Soulcalibur 2 HD Could Come To Wii U, If There’s The Demand


Games Radar caught up with Namco Bandai at a pre-E3 event to find out whether the development team would consider bringing Soulcalibur 2 HD to Wii U. The game is currently only in development for Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network The publication was told that, if the game does well, it’s definitely a possibility. They even encouraged gamers to spam the producer’s Twitter @hoshino_calibur account if they’re interested. Of course, a Wii U version of the game would most likely include Link.


      1. Exactly! People need to twitter @hoshino_calibur. I want this game on the Wii U. Soul Calibur, Street Fighter and Virtual Fighter are my favorite fighting games. MK and Tekken are okay but not as advanced in my opinion. People need to ask for this game!!

        1. They know their is demand but they want to read people begging them. For me is either they do it or they don’t I will not do their promotional partfor them too.

    1. Ever since the Xbots first entered dour universe…

      No matter what question anybody ask, it’s the same answer as above…

      1. Poor sales of what ? Air? Developers that don’t bring games to a console can’t say anything about sales. For example kojima can’t say metal gear on wiiu will nit sell because splinter cell did not sell.

    2. *Clears throat*
      In these harsh economic times, developers want to know beyond the shadow of a doubt that a game will sell millions before they release it. So they beg us to let them know that we’ll empty our wallets if they deliver.
      … Also the huge undeniable bias against Nintendo- that plays a factor.

        1. Devs say they don’t want to develop for the Wii U because it has poor sales. Yet when you look at the software lineup, it’s missing a lot. You can’t move games without the hardware, and you can’t move hardware without the games. It’s a catch 22 situation.

          If the devs want the system to be successful, then they need to take a chance with their big titles and release them on the system. There is a demand for these games, but the Devs aren’t listening.

          1. Thing is, that isn’t the 3rd party responsibility.This isn’t the Namco Bandai Wii U. It’s Nintendo’s console. It’s THEIR responsibility to get the ball rolling.

            1. 1. You don’t think there’s a bias in the industry against Nintendo? lol
              2. Bias isn’t even the 1st thing I mentioned- you’re just jumping at the chance to call me a fanboy -___-
              3. Wii U isn’t selling well, never said it was. So, again, -___-

            2. A console need the “Crack cycle” (I just made that up ^^). It goes a little bit like this “I need crack, so I can work more and get more money, so I can buy more crack!”. It’s the same with a console; the console needs to have games made on it, so it can get more sales meaning (larger audience, greater reward producing stuff for it) more games! I’ll say it’s everyone’s responsibility getting “the ball to roll”, and as a ball roller, it’s also your fault if you point fingers at one of the other ball rollers, telling them it’s their fault the ball is rolling so slow. You’ll completely forget to roll the ball then!
              Too long didn’t read version: I like turtles a lot!

              1. Thing is, you’re actually wrong. It’s Nintendo’s hardware, they should be drawing in the initial crowd that gets the 3rd parties interested in the console. That’s how the industry works.

                It’s not Namco Bandai’s fault Nintendo fuck up launches.

                1. Is nintendo hardware and is Nintendo job to make the console sale but software sales is third party’s job and they are not doin it no matter how bad the console is doin.

                  1. No, it’s not the 3rd party job. It isn’t their responsibility to make the Wii U sucessful. It’s all Nintendo. Nintendo have to make the console attractive to 3rd parties so they’ll invest in it. If they haven’t done that, that isn’t the fault of the 3rd party.

                    1. Funny that Nintendo is only one who is expected to sell their system on first party.
                      And when they does, 3rd party still wont develop on the system because “cant compete with the 1st party”.

                      No bias you say?

            3. Is Nintendo job to make console sell and is third party to make their games sells. Wiiu already has a healthy installed base but if those developers don’t advertise their games they wont sale. Ubisoft only advertised wiiu game was rayman legends 2 and that’s because Nintendo did most if the job during early developing before the game was multiplat.

            4. They did, by releasing the console. Nintendo is the only company expected to get the ball rolling. The other consoles are not even released and they have massive support. What games arw being released from Sony? Knack and Killzone? Thats it, after that, its all 3rd party support. Same with Microsoft, they have Forza, the rest is 3rd party. So why is it that Nintendo has to get the ball rolling when they can throw all their eggs in the PS4 X1 basket and not care

  1. That game was made on older development kits for Wii U, later Nintendo released an updated one that had 20 to 40% higher clocks than previous one. Warriors Orochi 3 Hyper, Darksiders 2 and other launch games used only 2 cores, maybe a third though that was probably barely.

