Monster Hunter 4 Nintendo Direct Coming Next Week

Nintendo has announced that next week’s Nintendo Direct will focus on Monster Hunter 4. The Direct will air on Sunday at 7am Eastern time in North America, with the game’s release set for September 14th in Japan. Monster Hunter 4 is a 3DS exclusive release thus far, and Capcom has made it abundantly clear that they expect huge sales from the title.

Several videos, such as the thrilling trailer embedded above, have leaked out to Japanese audiences. However, no announcement of a European or North American release has been made yet regarding Monster Hunter 4. Perhaps Nintendo is set to make the announcement this Sunday with the Nintendo Direct? How many of you are eagerly waiting to hear some definitive news about the title’s release in the West? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


  1. So…. I’m not exactly clear on this: Is there a North American Nintendo Direct that is going to feature MH4? Or is this a pre TGS Japanese Nintendo Direct?

    1. Again listen to your elders. The (diabeetus) direct is a japan EXCLUSIVE. I made it in all capital letters for you too. That special announcement by Capcom might be announced there too (diabeetus).

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    1. Same here. This game if released here at the same time has Pokemon ill will definitely will pick this one instead.

  2. Cool ! A Nintendo Direct for a game we’ll have in 2 years !
    Kidding, I hope they announce a European and American release soon in this ND, otherwise it would be a disappointing ( and useless ? ) one…

  3. I really enjoyed MH3 on the Wii so I purchased U for my 3ds and wii U but it just didn’t have the same awesome factor for me. Probably because it was just the same game as before. I don’t think I could muster more than 20 hrs before I got bored which is a shame as I put hundreds of hours into MH3. I may or may not buy 4. It would have to be a lot of more unique from its predecessor, otherwise, I afraid I will just get bored and have wasted my money.

    1. I personally enjoy 3U despite playing tri as well. They brought back weapons that were not available in Tri into 3U plus new monsters and misty peaks. I’m definitely getting mh4 too. While gameplay is generally the same, climbing has changed as well as being able to do small attacks while climbing+jump attacks and 2 new weapons. The offline mode seems to be different as well with travelling to different locations rather than staying in just one(I mean places like Moga village)

  4. omg i want this in EU got Monster hunter 3 ultimate on 3DS and it’s my favorite game ever it’s the only game series nearly that gives me adrenaline rushes while fighting big boss monsters for 30+ min


    1. Sony players still have trouble with dealing with the fact that Nintendo totally owns the market.
      A lil’ thought for them and their 10 console exclusives a year.


        1. Dude is pissed, I must have touched a weak point.
          Nintendo is the only company which still understand the purpose of console gaming : having fun on original games and playing with friends. Sony and Microsoft still don’t get that after all these years. If I wanna play the kind of games you play on Playsation, I can do it on my PC, and with a much better quality/maniability.

          About the “59 PIECES OF SHIT THAT ARE REHASHED SOLD AGAIN AS SOMETHING DIFFERENT”, they are always great games, masterpieces your dad learnt to play on, and it’s always super to have remakes of games you’ve played as a kid.
          Plus, if you informed yourself a little, you would know that, yes there are lots of remakes ( but just to reassure you, it disappoints Nintendo players far more than Sony/Microsoft ones… ) but there are also tons of brand new games.

          And if you wanna debate or something, please have the decendy to quit that puerile caps shit. Besides, your messages would take less time to write.


            1. You got it, point of games is to have fun, yes.
              Though you may see the video game as an art and fun may not be the first thing you look for in a game.
              And even if you do so, then you shall find more games full of cleverness, originality and poetry on Nintendo consoles.
              It’s just something else than the 80% of generic FPS/action games, 19% of sport games and 1% of Journey your Playstation offers you.
              Truth is Nintendo was created by gamers and has the full support of almost every japenese studios ( I don’t speak about other EU/US studios which would love to make games for them ) when Sony had nothing to do with video games in first place and, since the begining, only sees a way to make tons of money over credulous people.
              But Nintendo players don’t mind much Sony and Microsoft ones. Despite the two or three trolls who sometimes come on our sites to say funny things, it’s always very entertaining to see how they are trying so very hard to convince themselves and others that they are the realest gamers when Sony and Microsoft struggle between each other to try to get 5 rather laughable exclusives while Nintendo players have a library full of those.
              You gotta deal with the fact that we can very easily quote 10 big Nintendo franchises that everybody knows and which went through the ages when you gotta think hard to quote… what… 3 ? 5 ?

