Cut The Rope Magically Appears On Nintendo 3DS eShop


Cut The Rope has been released today for the Nintendo 3DS eShop in North America. The release date for the popular smartphone and tablet game went from today, then to be determined, and now has ended up as a stealth release on the Nintendo 3DS eShop. Will you be downloading Cut The Rope on your Nintendo 3DS console?


      1. You’re such a sad bastard. I played Cut the Rope 1&2 and loved it. Unique puzzles and content. You don’t know good mobile gaming if it kicked your ass publicly.

    1. Good. Then do it you big mouthed chickenshit. That’ll be one less jackass troll in the world we don’t have to deal with.

        1. I don’t care about death wishing fools…

          If you want to commit suicide that’s your choice…

  1. Just in case people didn’t know, the Wonderful 101 was the tope selling Wii U game in FRANCE on September 6th. So in some countries the game did sell pretty well. 💋

  2. Its nice to have the game for the 3DS. I love the series and hoping to get the third game on iOS for free soon which I know it’ll happen. :)

  3. This game has been on the eshop for months! It wasn’t just released, it’s been in my recommendation file for at least half the year now…

    1. The 3DS version has just been released. You must have been seeing is the DSiWare version, which has been out for some time now.

      The DSiWare version gets you to turn the DS on its side and hold it like a book, which presumably is part of the reason that ZeptoLab has seen fit to allow an updated version that makes use of the 3D screen (albeit for nothing more than an animation of Om Nom).

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