July And August Wii U UK Software Sales Up 60% From June


JVM from Gamasutra is reporting that Wii U software sales in the United Kingdom are up sixty percent from June 2013. Wii U software sales are admittedly still rather dire in the UK, but it’s good to see them rising due to the new software that has been released for the struggling platform. With the Wii U seeing a 60% increase in unit sales, that means there has been a 70% increase in revenue to go along with it.

  • June: 24K/5 weeks = 4.8K/week
  • July: 31K/4 weeks = 7.75K/week
  • August: 32K/4 weeks = 8.0K/week


  1. Looks like the Wii U’s starting to pick up some speed! And with some high quality games coming out over the next 3 months, things ate looking good!

    1. Show this to every Nintendo troll on this site that says “Nintendo is doomed!”. When you see them, that is.

      1. Really? Let’s see. Let’s take the best month for the Wii U.
        Xbox360: 529,000 units of software sold
        Wii U: 32,000 units of software sold
        PS3: 362,000 units of software sold

        That is Xbox360 sold a whopping 497,000 more software units and PS3 sold 330,000 more software units than the Wii U in the month of August. What is there to be pissed about?

        Wow the Nintendo fanboys must be really desperate if the Wii U selling a measly 32K units of software in a month is something to celebrate for. Do you even realize that just one single game on other platforms sells thousands more than that on a single day?
        Get some perspective: All of Wii U games combined in one month total 32,000 units, a single game on other platforms sells more than that in one day!!!

      2. Lol fanboys are just idiots. these results for the Wii U are nothing to be happy about and when ps4/xbone drop the wii U is going to have even lower sales. Its just a ticking time bomb for the wii U

      3. You need to remember that the Wii U sold 3.06 million in one month and a half. Which is INSANELY good. The Wii sold 3.05 million in the same time frame. If you think about it, the fact that the advertising for the Wii U is awful, and you really don’t see people talking about it, the fact that it still sold 3.06 million without ads. That’s pretty dang impressive. Remember also that the big AAA first party titles hasn’t come out yet. Remember that the Wii U needs some software. Look at the 3DS. It’s become THE fastest selling system of all time. The Wii U doesn’t have a Super Mario 3D World or Mario Kart yet. The 3DS does. Plus, Zelda Wind Waker HD came out recently and it’s looks to be selling very well. Think about it…

      4. You need to take the install base and the current library of games for the system into consideration if you want to compare those numbers. If you include this data, the numbers probably aren’t that distant. Wii U sales might even be better than the others depending on the month.
        Also, noone is celebrating the software sales, but rather the fact that Nintendo is way further from dying off than Microsoft and Sony, so we’ll be able to enjoy the games we love for quite a long while yet.
        All in all a very ignorant comment (almost not even worth replying to, but I’ve got the time, so why not?). I really hope you’re not a statistician with those silly number comparisons.
        Also, the best selling month for software on the Wii U was March with 45K, not August.

      5. Yet Nintendo still profiteers more than both the other 2 companies. Nintendo is very much here to stay, and XB1/PS4 won’t be running the kind of genres that WiiU will have, in terms of sports fitness like Nintendo’s starting to roll out Christmas. Post launch the uptake on PS4/XB1 will be slow too.
        I got my PC, a minor upgrade will match it up to the gaming performance of your “next gen” systems, and you can play all your shooters on dual analogue controls

    2. This is a good visual, but I’d like to see it updated with the last few years. Nintendo was still riding the Wii-wave on this infographic.

      1. Will of course it’s shocking numbers, the media brainwashed you into thinking it wasn’t outselling vita.

    3. That is an amusing link, I’m assuming that’s reffering to the gaming divisions of these companies (in Sony and M’softs case). Are they total profit loss charts?
      Coolness anyways. Yeah, Nintendo’s not going anywhere. They will be fine regardless of how well the WiiU ends up. And it’s not anything remotely near a Dreamcast scenario

      1. I don’t remember the figure, but yeah, a large portion of the Vita’s sales are digitally. Which is all the more reason why Sony needs to drop the price even more and offer even larger capacity.

  2. Just remember, It would be only fair to compare these figures to other formats that had been out for the same length of time. PS3, wii , 360 have installed bases over 6 million each in UK. Wiiu is less than a year old so obviously it does not.

  3. Well any improvement is good. But we still need more!

    The drought is over. The Wii U has games now. Great ones.

    So hopefully sales of both hardware and software should continue to rise.

    1. 2014 is where the games are gonna get really, really good! (Not saying that the games coming out now are bad.)

      1. Oh, we all know! Bayonetta, MK8 and SUPER SMASH!!!! Plus I bet “X” and Yoshi’s Yarn are releasing sometime
        next year too ;) I also wonder if that NEW Zelda Wii U game will be ready for next fall or something!? Wouldn’t that be a treat!! 💋

      2. Mario Kart and Smash are certainly the heaviest hitters coming out soon(ish).

        But 2013 still brings many great games:

        Wind Waker HD
        Sonic Lost World
        Batman Arkham Origins
        Assassins Creed 4
        Super Mario 3D World
        Wii Fit U
        Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
        Scribblenauts Unmasked
        Deus Ex (assuming that comes out this year)

        I want at least 6 of those. Which is really not good for my wallet.

