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Ubisoft Looking At Patching Splinter Cell: Blacklist On Wii U


Ubisoft has confirmed via Twitter that it is looking at providing a patch for the Wii U version of Splinter Cell: Blacklist. The latest Splinter Cell title has already been patched on the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3, with a PC update coming in the future. Here’s what the company had to say about a Wii U patch for Splinter Cell: Blacklist on the console.

For the record, we are also looking at the Wii U version.

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58 thoughts on “Ubisoft Looking At Patching Splinter Cell: Blacklist On Wii U”

    1. Rukaryo:
      LOL Exactly what I was thinking… oh and the rest talking about a patch. Yeah… he’s gonna need a patch in his ass after that thrashing! :D

  1. Take that activision! I so sad that I can’t still afford a wiiu till the holidays and that’s maybe :(

    1. Texture quality? You do know that the only version that looks better than this is the PC version right?

      1. I understood that he hopes there’s room to improve the textures. It would be something pretty neat if turns out to be the case.

    2. Hum… Loading times were curtailed and texture quality was improved on X360 and PS3 due to the texture pack install which size is 3 Gb for the former and 8 Gb for the latter. On Wii U everything is read from the disc, and that’s why the loading times of that version of SCB are the longest – remember, Wii U basic set only has 8 Gb of internal storage, which, in practice, gives Wii U basic owners around 4 Gb of free space, impeding the possibility of having such a high-sized patch to be installed. Unless Ubisoft can came out with a miracle, I think it is highly unlikely the Wii U patch will improve/fix properly a considerable number of issues, if they exist – I have yet to play this game.

  2. perfect time to p;atchit now that I’m the top10 in almost every fucking mission on the leaderdoard. Gold medals for all specs at perfectionist dificulty.

  3. We should’ve gotten the patch 1st, especially since we still bought their game and it’s missing local co op play!

  4. What needs patching?

    Also, anyone got this game on the WiiU?
    How is it? I heard framerate wise it’s identical to the rest but it almost free from screen tearing.

    1. @Iceazeama….That’s not fair! Ubisoft is charging Wii U owners the same price as other console owners, when our version is missing a feature (local co op). Many Wii U owners like myself are waiting for it to sell for about $40 before we invest. That’s a good price for a game missing a feature. While your trolling, you might as well add Legends and Arkham Origins to your list. Why? No reason for for the Wii U version of Legends to have been delayed. Will buy from bargain bin. Also, not buying Origins upon release due to multiplayer not included in our version. Once the price drops to $40, then it’ll be worth getting. Developers who treat Wii U owners with respect, deserve our business. Look at Capcom, they did good with Monster Hunter Ultimate 3, and made a profit. I don’t mind constructive criticism, but when the criticism is unfair (which you tend to do with Nintendo), that’s when I have an issue!

        1. I totally agree. Less buys for 3rd party more features we lose. Don’t you remember the horrible gimped versions we got for the Wii? Yet once we finally get games that are on par or greater people still complain.

      1. “Look at capcom” yeah I see no Stryder Hd nor a new Street fighter game for the Wii U…. They’re really helping us.

  5. Patch it and release the Wii U version in other countries. They’ve already released PS360 up to the PC versions but not the Wii U.

  6. ok so ill say it. they already said this a few days ago oh and a quick heads up beyonetta 3 dosent seem to be happening said the director.

  7. they sold 0.1m so they sold around 100,000 units everywhere thats how many units they have sold for right now

  8. It seems like a lot of people (including myself) have problems connecting to a friend in SC:B for coop play. No problems connecting with random people though. Hope they fix this. Anyone here has the same problem?

    1. I’m french, I’ve the same problem to connect with a friend, same problem on AC3 too, but on black ops 2 no problem…

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