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If You’ve Ever Wanted To Feel Up Girls Using The 3DS Touchscreen, Here’s Your Chance

ages of amazones 1In the new prison break RPG Ages of Amazones by Arc System Works, players will get the chance to use “Factor Liberation Mode”, which involves rubbing scantily clad rival girls after you’ve defeated them, using the 3DS touch screen. Doing so allows the player to unlock the next dungeon. There is also something called the “Climax Phase,” which, if performed well, apparently extends the length of time during which the player can touch the girls, and this may also unlock a cut scene (the nature of which can only be imagined). So far there is no word on whether the Japanese title will be released in the US or UK, or if the effect is quite as thrilling on Nintendo 2DS, but one can only hope.

124 thoughts on “If You’ve Ever Wanted To Feel Up Girls Using The 3DS Touchscreen, Here’s Your Chance”

      1. IF it got a US release they would censor the hell out of it. Look at what that did to Tharja in Fire Emblem: Awakening, and that wasn’t that bad.

        1. One could also import a japanese 3DS? Think that would be a good option. Don’t know how the difference in electric chargers would work, though.

        2. Censor? The U.S doesn’t censor!?? Who the hell do you think we are? CHINA??? It’s called an AO rating, buddy. For “Adults.”

            1. It isn’t really “censorship.” It is more like not being able to be too sexualized for a game that is rated accordingly. It is like how PG13 movies can’t show naked men. PG13 movies aren’t “censored” they are just rated differently. If Fire Emblem was rated M, then I am sure they would not have blocked her butt crack.

          1. Not true, One Piece the anime had its black people censored in the american release. Meaning they recolored various characters art so they were all white.

            1. It wasn’t “America’s” fault. That was a choice the show’s creators decided to do for localization. If they really wanted to, they could have left the colored people as they were.

              I mean, America doesn’t “censor” games like Grand Theft Auto or rated R movies. They allow them to exist, but if someone wants to make a PG13 movie with rated R content then it is not allowed. I think this is really the thing people mistake for being “censorship.”

              1. I don’t get it? I mean how is the average north american gamer so different from the japanese one? Why do we always get “babied” in North America with abusive pointless censorship? How are the japanese kids suppose to be so much more immune to a pair of tit or a nice nude bum compared to an american??

                It’s ridiculous I find. I agree though that they should use some censorship for the younger audience but then there shouldn’t be double standards. Kids are kids no matter what the cultural background. There should be settings on these games that would allow parents to block “adult content” or unlock it at will. That way we would all get what we want.

                1. Ok…just to clarify, THE GAME WILL MOST LIKELY BE RATED “R”, and therefore kids will be unable to buy it…. Like, I get your point, but please realise a 5 year old kid won’t be able to buy a game in store with an “R” rated front =.=

    1. How about all of you handicaped morons stop damage controlling and actually admit that it’s retareded that the nintendo is still region locking their shit

        1. No, they are saying “wait for the localisation, import a 3ds, they should censor their games” stfu, you pieces of shit

      1. But they are the “family” company… at least that’s the image they try to push. I find this game essentially a rape game.

        1. Well, nintendo is
          A: Trying to target a different market as of late with more hardcore games and games like this, and
          B: Nintendo didnt make this

        2. I completely agree with you No. 9. What the actual fuck! There is a special place in hell for the people like that.

        3. Nintendo is not a family company in Japan….they make games for all ages for the most part. But if you want to see a surprise type in Youtube, Captain Rainbow (Game) and Birdo. It pretty funny but not for kids.

          But others have said, they don’t stop games from being published unless its an AO rating for the US or whatever the European equivalent is, which is the same for Sony and Microsoft for consoles.

            1. Umm Captain Rainbow is from one of their studios such as Retro, EAD, HAL, they made it and published it. I guess you have no clue on the business.

        4. Nintendo has never restricted anyone one this stuff, that’s something that fans pulled out of their asses. They just give parents more parental controls than the other companies do, and some of those controls have been unpopular for making things harder than on other consoles.

  1. The word “girls” there disturbs me. I mean, I take you mean these are teenish girls instead of, you know, full grown-women (at least 19 or up)…Brrr

  2. oh my hahahah look at all the nintengeeks who thinks this counts as getting apiece of a girl!! yes we all know that you all want this because you will never in your life be able to even be close of touching a part of any girls body, so you want this game to play with characters bodies hahahahah!!!!! hope this will stays over there, you guys who want this are really pathetic!!

      1. yeah im not the onw who wants this am i, hahaahah to all the sad people, it just says everything when people want to have sex with videogames girls.

        1. Did I say I want this? No. But I’m pretty sure deep inside you are thing “damn I need a Japanese 3ds so I can play this game because I will be a virgin for the rest of my life.” Such a sad person you are iceazeama.

  3. Wow, way to write one of the most misleading titles/artciles ever seen on this website. As if to make everyone believe that it’s all the game will have to offer -__-
    Well it’s made by Arc System Works, so I’d be curious to try it out, but I doubt they’d try to localize it.

    1. “involves RUBBING SCANTILY clad rival girls using 3DS touchscreen”+”There’s also something called CLIMAX PHASE which if done right extends the length of time which the player can TOUCH the girls”=Misleading title?!O-o

      Skools 4 fools who ain’t cool, yo!

      1. *titles/articles
        It’s misleading because it doesn’t say anything else about the gameplay, or anything else about the game for the matter.
        Something appropriate would have been ”Dungeon RPG with a certain odd feature”
        But judging by the title as well as how the article itself is written, it misleads readers into thinking that the game is only about: ”LAWL BEWBZ AND RUBBING PUSSIES. ONLY VIRGINS WILL BUY THAT LOLOLO”

        I wouldn’t have needed to clarify if you read more than the first sentence of my post before replying.