    Wii U CPU:
    – Tri Core IBM 45nm PowerPC750CL/G3/Power7 Hybrid
    – Core 0; 512KB Core 1; 2MB Core 2; 512KB L2 Cache
    – Clocked at 1.24Ghz
    – 4 stage pipeline/not Xenon-Cell CPU-GPU hybrid
    – Produced at IBM advanced CMOS fabrication facility
    – Can use eDRAM as cache(!?)
    – Dual Core ARM for background OS tasks clocked at 1Ghz with 64KB L1 cache per core

    Wii U Memory:
    – DDR3 2GB, 1GB for OS, 1GB for Games (12.8/Gbps is speculation)
    – eDRAM 32MB+4MB Memory/VRAM/Cache(UNIFIED, 4MB for gamepad)
    – Clocked at 550Mhz
    – CPU for Cache and GPU for VRAM use eDRAM
    – eDRAM acts as unified memory, similar to AMD’s hUMA/HSA by function/behaviour(?!)
    – Little to no latency between CPU and GPU with eDRAM Cache/Memory/VRAM

    Wii U GPU:
    – VLIW 5/VLIW4 Radeon HD 5000/6000
    – DirectX 11/Open GL 4.3/Open CL 1.2/Shader Model 5.0
    – Supports GPGPU compute/offload
    – Customized, Using custom Nintendo API codenamed GX2(GX1 Gamecube)
    – Clocked at 550Mhz
    – Produced at TSMC
    – Uses eDRAM as VRAM
    – DirectX can only be used by Microsoft thus silicon/hardware/feature is removed replacing with transistors for performance and maintaining full Open GL 4.3/Open CL 1.2/Shader Model 5.0/GPGPU compatibility

    Wii U Note;
    – Can’t use DirectX 11 except Open GL 4.3 that is ahead DX11
    – Easier to program, no bottlenecks causing trouble like on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3
    – more efficient hardware with no bandwidth bottlenecks
    – Most early ports and even now use 2 cores and 3rd is barely used #fact
    – Wii U CPU has much higher operations per cycle than Xbox 360/PlayStation 3
    – It is maybe in fact most efficient performance per watt in the world in terms of 45/40nm chips
    – Power7 architecture allows shave off 10% of texture size without loss of quality(special compression)

    It is ahead of 7th generation, developers will learn to handle and optimize for Wii U properly. I was digging on the internet for various information’s for a month and all you read is what I compiled and gathered. It can handle 1080p because it has 3.5 times more eDRAM than Xbox 360 also has no severe memory/bandwidth bottlenecks that Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 have all over the system with their FSB that is choking. Xbox 360′s GDDR3 that has theoretical 22-28Gbps is reduced to 10Gbps thanks to piss poor FSB.

    Wii U has same amount of eDRAM as Xbox One, remember that and also Wii U’s CPU utilizes Power7 architecture a bit so maybe just maybe Wii U’s CPU can use eDRAM as CPU cache as GPU uses it as VRAM so in a way something like AMD’s hUMA/HSA is possible on Wii U.

    If Grand Theft Auto 5 was on Wii U then you can only expect better visuals/details, less pop ups, higher framerate that would be 60 fps most likely since Wii U is light years ahead of current generation and that is factual and you can be in denial but I did one whole month of dedicated digging on the internet in search of all sort of information’s related to Wii U’s hardware.

    It can run it harder, better, faster, stronger and more sexier than 7th generation consoles by far.

    You are not a core gamer if restricted to handhelds/consoles from one company thus limiting amount of games, further by genre’s and graphical style of the game.

    It’s crazy that people would even question if GTA 5 could run on Wii U.


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    1. Too much data…


      -Transfering Data to main storage…-
      -Transfer completed-

        1. Wii U is one efficient ass console. I don’t know how it does what it does with only 2gb and 3 cores. Yet Xbox One has 8 cores and struggles at 60fps. It would seem like it would be the other way around according to the spec sheet.

    2. Wow. This is very useful information. Do you have your own site? Good job on the research. Of course since it makes sense and actually shows how the Wii U actually can not only hang with the PS4 and XBOX One but possibly out perform it in a few areas people will troll you to death over this information.

      1. Please don’t compare the kinds of me and other less ignorant nintendo fans with the kinds of him dear Toon Link figure!

