Wii U GamePad High-Capacity Battery And Wii Remote Rapid Charging Set On Sale At Amazon UK

wii_u_official_battery_packIs your Wii U GamePad running out of much-needed battery life? Amazon UK has now started selling the High-Capacity Battery, which extends and substantially improves the battery life of the Wii U GamePad, and currently retails at £24.99. The company is also retailing the Wii Remote Rapid Charging Set, which comes with a Wii Remote rechargeable battery, charging cradle, Wii remote jacket and wrist strap, as well as a A/C adapter for £34.99.

Thanks, Kallum.


      1. Same here im not getting ripped off by Nintendo. 32gb, lack of online 1st party games, nurfed 3rd party games that get charged for full retail sometimes, low remote battery life and overall no games ill stick to my 3ds for Nintendo games since at least 3ds does it right

        1. Yeah, that’s why I’m so glad that Sony included a Dual Shock controller & a HDMI cable with my original $600 60GB PS3 and MS included a nice big hard drive with my original 360…oh, wait…they didn’t. It’s not just Nintendo guys. Some of you really are spoiled rotten brats that expect everything for nothing.

          1. That is because those weren’t the standards in gaming at that time. If you look at the next gen of consoles from Sony and MS they both come with a 500GB HDD. The WiiU should be on par, but it simply isn’t. They’re pushing digital games but don’t include a large enough HDD to have more than a few, it just doesn’t make sense.

            1. Except you can attach any random USB hdd and IT’LL WORK!

              Nintendo didn’t bundle all this HDD shit, they just said USB is ok. Have you seen what XBOX360 HDDs even cost? My god.

              Also have you seen sony officially selling batteries for their Dualshocks? Me neither.

  1. £35 !

    They are having a laugh !

    The WiiU has not been out twelve months yet, well nearly.

    What i want to know is, what is the space that this battery takes up used for now, Nintendo just being cheapskates it seems, they knew the battery was poor & now they want us to pay for it.

    This should be free for people who got the WiiU on release, like i did !

    1. They know the sheep will not speak up and buy it anyway. That’s how Nintendo is with the Wii U. I.e price drop, now a better battery and next is a more GB model

            1. I’m afraid it’s true, it is a rip off on Xbox and Sony Internet services.

              “Hey you know that thing you’re already paying for? You get to pay for it even more!”

  2. Everyone is complaining about it being expensive, and yes, it is, but I don’t think it’s needed. I mean, I use my Wii U all the time, and only really had battery problems the first month I had it, when I was playing it 24/7, haha. But all the other times it ran out of battery I just plugged it in and continued playing. :P

  3. gamepad + with much improved battery life among other features or gtfo nintendo. stupid motherfuckers rushing their console out without some serious testing first.

    1. They’re idiots and I blame Reggie and Iwata. This is their punishment for rushing the Wii U. Bad sales and it will continue that way

  4. Why is NINTENDO OF AMERICA and all of Nintendo starting to suck, they delay most if not all Wii U games until 2014 but still release the dam system in 2012. So us wii u owners that purchased it at $350 got ripped off by nintendo it had no games released for it for months and all we got for Iwata was PLEASE UNDERSTAND everytime that NINTENDO WOULD HAVE A NINTENDO DIRECT YOU WOULD HERE IWATA AT THE START OF EVERY ONE PLEASE UNDERSTAND, because before the system has even been out for a whole year. What does nintendo do drop the dam price of the system, and all the third party support with DLC that Reggie and Iwata promise but there is not much if any great AAA third party support who would in there right mind purchase old ports of games that are 2 years or older for full price of brand new games or also look at Batman Arkham Origins coming out with missing features and NOW ASSASSIN’S CREED IV BLACKFLAG NOW IS COMING OUT BUT THERE IS NOT ANY DLC COMING OUT. Why should I purchase these games for the Nintendo Wii U system that are missing stuff, and don’t say but you get gamepad play and touchscreen stuff instead? I don’t care for the gamepad and by the look’s of it not many other people care for the gamepad features. Nintendo Should get rid of the dam gamepad and start using the Wii U Pro controller as the main controller for the system then it might start to sell and get the third party support that it needs. I will never trust anything NINTENDO SAYS AGAIN AND WILL NOT PURCHASE AND MORE NINTENDO SYSTEMS ON DAY ONE EITHER. THANKS NINTENDO FOR A PIECE OF CRAP SYSTEM.

  5. Does anyone know how long the game pad life is with the extended battery?
    obviously it depends on the display brightness, but any ideas?

  6. Not being able to turn off the game pad is a HUGE stumble. Do I really need to see a photo of what I am watching on netflix The ENTIRE TIME?? It’s really stupid there’s not a “screen off” button on that fuckin thing. Battery draining AND annoying.

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