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Indiecade Trailer Roundup For Nintendo Wii U And 3DS

This year’s annual Indiecade Festival played host to a large squadron of independently-developed Wii U and 3DS titles soon to arrive in Nintendo eShops. From October 3rd to the 6th, visitors to the Culver City, California event got hands-on experience with many of the latest and most exciting indie games for Nintendo hardware. Spin the Bottle: Bumpie’s Party for Wii U even won the festival’s prestigious Technology Award.

Nintendo has been making several moves to boost its support of independent games, and the company’s presence at Indiecade was no exception. Here is a roundup of trailers for the indie titles Nintendo fans can expect to see gracing the eShops of Wii U and 3DS in the near future:

Nintendo Wii U Trailers

Nintendo 3DS Trailers


48 thoughts on “Indiecade Trailer Roundup For Nintendo Wii U And 3DS”

    1. Haha lol ,I don’t get the game? it just like an electrician job , fixing some wires and do magneting some colorfull box, WTF Im not MAGNETO


        1. Console Audience is most under 16 years old because lil Kids dont know the real deal,They cant Effort a gameing pc.Thats why they make Console Wars fucking stpuid PRicks.Bye i go now on SonyFanboy site and post the same stuff.HF day.

    1. So, you’re insinuating that more than one company can not be indie friendly? Indies have been flocking to Sony in recent years because they are very indie friendly. Nintendo is finally stepping up and becoming better for indies too.

      However, PC has always been the indie home. In addition iOS and Android have a huge indie presence. In regards indie support across PC (and Linux), PlayStation, iOS, and Android, Nintendo still falls at the bottom. The only one lower than them at this point is Microsoft’s Xbox – They used to be better, then they stopped caring and instituted a bunch of terrible policies and fees. Now they’re scrambling to get their act together again.

  2. Looking forward to Tengami. Looks like it will be great. Love the art style, and it seems that it will have a story as equally awesome.

  3. It’s good to see Nintendo’s platforms becoming a better place for indies to publish their games on. Nintendo needs to take extra steps to ensure these indies who invest in the platform stay.

    A unified network and store presence/visibility are considerably important.

    1. Eh, Nintendo created their own Framework meaning making indies for Wii U would be even easier than PS4.

      Before the MonoGame framework making indie games for Wii U was super easy, now it’s been brought down to effortless.

  4. Can we get some retro city rampage for the wii u please and I aint doing wii shop or wii mode thats crazy talk. Gamepad is where its at.

  5. Shovel Knight is my most anticipated indie game of the year! It is a game I can tell, I will probably play through it many, many times.

      1. maybe I worded it a little wrong. *It is a game that I know I will play through many times.- There! How’s that? :P

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