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New Pokemon X & Y Information Emerges, Looks At Game’s Mechanical Changes

xerneas_yveltalWith a little over two weeks until the worldwide release of Pokémon X and Y, the informative leaks are showing no signs of slowing down. Game Freak recently sat down in an interview to share some of the mechanical changes that are to feature in the latest game. You can find a full run down of the changes in the translated list below courtesy of Bulbapedia. Some of the mechanics have been previously confirmed, such as Sky Battles being limited to Flying-Type Pokémon and those with levitate only, as well as your lead-party Pokémon gaining experience when another Pokémon is caught.. But other variations look to the item Exp. Share, which will be changed back to Exp. All, though with different effects.

  • Pokémon gain experience even when the opposing wild Pokémon is caught – subsequently a caught Pokémon gives the same experience points as a defeated one.
  • Sky Battles are limited to Flying-type Pokémon and those with the Levitate ability – some moves can’t be used.
  • There is an adjustment to the inheritance system of breeding.
  • Ghost-type Pokémon can freely escape from battle without being influenced by Shadow Tag.
  • The item Exp. Share will revert to Exp. All as in Generation I, where when one Pokémon holding this item participates in battle, all other Pokémon in the team receive experience as well. Unlike in Generation I, the experience is not split but rather received by all Pokémon. This means that the participating Pokémon receives 100% experience, while non-participating Pokémon gain 50% experience.
  • When distributing new moves and abilities, priority was given to new Pokémon.
  • The CGI style is different from Pokémon Stadium and Pokémon Battle Revolution, as those games were supposed to emulate “realism within fantasy”. Since the handheld Pokémon series is supposed to be accessible to everyone, battles were made “cuter”.
  • The standard selection process for Pokémon Mega Evolution is based on three points: visual looks, popularity and game balance.
  • The power-up of Mega-Evolved Pokémon is meant to elevate them to the class of legendary Pokémon, hence the restriction of only one Pokémon being allowed to hold a Mega Stone during battles.
  • The timing to Mega-Evolve is selectable.
  • Some moves, with focus on special ones, have had their power and accuracy revamped.


    1. To me the most interesting part is the “There is an adjustment to the inheritance system of breeding”. This means that they’ve probably made IVS simpler to obtain.


    1. I find it nice as well.

      In fact, it’s a cross between the original exp all and the exp share, while also improving its mechanics (Pokemon holding it gains full experience while other pokemon only gets halve each).


      1. nope, exp share also shares the FULL amount of earned EVs with the pokemon holding it. i’ll be turning it off once i have a team i’m satisfied with


      2. You know the people who care about eves are the minority right? Most people catch who they want, and raise them to LV 100 and that’s is.


    2. I agree with you 100%. It seems real cheap. If all of your pokemon are level 1 and a fainted enemy gives you 4 exp now hes gonna give off 4+2+2+2+2+2. If it also passes on its EV’s it’ll be even worse but I think with the whole super training thing or whatever it’s called EV’s are no longer gained from fainting pokemon.


    3. How does it suck? It’s now easier to level up your Pokémon because they all gain more experience! Look: Exp. Share took the total EXP and split it evenly between all Pokémon holding the item. That means if you killed something that gave you 100 EXP and you had 3 Pokémon on your team each holding Exp. Share, then the lead Pokémon and the other three would each get 25 EXP. Add it all together and you still only have 100 EXP total.

      With Exp. All, that 100 EXP gets split like this: 100 EXP to the lead Pokémon holdign the item and then 50 EXP to everything else on your team. So potentially, you’re getting up to 350 EXP with a full party. That’s 250% more EXP!!!


      1. thats not a good thing you fucking noob.

        making the game tremendously easy and alleviating it of all challenge is not a good thing.

        this is the worst possible thing they could have done, they pretty much turned pokemon into babby tier easy game instead of a somewhat challenging game


  1. I feel like two Exp items would be good? Exp All could be only obtainable after the Pokémon League for mass training, with Exp Share available earlier.


    It’s not just Flying types though, Pokémon with Levitate such as Haunter and Flygon have also been shown in sky battles.


      1. Yea Xerneas is better than yevetal (I think I butchered the names) but you can get Y and trade for the X legendary and exclusive Pokemon at some point if anything


      1. Acualy, teh gui vrsions r: red, gold, rubi, dimon, bleck, nd x. Teh pussy vrsions r: blu, silvr, safire, perl, whit, nd y.


      2. It’s funny how you don’t know how to write, X and Y are the same, and you fuckers are guessing by the look, and it doesn’t look like a Digimon. And I agree with heroponluig, just take that cok out of your mouth. Guess by their power, not by their look, only kids guess by their look.


  2. I hope scald got revamped, its a stupid move. 30% to burn was just too strong, no one wanted to switch into a rain boosted scald. I also hope they nerf weather teams since those were the cheapest and most dominate teams in OU


    1. 30% chance burn isn’t that bad quite honestly it’s the same chance that body slam has to paralyze, iron head, air slash, and dark pulse have to flinch, thunder has to para, fire blast has to burn


      1. Very true but it’s a little different because the burn prevents pokes that are ment to wall you from doing their job. An example is ferrothorn is suppose to wall tentacruel but if tentacruel hits ferothorn on the switch in and gets burned it can no longer do its job and 2 scald is about 51% chance to burn so it’s pretty dumb for that reason and things like Para, or flinch won’t stop a Poke from walling. Another example is ferorhorn vs jirachi (spd rachi) fero walls it to death even if fero is para’d by body slam


  3. I’m surprised they did it like that. It sounds like they wanna make it easier with that item. It could be a time-saver anyways. I dunno, it sounds useful anyways. I’m curious how they made it seem “cuter” though…. I thought the Stadium type games were still accessible. It’s not like they were violent and graphic. The most they did was bounce back, shake it off, and run forward.


  4. cuter huh. they do know grown men play pkm right.

    and huzzah for the exp. share becoming 1000x more useful. now we can train all of our pkm at the same time.


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