              1. Sir, I respect your opinion, and you have a lot of valid points that I cannot argue; however, you won’t be able to sway my opinion on way Nintendo is no longer top dog. First off, yes, Nintendo has a lot great first party titles, this is proven via sales along with all the remakes ect ect. However, if you look at the history, after the GameCube era, Nintendo has taken a downfall for the casual. Just look at the DS and the Wii, of course Zelda has tried to stay on more for the core gamers, but when you look at Skyward Sword, the easiness of the game, all the handholding and so on proves that they’re even dumbing down the rest of their games for the people who don’t play games enough, or even children who are bad at games. The 3ds has done a decent job on keeping the core gamers in mind; however, with the release of the 2ds I fear that they’ll drop off the edge again, creating more games for casual games, I fear that A Link between Worlds is going to be the first step towards this casual.

                If we look at Sony or Microsoft, but for the time being more Sony, they tend to cater to all gamers, instead of just one type. They have games for the new guys, for the veterans, for the children, for the adults. They also add more modes to older games so new guys have a chance to enjoy it, and veterans can challenge themselves, this is something Nintendo has yet learn, and probably won’t ever learn until they lose their entire fan base and Nintendo becomes a worse shell of its former self. Nintendo was king back in the GameCube era and under, where graphics didn’t mean much, but they had the difficult games that even gave veterans a run for their money, but in today’s games veterans are bored with the new games. Thus moving towards to the other consoles for another challenge, it doesn’t mean they leave Nintendo, it just means they’ll play less of them simply because they’re catering more towards children and casuals.

                Thank you for your time reading through this, I’m glad to find someone I could talk sensible person about video games.

                – Nubby

                1. … And so am I to don’t have to decrypt your awful caps, ahah.

                  I think Nintendo chose the “casual way” since they sold a LOT of DS to families with their Kawashima’s Brain Training ( I don’t know the english name, sorry, but I’m sure you see what I’m talking about ).
                  Though the DS, at its beginings, was actually aiming at gamers with launch titles like Metroid, SM64 DS and so on.
                  What they did is just adapting to the market, and it worked wonderfully.
                  Millions and millions of consoles sold.
                  Nintendo clearly couldn’t resist and chose to follow the path of easy money, at the expense of the mountain of loyal gamers who grew up with them.
                  A lot of them ran away from the avalanche of horrible games they were releasing. We can’t blame them and we more than understand this decision. Some didn’t want to support this, some just wanted to play games for gamers I guess, etc…
                  The company seemed to have sold its soul and completly forgotten who made them become what they are.
                  Those who stayed are not complete pigeons though and are perfectly aware that Wii and DS, despite some great games, were not for them. I myself gave my Wii to my neighbors and my DS to my sister ( what I could never even consider with my Gamecube, N64 or GB Color – I miss these consoles so bad by the way. I think we all do ).

                  I’ll get a little off topic about Zelda here, as it’s a subject which is close to my heart ; titles like Ocarina of Time, A Link to the Past or Wind Waker made me dream as a kid and I still consider OoT like the absolute masterpiece.
                  I think Eiji Aonuma just doesn’t fit the task. There is this huge community who, just like me, considers The Legend of Zelda like the apogee of video games and it’s just too much pressure for the guy. He doesn’t take risks anymore with the series, like we used to see with the transition to 3D, the cell-shading and the hyrule plain replaced by an ocean in Wind Waker, etc… He just does enough not to disappoint players but not enough to marvel them and give them the nerdgasms they used to have with the series ( though Twilight Princess was a big success in my opinion ).
                  I too am a bit affraid for A Link Between Worlds after what I saw with Phantom Hourglass or, worse, Spirit Tracks. I hate the graphic style, the fact that they replaced arrows, bombs and all collectables by a magic bar ( godness… ) and, above all, the lack of character of the game so far. I fear we won’t be able to feel this so special Zelda atmosphere that made the masterpieces we know.
                  I haven’t played Skyward Sword yet, waiting to buy a Wii U to get this one but yeah, I heard that the game was not what a fan of the series could expect… Paradoxically, we kinda expected that, ahah…
                  Can’t wait to have news from the Wii U Zelda though, even if I know there will be no revolution and probably a lot of disappointments. All we can do for now is to wait and see.

                  About the 3DS now. We have some excellent titles so far ( Fire Emblem Awakening, Zelda OoT 3D which is wonderfuly remastered, Virtue’s Last Reward, Luigi’s Mansion 2, Shin Megami Tensei, Bravely Default, Mario Kart 7, Monster Hunter, Animal Crossing,… ) and, even if some of them are “semi-casual” games ( the kind of games Nintendo always did ), very few of them are completly casual and I keep thinking that they want their gamers to come back, to me it feels that way. I hope they go on this way, even if it may slow down a little with the probable insane amount of consoles they will sell to kids with Pokémon X & Y. They need to keep in mind that, even if they are kids, they are possibly future gamers/actual gamers and releasing floods of casual crap is not the way to go.