        I’d say there is pretty much no chance of the new Zelda in 2014. We might see it in a Nintendo Direct or something, but a release date will be 2015 at the earliest. Possibly 2016.

  4. good, hopefully next year the either balance support on 3DS & Wii U, or lower support(not completely stop) on 3DS & focus more on Wii U, as this year they seemed to have focused a lot on the 3DS

  5. No way this has anything to do with the upcoming holidays..

    If you’re on the fence about the Wii U, I recommend you to just pick up a basic white model for cheap on ebay or wherever, get ZombiU, Super Mario World/ and the luigi dlc game, Wario Ware , and hold out for a new Zelda after Wind Waker, I personally hope the new Zelda for Wii U will be in the same art style of the wind waker, something about that style just fits, and feels comfortable for Zelda games.

    1. I would say Pikmin instead of Mario/Luigi, Splinter Cell or some Indies instead of Wario Ware.

      IF you have local friends to play with, maybe Nintendo Land instead of Wario Ware

      1. Just downloaded WindWaker HD and i have to say that game is GORGEOUS!!! Im having fun playing through it again ^_^

      2. It does look very pretty, but I thought it looked good to begin with, so as far as all the HD hype… Meh…

        However, I’m glad to have it bumped up enough in quality that it looks great on an HD television, unlike most Wii games. It is very fun and I just downloaded it. ;)

  6. 60% of not a lot is unfortunately still not a lot. Can’t believe people still buy 360 games. What a horrible console.

  7. there are 250k WiiU owners in the UK, if there are so many how come trying to get a online game takes a age for players, there is never anyone online !

    1. Well most of the Wii U owners don’t play it anymore since they beat the 2 or 3 games they bought with the console years ago…

      1. Now you want to play dumb as if Earth is on Mercury’s orbits where it takes 6 months for a complete rotation around the sun. So now all of a sudden 10 months means two years.

    2. Will lets see alan66. The games that are online aint Nintendo exclusives. Third party support sucks. Wait for a popular Nintendo Exclusive game with Wii U and then see.

      1. The only game I play online is BLOPSII, there’s always people online.

        No one can get online with Splinter Cell Blacklist but that’s down to Ubisoft really..

  8. In the end, who has more in the bank? Who has more history in gaming? Why do people come up with lame gimmicks?

  9. As you can see the media didnt bring out the increase of sales since June. How much you want to bet if I Google “Wii U” then click “News” this information want come up?

  10. So ytd the Wii U outsold Vita. Yet the media wanted to brainwash people in thinking it was the other way around. You know what is scary? PS4 and Xbone are right around the corner and no signs of PS3 or 360 sales showing signs of slowing. That’s a scary sign. Why, because PS4 ánd Xbone are being advertised, and yet no effect on sales for PS3/360. Yet it’s sort of stupid to release GTA V, Watch Dogs on 7 and 8 generation consoles including Cryengine 4 on PS3/360. And the graphics between 7gen and 8 gen is not earth shattering. No real reason for the average consumer to buy a PS4/Xbone.

    1. Plus they aren’t backwards compatible. I bought a 360 earlier in the year because I knew I’d have more than enough games to play on it and Wii U/Wii than the meager offerings at PS4/X1 launch.

  11. So who wants to bet the media will refuse to bring Wii U sales starting after the price cut? Who wants the bet the media won’t release the info on how many WWHD downloads happend this weekend? Yet was quick to release the info on W101 which is an awesome ass game. I now have Wonder Pink. These four characters would make some excellent Smash Bros. characters. They need to keep this under rated franchise going. The gameplay controls has gotten so easy now and yet it is challenging. I love this GamePad.

    1. Yet the media will not show Wii U’s sales increases after the price cut. As a result, a month later because the trolls will lack that information, they will just play dumb assuming Wii U sales did terrible.

      1. Well they are always stupid anyway…

        First most because they try to imput Sonyan and Xbot logics into the minds of Nintendo Inglets which obviously doesn’t work…

  12. Here’s a hint to tell how Wii U did in sales after the price cut. If the media post US Wii U sales right away, that means it did bad. If we just find the info right around Thanksgiving, then assume Wii U sales did good. That’s why we had to wait a month after Pikmin 3 debuted in the US just to find out it was the best selling game. So if W101 sales results does not show up this week for the US, it sold good. That’s how you can tell if anything good happens to Ninte do, when it takes more than a month for the media to post it.

    1. Also, notice no info on how 2 week old Rayman Legends is doing in the US. I gotta assume that Wii U version must be best seller. Because if it wasn’t, we would have known about last week.

  13. well i have to say it is a disappointing news, but not an awful news as others say. The wii U does not sell well and I am very disappointed in Nintendo EU/UK for not making more effort to resolve the issue. There is so much missing opportunities since November 2012, the marketing performance as well as the rep efforts toward retailers are near from zero. Saying that, those retailers should have played the game and excepted a much lower margin profits (@ £349 the retail profit is still 70%).

    In the good news section Nintendo as a whole focus on Indie developers who will become better and will bring something news on the table and in a longer run (5-6 years time) will force those big studio to either buy them or make more efforts to develop game for this platform.But this effort should have been made a year before the Wii U’s release.

    I truly believe Nintendo Uk should go to stores like Game and request them to put their game in display cause in UK it really hard to find some Wii U game. Then they will have to make a bit more efforts to have some ads @19:00 – 21:00.

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