Mario Party: Island Tour Won’t Feature Online Play


A Nintendo representative at a recent demo event has confirmed that Mario Party: Island Tour won’t feature online multiplayer on the Nintendo 3DS. Mario Party: Island Tour will, however, be fully playable using one card in Download Play. The latest edition in the Mario Party franchise features 80 mini-games that can be played individually or in one of the 7 game boards. Mario Party: Island Tour is due to be released on November 22nd in North America and 2014 in Europe.


        1. yah… i for one, as a Nintendo Fan, am completely appalled… im no longer have an interest in buying this crap… and i bet the front of the case will still have that misleading Nintendo Network logo!

    1. Probably because with online, all the kids would turn off their 3ds and ruin the fun for everyone. On local, the fag who turn its 3ds off can get beat up while in online, they can’t.

      1. All they have to do and since this has already been done on many online multiplayer games, if a player quits, then it counts as a loss, they loss points or whatever and you gain them. Problem solved on quitter since if they want to win, they gotta earn it first and by programming a server to make them automatically lose when they quit, that’s enough lesson to push into their skulls that this isn’t COD online that they can get away with quitting just because they suck at something without practice.

        Now I can’t imagine this game being sold like crazy without online and having good reviews (much like Mario Party DS) without online. Its gonna be another Paper Mario: Sticker Star scenario.

  1. Before people say “Who wants to play a whole Board online?” What about minigames online, the winner collects the most stars which are probably used to buy more board maps, minigames, etc. 💋

    1. Nintendo needs to learn to wipe there ass better. They’re leaving obvious, old shit stains on anything they do involving online gaming.

  2. Idk how anyone could damage control this, this was a poor decision. Mario party on the wiiu better have online.

    1. They can’t if anyone try’s to justify this they really are a Nintendo puppet. This game was screaming online play but Nintendo fucks up yet again

  3. disappointing… If the gameplay is a complete race through the board intead of collecting coins and stars, an online mode would perfectly works…

    im wondering why nintendo decided to add online multiplayer on fortune street and not in the mario party titles…

  4. It doesn’t matter much to me, I have friend to play with on 3DS (local). But I’m crossing fingers for online play in Mario Party U (or whatever they’re going to call it. My hopes are for just Mario Party).

    1. friends*
      Also, I hope they really put a lot of work in the Wii U game, as the last few ones have been either worse or just as good as the last one.

  5. You can’t really play a full board game online, online mini games would have been cool though.

    1. We’ll, monopoly and Fortune Street (Mario and Dragon Quest game) have online multiplayer, so it’s certainly possible

      1. It may not be possible for Nintendo at this point. Maybe in a year or two when they get more used to the internet.

        1. Shit loads of people/fans of Mario Party have been begging and hoping for online since Mario Party DS missed that opportunity. Now its Nintendo fucking up again not realizing the new online multiplayer age. Online is practically the standard of multiplayer nowadays and, as much I hate admitting this as a big Nintendo fan, they are living like late 1990s, early 2000s in gaming. Its almost 2014 goddamn.

      2. Who the hell would want to play a game of Monopoly online? One game lasts about 6 months!

  6. 1) I don’t need to care because the 3DS isn’t a good handheld anywas.

    2) How should this work ? What happens when you run into one of the 99% of rage quitting gamers dueing an online game ?

  7. *cancles pre order* seriously wtf Mario party would have been great for online play. Not everyone can link up locally -_- dumb ass move by Nintendo and there is no excuse you fanboys can give to justify this its just a lazy and dumb desicion

    1. I’m a fan of Mario Party and I’m as equally pissed as you. I was disappointed that the online play was missed in DS, hoping the 3DS will change that.

      But now, fuck it. I’m not buying another damn Mario Party until Nintendo stops living like its still 1998 because they should’ve realized this shit since 2007, online is now the new standard of multiplayer according to the opinions of the modern gaming masses. This is a BS that is a hell of a deal breaker. I get the main game may be too long to play online but what about the mini games or exclusive online mini games for that fact? I’m not buying this shit.

  8. Mario party ruins friendships. Also I think a reason is because they think so many people have a 3ds at this online wouldn’t be needed. I still prefer having friends playing next to me then away from me. It would be nice to have online, but i only play mario party with friends, hell i don’t even touch the fortune streets online. If its a fighting game and a racing game its needs online for me just this game requires actually people around me to have fun.

    1. Mario party ruins friendships?

      One is the loniest number that you ever know.

      Seriously, how pathetic is this? I bet you don’t have real friends or even a 3DS to begin with this crap talk.

  9. I hope someone is buying these Mario games. I see those four standing next to each other, I run the other way.

    1. stop encouraging them to buy shit!! you are just as guilty as these nintenpuppets by doing so. i would never try to have someone buy sour milk!!!!!

