The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker HD GameStop Limited Edition Sold Out


The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD GameStop exclusive Limited Edition has now sold out on the website and in the many stores scattered throughout the United States. The bundle is still available to pre-order in Europe where it’s sold through GAME and is priced up at £59.99. The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD launches at retail on October 4th.

168 thoughts on “The Legend of Zelda The Wind Waker HD GameStop Limited Edition Sold Out”

      1. Likely Ebay sellers buying them all up.With this limited Zelda stuff it’s almost definite they can double their money instantly.If someone bought 100 of these at $60 each and sold them for $120 that’s $6000 profit.And Im sure someone bought more than that.I saw this coming and pre ordered 1 the first day.

    1. Because they want to make an extra $5 per box. They knew people were going to buy it no matter what. Cheapskates.

        1. Umm… I understand PS3 but this is a Wii U. Not only voltage and TV format support (if you don’t have HD TV that use HDMI) you need to worry about but also the region lock games. This mean you have to buy games from Europe now on if you want to play it on that console.

          Man, I really love my PS3 and Vita now.

          1. UK and Aus are both PAL regions …. AUS games will work on UK consoles & Vice Versa. Just get an daptor and boom, you’re good.

          2. Na. the only problem will be the region lock. I got my Wii U from the US and i stay in Nigeria. Nintendo didn’t let ppl know but the Wii U adapter supports dual voltage 110/240.. same with the gamepad charger. So i just plug my console to power directly.
            Unlike me the region lock shouldn’t be a problem for you guys cos u have the eshop and internet speeds allow for your fast download.

            So yeah importing a Wii U from another region is not as bad as it looks.

            1. Wow.. you stay in Nigeria? I do too, and I also got a U from US.
              Actually, it isn’t bad at all. I plug my system to a step-down… it’s very safe, but if there’s low current… I have to plug it to the main current.
              My internet… isn’t that reliable, so I browse with it, use Miiverse and some in-game stuff, but NEVER updating(you should know about the electricity supply here, so I don’t really want to risk it, esp. with a fairly good internet) it, and never using eShop.
              I bet you stay in Lagos, Am I right?

        1. Cry me a river for stating facts also Canada is a good country with bunch of nice people I bet you are adopted from a American state.

        2. I hate when people call other people racist for saying jokes, and stating a fact about a certain race or religion.

          If I say all Jewish people have curly hair and big noses I am not being racist. I am being stereotypical. Being a racist implores that you are simply HATING someone because of the way the look/behave.

          I can think Jewish people have big noses and still RESPECT them as people.

          I can make fun of other races and religion, but not hate them for the way they look or act AT THE SAME TIME. Racism isn’t all “black and white.” There is a LOT of gray area to the definition. 💋

          1. Maybe in the comfort of your home or behind a computer screen and maybe possibly with friend, if you don’t know the person and say shit like all you jews have big nosses and curly hair, you will wake up somewhere else.

    1. They don’t typically get “more” of these things… you probably missed your opertunity quite frankly. Maybe I’m wrong and they’ll open up more preorders, but that doesn’t normally happen. Sorry :/💋


        1. I tried to preorder it at my loval Gamestop and they said I couldn’t, because the website is seperate from the actual local store. They told me any special item is delivered from the Gamestop website’s warehouse and local Gamestops don’t have access to them…. Howcome you could
          order them at the store and I couldn’t!!? :/ 💋

          1. Sorry Mamma but I got mine at the store also.The folk’s at your GS are just dumb.Unless you ordered online at first and then went to your local GS to change over to the SE.In which case you were the dumb Just kidding MAmma I don’t want any trouble

    1. yeah and hopefully nintendo can keep momentum…… but we all know that 2014 will be the only good year for nintendo, just like 2010 for the wii. after that they will keep us hanging agin……. oh yeah and smash bros probably will have good online for 3ds and not wii u… bravo nintendo.

      1. Namco’s (well, the Tekken and Soul Caliber developers) are doing the online for Smash. There’s no way they can screw this up.

  1. I like how the box indicates it’s a figurine bundled with a game rather than the other way around, heh…

    Just glad game’s selling. TWW is not gonna be relevant for me for at least half a year, probably. It’s gonna be on sale and I’ll have gone through a fantastic Q4 for Nintendo fans. Be happy, people.

    1. Mr.something,Same here it was mocking me to.Didn’t even rely want it at the time but just had to get itJust think how the bad the mocking would feel now if we hadn’t got it.

      1. …………….. no. just because nintendo cant surpass there pass work doesnt mean they have to keep re releasing them. maybe if they took risks and did something different for once they could pass their pass work.

            1. Don’t worry, hopefully Nintendo can turn things around. I would hate to see them (and Wii U ) fail :(

              They need to do a better job with marketing.

              I don’t think the gamepad is a mistake. The mistake is that they didn’t make it optional. Therefore 3rd party devs are uncomfortable to work with it.

              Nintendo is quite in a predicament :/

  2. This really must hate trolls, orcs, goblins, drones, bots and gremlins. This is a remake of one of the greatest games of our time 10/10/10/10 as given by Famitsu. If I was nintendo I would make a Super Mario 3D world bundle, DK tropical freeze bundle, Mario Kart 8 also with figurines bundle with all Karts ( price it at $350 plus wii-motion plus, nunchuck and pro controller) included. This gaming season just got better :).

    1. do you know how nintendo can make the biggest cash in/great bundle in wii u history?? a special edition dreamcast wii u bundled with sonic lost world. the controller will be the same color, same color buttons, same with analog sticks, everything. the console wil also be grey with a special design like dreamcast.

      the sega fanboys will scream and they all will buy it.

      this was my idea bitch. its a good one.

  3. I am so pissed, I have been out of town since they announced this and I was going to go in tomorrow… Disappointing, why is this THAT limited?

  4. I swear, they better get MORE in stock. Or I’m gonna be P I S S E D O F F !
    I didn’t know I would miss out just because I didn’t pre-order one. And no way in HELL am I going to buy one for 2 or 3 times more $ from greedy sellers on eBay.

  5. I’ll be getting the digital version, personally.
    The special versions don’t really entice me; I’m running out of space for keeping game cases and there’s no way in heck I’ve got a safe place for a figurine like that right now, so the digital version is the most sensible choice for me.
    Best part of all is it comes out early; 20th of this month in the states!
    I’m super hyped.

    1. i’d love to get more digital versions if they weren’t almost always more expensive than retail games… if anything they should be cheaper: i’m not getting a case + booklet, i cannot lend the game to a friend and i cannot resell it

      wanted to buy monster hunter ultimate the other day and it was 25% more expensive than retail

      splinter cell blacklist is 30% more expensive!
      just what the fuck…

      1. Splinter Cell, cheapest retailer was 45€, eShop (and on u bi shop) 70€, dafuq?
        But I wont buy digital, unless I can download the content on at least 2 Wii U’s,
        then I would buy second Wii U for kids.
        And wouldn’t really mind paying little more than for physical.

  6. dude, the toy is just $5, why not just spent that extra $5 cuz with taxes for only the game (retail) is close to $55 anyways. if they still have it after the release date then i will buy the toy+game, if not then i will wait till next payday, if they still have any by then that is

  7. Wait. Does this mean that when the game is ACTUALLY RELEASED they will already be sold out? How does that make any sense? They usually have a certain amount set aside for pre-order so they will still have some for the shelves.

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