        1. Let’s see,title:”If U’ve Ever Wanted To Feel Up Girls Using The 3DSTouchscreen Here’s Ur Chance”
          *Speaks for itself&is true. Here’s a chance for hundreds of desperate basment dwelling pedofiles to touch&feel the closest thing to a girl they’ll ever get.

          1. Correct me if I’m wrong, and please do because if I got the wrong guy, I will probably deserve the embarassment getting the person wrong, but I recall you being a brony and getting extremely defensive about it.

            Now, if that’s the case. Do you realize how hideously hyprocritical you’re being? Isn’t the entire point of the MLP fanbase is to show that, despite being known as a show for little girls, it can still be enjoyed by people outside of its demographic.

            And what are you doing at the moment? Branding a game a ”pedo-game” without, unless you’re a time traveler, having played a minute of it. What if people want to play it because other aspects of the gameplay appeals to them? What if people can enjoy the game and just treat those…weird segments like they’re just meant to be jokes? As they say: ”Don’t judge a book by its cover”

            But what am I doing, my point went miles over your head the first time and I shouldn’t expect you to get what I’m trying to say after repeating it three times.

            1. WHOA WTF?! O-O }}
              Lay off the crackpipe, I think all those playing all those lolita video games are finally taking their toll on you. I’ve never been or have sided with Bronies ever. And embarassment by who? Other basment dwelling losers on the net?

              1. …okay then it was definitely another guy, sorry about that. I could have swore I saw someone with the same username posting multiple comments on an article talking about a potential MLP game. And I was talking about self-embarassment, obviously.

                Also, I’ve never played any of those kind of games, just so you know, good job on making assumptions based off nothing. (Note, identity confusion 1sn’t the same as assumption)

                And now you got to the part where you start throwing insults. How classy. Looks like I expected too much maturity out of you.

                1. Assumptions based on how passionately U defend this lolita game&try to steer it elsewhere. Identity confusion=assuming I’m a character that I’m really not. You assumed I was a Brony defender, granted U accepted correction of your assumption.

                  1. Nope, I got your username wrong. End of story. What can I say human memory just isn’t perfect. I also recommand you to invest in a dictionary. Reading your other comments, you’re getting a lot of definitions wrong and it’s hard to overlook that. The word ”statistic” isn’t equivalent to a simple percentage. Look it up.

                    And I just playing devil’s advocate. I heard news about this game a long time before the first trailer came out and the last 10 seconds of it made me cringe a little, just keeping a positive attitude and hoping the eroge isn’t the main focus

                    And I was never trying to ”steer it elsewhere”, I was merely replying to you and trying to clear things up.
                    But yeah, I do wish to steer the topic elsewhere…to a bottomless pit because it’s starting to get seriously redundant and boring…if it wasn’t already.

                    Good night.

                    1. You sure I’m the one who needs to invest in a dictionary? I didn’t say statistics were merely percentages written out. Look up the definition, read it carefully, then try to realize why it is that 1% of something is considered a statistic. What’s the point of investing money in a dictionary when people like you will just end up saying the dictionaries are wrong and misusing words.

                      Well nighty-night and SWEET dreams–oh, that actually sounds disturbing now…I’d rather not think of your sweet dreams…

        2. If U want an article that explains the game more in-depth then take Ur arse to one titled:”Ages of Amazones Gameplay&Story”
          misleading would be if it were titled: AoA backstory & the article only read: “Play as an all female cast. The end.”

    1. Sexist isn’t to be confused with perveted. This is too stupid to be taken seriously and it ends up being more self-harming then anything. The game may end up having really fun gameplay and an intriguing story and that ”feeling up thing” only takes like 1% of the game…but no one would ever know because all that they’d see about it is the shameless fanservice.

      1. Except in the game U play as & touch females only, so by definition, it is sexist. Considering the game’s abt. investigation, &excessively touching rival females is how U get important items to the plo& unlock more dungeons…

        1. Sexism is probably one of the most misused words of the dictionary…right there with ”irony” and ”inconceivable”.
          It means a prejudice/discrimination based on gender, or gender stereotypes.
          Hence why this would be pervesion and not sexism. Just like how one who watches porn wouldn’t be sexist, generally speaking.
          Metroid: Other M and the recurring depiction of Princess Peach would be examples of actual sexism.

          1. Not including any male cast is considered a descrimination/prejudice/gender preference/sexism=all synonymous. Yes, this game can also be considered a perversion, as well for other all too obvious reasons… Super Princess Peach is another form of sexism.

          1. Only 1% of the game is made of feeling girls up? That also falls under the definition of what a statistic is, unless that part is also being misused by the dictionaries.

  4. O.e …


    Ok…ok…think about Myamoto’s shrively nutsacks…uggh*shivers*. Disturbing…

    Anyway, THIS’s why gamers’re considered basment dwelling, no-life losers!

    1. & not because of “immature” name calling, like some butthurt mentioned. Thanks, Sickr, this made my day! They should make one for the MLP community:* Now U can feel up underage pony ass&unlock special Climax Rape Phase to keep rubbing on Pinkie Pie’s pie.

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  6. LOL, don’t act like this’s the first time Ninfags, remember Nintendogs+3 Cat breeds had puppy anus just for you guys! I’m starting to wonder if that’s what attracted more Sonic & Ponyfags to the base…or was it the common ground of diapers in adulthood?

  7. Actually, if people here bothered to click the link on the article, you’d find out it’s more like an inspection than anything…with a not so subtle double entendre.

    Geez…it’s the gigolo missions from Killer is Dead all over again.

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