing to happen to them, the fact they fund them and support them as much as they have. You wouldn’t of seen Bayonetta 2 or Wonderful 101 at anyone else’s E3.

    4. I would like a Star Fox that had more epic dog fights along the lines of some featured in the Rogue Squadron series where you have nothing but chaos and enemies coming at you from all sides and you can’t forget the epic music either. I think it would work great with Stat Fox.

      1. -_- Rare only made one Star Fox game, Star Fox Adventures. Nintendo (specifically, Shigeru Miyamoto), made the other 4. Star Fox, Star Fox 64, Star Fox Assault, and Star Fox Command.

        1. *The Page shows up to help you attempt a rare and highly dangerous 3x FACEPALM COMBO, which goes off without a hitch.*

      2. This is as retarded as those Xbot investors or whatever they were who thought Donkey Kong was theirs because they bought Rare…

        Go back to singing or whatever it is you do these days…

      1. Nah, they should do it now. They did W101 and Bayonetta 2 at the same time, so now they can do Starfox, while finishing Bayonetta 2.

    5. For me this would be a win-win situation. On one side it pleases the Star Fox fans, on the other it frees up Retro to hopefully make another Metroid as their second Wii U game.

    6. 2014 E3 announcement: Platinum is making a Star Fox game. Retro on Metroid. And (if the Nintendo/Capcom partnership is about this) Megaman will release this holiday. Oh, did we forget F-zero(hopefully). Wii U would be #1 in 2014-15. We can dream….

      1. Heh, i have a feeling knowing Nintendo they’ll make a StarFox game for the WiiU soon. Retro should also be on the low about Metroid too.
        Knowing developers they will look at this and see that it’s having a huge cult then make the games but not tell anyone.
        If Nintendo play their cards right with the MiiVerse they’ll should be developing the games as we speak.

    7. 1. I hope W101 will put CoD-zombies and Xbots in their place
      2. I would love to see a Platinum developed StarFox game (maybe make Krystal a playable character to make Anita Sarkeesian shut the hell up)

    8. StarFox 64 was one of my all time favorite games on the Nintendo 64. If Nintendo decides to make a new SF title and fund it to PlatinumGames, it would be an epic smash to have Kamiya to do a barrel roll and direct that game!

    9. Nintendo needs to let Kamiya and Platinum Games to do it, since they are busy with other ips and Kamiya is interested on it unlike Nintendo.

      1. Halo co-op is the best. One of my favourite meoerims is finishing the entire game in one night on Legendary with two other friends. Was very tired the next day. Skyrim is my first real Elder Scrolls experience, I had Oblivion on 360, but the load times were so offputting I only got about two hours in.I’ve also got some great meoerims of Unreal rocket launchers, but as for Madden, I’m afraid I don’t really get American football. More into Pro Evo, if anything!

      1. What’s worse the Wii u has the features it needs to compete but dumb Nintendo has not used it. And dumb Reggie brings up cloud on Nintendo TVii that still isn’t even fully functional after 10 months.

    10. If Nintendo acquires Platinum as a second-party developer, chances are Iwata will throw Kamiya the Star Fox licence.

    11. why do so many people keep complaing about nintendo not adding, or not adding enough online and multiplayer features to thier games ?. I’m talking about the wii u games specificly. Has anyone even considered that maybe nintendo’s first priority right now is to release as many games as fast as possible right now so that the wii u can start to have healthy and steady sales ?. Most people would complain even more about not having many wii u games to play if nintendo had decided to delay thier upcoming line up of games so that they could add features to them. The bottom line is that nintendo’s first priority should be getting as many games out as soon as possible for the wii u right now, and then they can worry about putting more online and multiplayer features in thier games in the future. Just be even more patient instead of having a gimmie gimmie gimmie attitude . I hope that no one takes offence to what i said but this really needed to be brought to many people’s attention

      1. Will first of all, it shouldn’t take 3 years to have put online on Pikmin 3 which was going to be released on Wii. Second of all, when they decided to make a 3D Mario World with 4 players, at the time of development, adding online to that game right away, would have made 3D Mario World a 2014 launch. I doubt that. Nintendo is just stupid, they lack to see changes in how we see games and play today until after the software is finished…after all Splinter Cell and Trine 2 both have online and came out before 3D Mario World. What’s worse is Raymand Legends went from exclusive to multiplat and debuted on áll consoles in 2013. So that it takes time to me is bullshit!!!

    12. Why is there not a petition about this just yet? WTF Nintendo…what will it take to get them to listen to their customers more

    13. I swear, I don’t know hardly ANY of today’s game companies. Back in the NES days, I knew SO MANY of them. Maybe it’s because I obsessed more in it when I was a kid.

    14. If it’s ever going to be made by -anybody-, I’m under the impression that it’s not happening for a -long- time. Aside from including a few of the characters in updates to the Smash Bros. series and the SF64 remake on the 3DS, Nintendo doesn’t seem to be paying much attention the franchise as much as their other IPs. I don’t think there’s anything even remotely new in the pipeline for the franchise.

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