  2. Where was the demand for the systems it is currently being put on? I don’t remember a huge outcry for Soul Calibur 2 to be remastered in HD and re-released.

    At this point I really don’t want any charity from these companies that think they are doing Nintendo a ‘favor’ by bringing their games to the Wii U. Keep your stuff. The Wii U will do just fine without it this holiday season and beyond.

  3. If you include all 3 guests characters in Wii U (including Link and Spawn at least), then I’ll guaranteed to buy it! ‘nough said!

  4. When will developers learn that the WiiU is doing regular-bad AT THE MOMENT, it won’t be forever you know? Future buyers (like me) would buy this type of games if they actually made it on the system.

  5. The thing is, nicer graphics drives the development costs up. More hours, manpower and resources needed. We really can’t blame devs and publishers who does not want to take too high of a risk. That is what is happening to Wii U right now and its lack of software. Nintendo should lead the way on how to use the gamepad in an innovative way then the other devs will follow. Notice that I put emphasis on gamepad integration rather than pushing the envelope graphically. Too much 1st party titles will NOT encourage 3rd party as they know they can’t go head to head. Too little and you piss off loyal fans. Yes, I realize that we lack 1st party titles but Ninty should find the right balance. Online play like what they are doing with Wii Sports is badly need with other titles. Nintendoland online and Wii Sports Resort online anyone?

    1. Not according to Shin ‘en…

      “When testing our first code on Wii U we were amazed how much we could throw at it without any slowdowns, at that time we even had zero optimizations. The performance problem of hardware nowadays is not clock speed but ram latency. Fortunately Nintendo took great efforts to ensure developers can really work around that typical bottleneck on Wii U. They put a lot of thought on how CPU, GPU, caches and memory controllers work together to amplify your code speed. For instance, with only some tiny changes we were able to optimize certain heavy load parts of the rendering pipeline to 6x of the original speed, and that was even without using any of the extra cores.”


      1. Fair enough. But keep in mind that ps4 and xboxOne have closer architecture thereby minimizing costs for porting. Unlike Wii U where they have to exert extra effort thereby costing more. Plus it still remains a fact that higher graphics=more costs and time. Even Nintendo admitted this themselves that is why there were delays.

        1. The Wii U is incredibly easy to develop for, Nintendo have gone out of their way to make it so. The problem is obviously elsewhere concerning some 3rd parties, also 3rd party ports are posts from inferior machines..

          The Nintendo thing is purely down to the fact that their last console was an SD console. Everyone else has had 7years to get their head around HD.

  6. Nintendo fans wanting and buying are two different things. I learned that from W101! If they put it on there, would you Nintendo fans actually buy it or wait for the price to drop? All the 3rd party support avoiding the Wii U, a little has to do with Wii U owners not buying games.

    1. Truth; Which is really a shame. Both sides have to make the moves. Devs need to make the games, but owners of the systems need to buy the ones they make, or the games will stop flowing.

  7. even if there is demand it’s not going to sell well anyway. it’s just an old game with online. most people will just buy it for link, play it a couple times and be done with it.

  8. There is no demand for it. The only games that sell on this baby toy underpowered excuse of a console are baby games. Babies said they value gameplay over graphics but just look at the mediocre sales of the Wonderful 101. Babies lied! But you know how babies are, they are good at making excuses and throwing tantrums. They will say the game isn’t good enough, they will say that Nintendo didn’t promote the game enough.

    Splinter Cell on Wii U barely sold 5,000 units. How pathetic is that. Expect Ubisoft to jump out of the Wii U baby bandwagon soon. What major 3rd party developer is going to support this baby console if babies only want baby games. Expect an influx of baby shovelware games and mediocre indie games on this underpowered 7 year old hardware excuse of a console.

    This is what happens when the leadership at Nintendo is focused on the baby and granny market. Babies only get games when their parents buy them and grannies are still waiting for a game that will make them buy a Wii U. The problem is that the gamepad is too complicated for grannies, so trying to win this market back will sure be a challenge. They need a game that still uses the old Wii motes so grannies can waggle away.

    1. “They need a game that still uses the old Wii motes so grannies can waggle away.”
      Ignoring Wii Sports for Wii U.

  9. OMG, I like so tweeted Hoshino-san like totally right now, dude. Please say yes, honey. I’d do anything for that game on the Wii U, Hoshino-san. ANYTHING you want *wink, wink*.

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