Aonuma Says He’s Worried About Fans Liking Zelda A Link Between Worlds


In a new interview, beloved Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma discusses several topics, one of which is the challenge he faced in trying to create a unique experience with A Link Between Worlds, despite the fact that it is a sequel to one of the greatest Zelda classics ever, A Link To The Past. He mentioned the fact that the SNES Zelda adventure is the game that inspired him to create video games, and this fact, coupled with the new types of gameplay in the game, have lead to him feeling anxious about its reception.

Aonuma is always talking about his desire to challenge himself and progress as a creative artist, and both A Link Between Worlds and the new Wii U Zelda are shaping up as prime examples of this kind of drive in him. Here are Aonuma’s comments regarding A Link Between Worlds:

As A Link To The Past was what made me want to make games in the first place, it is a truly moving experience to be working on the sequel.

I am worried about whether the fans are going to like it when it is released. We did not start making this game on the notion that we were making the sequel, and it happened as a matter of course as we developed unique ideas into a game.

Wind Waker HD and A Link Between Worlds also give a little glimpse of this. These games may feel a little different from the experiences you’ve have before, and this will be a lot stronger in the new Zelda.


    1. pretty much. he just is nervous that he didn’t change the series to much which makes sense. he is making a move that could make or ruin his career with link between worlds and mainly the next zelda on wii u because if those games fail, it could really set back the wii u. it all makes sense but im pretty these games will be some of the best in the series(mainly wii u zelda)

  1. we’ll see soon enough if it sucks or not. although there isn’t a zelda game I dislike on a nintendo console.

    1. The only Zelda I hate is Skyward Sword. Wretched sh!t. It had some good points but still it was truly awful.

      1. The only Zelda game I hate is Windwaker. Link to the Past was pretty poor too. Best ones are the NES ones followed by OOT and Skyward Sword. Then the Gameboy ones (Awakening/Oracle games). Twilight Princess is next.

      2. although I don’t hate it, it did have some problems, but the one to one motion was the biggest reason why I like it.

  2. *playing moonlight sonata on my guitar* (in fact i do have guitar and i can play moonlight sonata on it

  3. Well at any rate I can’t wait to play the game. Why didn’t you include the rest of the interview where he mentions he may change up hyrule for Zelda Wii U to where it’s never been played before? I found that piece of information the most interesting.

  4. He’s scared because Windwaker was not a system seller. A Link Between worlds is almost a “remake” so he is worried. Well, he should stop worrying:

    1.) A Link Between Worlds is not and old game with a little gloss added, the graphics are totally overhauled.

    2.) It’s on Nintendo’s most popular hardware, the 3DS

    3.) It’s a sequel,, not a remake. I.E. New game.

    I hope it sells really well.

    1. It is a partial rehash, it uses the same world. The map is like for like as ALTTP but regardless it looks great. There’s some inventive gameplay in this game and I’ve no doubt it’ll sell well.

    2. Actually I’d say he’s worried because it’s a sequel to a beloved game, and it’s changing up the Zelda formula, and he’s also worried because working on this game was special to him so it’ll sting extra hard if it’s not liked.

      1. This. LttP often ranks the highest amongst Zelda fans and that’s a lot to live up to, he’s probably feeling a bit star struck too, being in charge of the direction of the sequel to his inspiration might cause him to feel inadequate.
        I believe people sometimes forget that developers have feelings too.

  5. Good to see he’s striving to make the game the best he can.

    But sad to see that he’s trying to please the fans. Zelda is like Sonic and nobody can be pleased.

    1. yeah…… thanks for going to the low of that crappy fanbase.

      what up jesus., hows things been going.

  6. that headline is pretty bad, it makes it out as if he’s actually worried people will LIKE the game

  7. prob i see with it, is that it doesn’t feel fresh..anyone that has played the old game will be able to notice too many obvious similarities…i mean he says it himself “We did not start making this game on the notion that we were making the sequel”

  8. Aonuma should have nothing to worry about.

    Isn’t Nintendo about making new game play experiences? They should have nothing to worry about. As long as their ideas make sense and they work, who’s to say otherwise?

  9. The only thing I dislike about this game from what I’ve seen is the stamina bar. The fact that it’s replacing both arrows and the magic meter bothers me.

  10. I don’t mean to criticise but they say they want to change the gameplay but then worried people won’t like the game because of the changes…

  11. I don’t think they have anything to worry about. The only Zelda game that should be removed from existence is Spirit Tracks. Other Zelda games had their flaws, but ultimately delivered an enjoyable experience. From what I played at SDCC, it felt amazing and I can’t wait to pick it up.

  12. I don’t buy it. This game looks pretty amazing and will sell like hot cakes. I think he is being modest or something. I think this might become the best the 3DS has to offer. I don’t play my ladies 3DSXL much as I have a Wii U but I will definitely be picking this game up

  13. Well he’s fucked, cause I’ve already seen tons of hate for the new trailer, hell they even bitched about the game’s logo. Fucking Zelda fans …..

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