                  I more than understand your opinion about Sony, I almost felt tempted to let down Nintendo and buy a PS4 instead of a Wii U after the Sony’s convention at E3, especially since they support indie developpers ( which are in my opinion almost the only developpers who still make games with their soul, because they love video games ) but… yeah… I defintely grew up and built my imagination and passion for games with Nintendo and I can’t bring myself to do that.

                  Well, I think I’m done.
                  I’m truly sorry for all the readings, I kinda got a lil’ bit carried away, ahahah.
                  Conclusion could be that they are PC gamers, Nintendo gamers, Sony gamers, Microsoft pigeo… gamers ( sorry I felt like I needed to make this one ) and it’s cool as long as they don’t loose their souls and are able to understand and respect other gamers choice.

                  I wish you sir a good day.

                  1. And you see sir, by what you mean when you say that Nintendo followed the road to make more money by continuing to sell more casual games for money actually makes them no better than their competitors, does it not? Since other companies sell rehashes of the same game for more to make money, when there is clearly something better they could do. I too grew up with Nintendo, and it was rough letting them go but they became a shadow of their former self in terms of “printing money”. In all honesty, people buy Nintendo consoles to play Nintendo games, I believe, and I know I’ll get flamed for this, but I believe that Nintendo would do a lot better if they moved away from hardware and just sold software instead. It would cut so many different things they have to pay for and earn pure profit, and in today’s age, pure profit is hard to come by.

                    At the end of the day, however, there are only two true kinds of gamers. We have the informed gamers, people who know the other consoles, played their games, and have an opinion they actually created, and fanboys, people who refuse to accept anything beyond their realm of limited knowledge. Unfortunately, fanboys run amok everywhere making themselves and fans of that company look like complete idiots, you can see this on any gaming website with bashing of each console (besides PC, which I find hilarious that Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony all get bashed but the PC isn’t spoken of) And they truly just make a bad name for themselves. It was a pleasant talk with you sir, I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I hope we can have another deep video game conversation again in the future.

                    – nubby

  6. I put 50 hours into mh3u, but that’s the last i’ll play of the MH series unless they add a lot more stuff to do. We need a MK8 direct, saying that they were only kidding and that it will be available this year.

    1. you act as if you put a lot of time into mh3u…. 50 hours is nothing, so i dont know why you’re complaining about a lack of things to do.

      1. Well 50 hours of doing the same damn thing is rather boring to me. I liked the game at the beginning, it was fun but after the farm was complete and I killed that sand dragon thing in the boat, it started getting very boring.

        1. It happened the same thing to me but then I got some type of of gaming pain and I have to pick it up again.

  7. Does Nintendo want the Wii U to fail? They have more new games on 3DS yet Nintendo brings Tag TV. Man Nintendo is stupid. The Wii U doesn’t need gimmics it needs games that uses GamePad like Rayman Legends and Splinter Cell!!! Wii U needs to prove why GamePad is better than Vita controller. They need to make adventure games that does shit kick starter wannbe and Vita can’t do. Off TV mode is not it, anyone can do that. Use the Mic on GamePad for some adventure game. It has a camera USE. Ubisoft uses the controller better on adventure games better than Nintendo. Hell even Trine 2 uses the mic. Nintendo is stupid!

  8. Nintendo is so stupid they want even advertise the exclusive features on Splinter Cell and Rayman Legends. Rayman Legends and Splinter cell needs to be advertised by showing a person using the GamePad and what’s new to gaming. Yet stupid Nintendo is just going to sit there with majorty of people think Splinter Cell is on PS3, 360 and PC. Wake the fuck up Nintendo!!!!

  9. And another thing stupid about Nintendo. They never did a Direct with just Wii U alone but many times 3DS alone!!! The Wii U has some niches that not even PS4 has and they arent even bragging about it. PS4 uses it’s niches all the time. Nintendo is stupid.

    1. Yeah they did, in January, when they announced Bayonetta, Wind Waker HD, Fire Emblem x Shin Megami Tensei and X. It was their best Nintendo Direct and they need another one like it.

  10. I just want to throw it out there that I just got a Wii U and need some friends. Add me if you want.


    We now return to your regular programming. Hail Nintendo!

      1. And too bad they were too stupid to think online during the development of 3D Mario World. Why would you add an online feature to your hardware and none of your software tittles are capable to playing online? Nintendo is stupid.

    1. I’m not quite sure about that. North American sales are not always very good when European ones are often disastrous for japanese games, especially RPGs.

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