Miyamoto Says Working With Western Developers Is About Trust


Shigeru Miyamoto has explained that working with western developers such as the acclaimed Retro Studios and Next Level Games and letting them handle core Nintendo franchises is really about trust. Miyamoto says that while Nintendo has acted as more of an overseer in the past, they are now actively working with the aforementioned companies.

“We built the level of trust with these companies and we know we can rely on them,”

“Once we would have looked at them and asked what a company can do independently and we would support them as needed, Whereas now we’re looking at really working together. Particularly, for Luigi’s Mansion 2, Nintendo is the producer of that game.”


  1. Thats True We care of Our Customaz We dont charge for Online.But we dont bring Multiplaya on the Wii u its to expensiv for us.hope you Understand.

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  3. This is why we barely see any low quality games in our sacred consoles…

    High Command knows how to choose the right workforce…

  4. Retro should work on Zelda. That would be refreshing and who knows what they could bring to the table.

  5. Well the idiots in charge decided to sell all their Western Studios years ago. That was a decision that was made when they decided to cater to their baby audience.

    Back in the day Nintendo had more diversity, they published games for the ones who aren’t interested in all the baby games. They had Rare (Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Conker, Jet Force Gemini, etc), Left Field (Excitebike64,NBA courtside games), Silicon Knights (Eternal Darkness), the good relationship with Factor 5 (all the Star War games on N64 and GC). They even made games like Wave Race on N64 and GC and 1080°. But Nintendo decided to take the baby route years ago before they launched the Wii, and they brilliantly decided to sell all those studios. The only one they kept is Retro.

    You would think that with all the money they made on the Wii, they would have purchased new studios years ago (to make up the mistake of selling all the studios that they had, only stupid fanboys who think Nintendo can do no wrong would say selling Rare wasn’t a mistake). They should have started producing games for the Wii U years ago so now almost one year after the Wii U launched they would actually have some games for it. But the bright management at Nintendo been sitting on their hands and they did nothing. Then they even have the audacity to say that the Wii U was catering to their core gamers again, it obviously was a lie. Nintendo only makes baby games now, they forgot about the rest of their audience.

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    1. Pretty sure factor5 went under, nothing to do with Nintendo and they never owned silicon knights. They had a contract with them, pretty sure they do own some stock in the company. Left field still made sports games for Nintendo during the gcn/wii years. Rare was the only one in which MS bought out.

  6. yeah thats why rare is gone and silicon knights, nice trying keeping them around. the list of stupidity with nintendo is unbelievable.

    1. You sound as if our empire destroyed your entire childhood and still bullies you…

      Maybe if you kneel and surrender yourself to the authority of High Command, maybe they’ll make a game to please your taste…

      1. you guys just cant handle anything negative but true about nintendo. screw being a corporate slave!!!!!

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