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Ubisoft Says Child Of Light Was Influenced By Miyazaki Films


Child of Light creative director Patrick Plourde has explained that Ubisoft’s stunning side-scrolling RPG Child of Light was influenced in no small part by acclaimed Hayao Miyazaki movies. Child of Light is coming to a number of platforms including Wii U, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and is due for release sometime in 2014.

“Miyazaki movies are a great reference for me because they primarily have female main characters, and at the same time, I feel they are loved by gamers. You can watch Iron Man and My Neighbor Totoro in the same weekend and it’s not considered weird. In fact, you would be considered a film aficionado. So why wouldn’t a gamer, somebody that likes games, be interested in playing different experiences? One type of experience doesn’t replace another, they complete each other. We will see if Child of Light will be well received, and I hope it will be, but in the end its success will be riding on the quality of the experience and not its subject matter.”

23 thoughts on “Ubisoft Says Child Of Light Was Influenced By Miyazaki Films”

    1. Interestingly, you can get a dlc outfit for the main character in Child of Light that looks very similar to Nausica’s outfit (the outfit is even called Princess of the Wind).

  1. Thanks for your continued support Ubi. You may half-ass some of your WiiU shit, but your continued support is appreciated.

  2. Well if the game is influenced by “Porco Rosso” it will suck badly, if is bassed on “Only Yesterday” it will be the most mature game out there but it will be considerer a little bit slow and boring, if it was influenced by Totoro the game will be considered outdated and the police will probably want to search the drugs the development team were smoking, if it was Spirited Away the game would be critically acclaimed but it will let the players with a lot of questions regarding the plot and canon of the game.

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