      1. Apes that meddle in other people’s affairs are the most pathetic ones of the bunch…

        1. Can you share your drinks with your online friends? Can you dance with your online friends to upbeat music? Can you eat junks with your online friends? :P

      1. Apples and oranges, man. All of my friends do not own or do not plan to own Nintendo consoles so I’m left with online friends to play video games with. I was half-serious about canceling my pre-order but it’s going to extremely boring playing against Ai’s.

  10. I’ve become sick of Mario Party and I don’t play online with most games so it doesn’t matter to me. Shame it doesn’t have online, but I can understand the emphasis on playing local for stuff like this. It’s simply more of an experience in person. The fact only one person needs to own the game is pretty nifty as well.

  11. I look at it this way. This online would suck. If you play 50 turns, someone would drop out and would have to start from the beginning hoping people will continue all 50 turns.

    1. If that would happen then they can put a feature that allows a player searching for a match to take you’re spot or an Ai can take over.

    2. Do some research dude. An online mode for this mario party would perfectly works because THERE ARE NOT turns limit, its a simple race through a board. It shouldnt take more than 15-30 mins to complete a match.

  12. Most likely because it’s only a handheld (people play in short bursts) and people could rage quit and disrupt the whole game. It would make more sense for online to be on a console Mario Party, as people will be sitting in their homes with enough time to finish a game.

    I’m not saying whether it was a good or bad decision. If anything, they maybe should have just made it on the Wii U.

  13. This was a lot of fun when I had people to play with locally. Now I dont, and this game is only fun for a few minutes without other humans playing, even if they are a thousand miles away. Nintendo, you finally have a great onlune service….USE IT!!

  14. give us free choice nintendo and also why be afraid of rage quiters lol xD its funny as hell for example cod when u start kicking everyones ass they start screaming and yelling an people leave its funny when people do lol xD mario party be the same id be kicking whos ever ass an they cry like a baby an leave thats funny to me :) they just cant handle my skill lol xD so nintendo wtf get in the now

  15. It’s sadly ironic that one of Nintendo’s most (if not the most) multiplayer-oriented franchises will not have online multiplayer.

  16. I am surprised at how much negative reaction there is for having no online on a handheld Mario Party. Those games take a good chunk of time and the 3DS is a portable that requires WiFi, meaning an online game would have to be completed before you left that WiFi range. It certainly does not seem like a good fit or worth it to me. It also would not be nearly as fun without the usual “chatter” with the other players. You may as well be playing against a COM with the AI difficulty level set higher.

    However, the game supports local download play from one cart. That DOES seem like a good fit and an AWESOME feature. You can play with others on a plane, bus, dorm, your house, etc… That feature makes me much more interested than I would have been otherwise and I will surely get this game now. I look forward to being able to play it with my kids. The game better also support numerous in-game saves though.

    1. Smash Bros…Mario Kart 7…kid Icarus Uprising…your point of Wi-Fi range is null and void. the people who play the 3DS online are at home sitting on their couch not walking around where Wi-Fi is an issue, not to mention soon the Nintendo Network will be part of the 3DS fully.

  17. And here I thought Nintendo was aware of which games to make playable online and which ones shouldn’t. This is more than a missed opportunity, it’s a fail in my book!

    I’ll still buy the game as it looks great otherwise, but this is the perfect game to have online play.


    1. Yes, that and the fact the character roster is ABYSMAL. It’s just the typical 8 from the DS version, nobody interesting at all. ._.

    2. I already pre-ordered mine. Not having online isn’t going to stop me. Plus the version looks way better then the previous 3

  18. So the good news is its still coming this year for North America….The bad news, Nintendo STILL refuses to use online….God damn it Nintendo. The 1 thing that Mario Party would thrive on is online. Even if you could only play with people on your friends list and not randoms.

  19. Looks if you guys are sad / angry that this game isn’t getting online feature, its kinda good it doesn’t because if you play online with randoms, they are going to get bored and exit during the game and it will ruined it. I can the online feature on the Wii U ver more because people actually sit down and play series with a console, but with a handheld they usually pick it up and play for couple of mins

  20. At first I was disappointed, but then I realized. Mario Party is fun when you play locally. Playing with strangers and can’t even see them trough online doesn’t seem fun. Plus seeing their reactions when you steal their start or beat them in mini-games is more satisfying.

    Unlike Smash Bros. and Mario Kart, this game is slow-paced and requires lots of time. And for people who are on the go, I just can’t see this working for handhelds. I would have prefered a leaderboard or mini-game faceoffs, but for full board Mario Party games, I’ll just stick to local where I can have more fun.

  21. Nintendo needs to get their sh*t together. I’m seriously tired of the way they make their games. A few months ago, I used to still love Nintendo, now all they do is disappoint me. I couldn’t wait to buy this game but now f*ck it. Not everyone has a friend who lives next-door or even friends at all with a 3DS. The way they think is completely inaccurate and stupid. Now I’m glad the Wii U is a big fail ’cause that might make them change their system they haven’t changed since the last century.

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