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The Fall Is Officially Coming To Wii U After Meeting Kickstarter Goals

Although Over The Moon’s alien world Metroid/Limbo mash-up The Fall has yet to meet its projected Wii U goal on Kickstarter, the company has announced that they have become an official Nintendo developer, and will therefore be bringing the title to Wii U regardless. The Fall has surpassed its main goal with over $21K funded out of only $17K necessary to meet it. The Wii U goal was originally set at $29K before the company made its latest announcement.

In The Fall, players take control of a high-tech suit that is activated to transport an unconscious human traveler away from a hostile alien environment. The black and white silhouetted levels and mysterious narrative are reminiscent of the popular indie game Limbo. Kickstarter projects for Nintendo consoles have been popping up frequently lately, especially with the new Unity system making it easier for developers to port games to Wii U.

Are you a supporter of the Kickstarter phenomenon? Will you be helping to fund The Fall? Let us know in the comments.

18 thoughts on “The Fall Is Officially Coming To Wii U After Meeting Kickstarter Goals”

  1. The look of it is great, but I wish indies would move away from the sidescroller platformer, its been done. Move it into an area of adding depth, directional movement other than side scrolling.

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