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GAME And Other UK Retailers Ignore Pokemon X And Y Release Date, Sell Today Instead


Many UK retailers, including GAME, have been ignoring the Pokemon X & Y release date of October 12th, selling it today, a full day early. GAME has apparently even sent out text messages to customers telling them their copy of X & Y is ready to sell. This news comes right as Nintendo has announced that breakers of the release date will be penalized, after some stores in Brazil were found guilty of the same practice.

For those stores, Nintendo has decided to hold future shipments of new games until after their release date. Only time will tell if they plan on issuing the same fate to UK retailers. With the sheer size of revenue that GAME produces, something tells us their penalty won’t be quite as harsh. Pokemon X & Y launches along with the new Nintendo 2DS console.

81 thoughts on “GAME And Other UK Retailers Ignore Pokemon X And Y Release Date, Sell Today Instead”

      1. I highly doubt it. GTAV has been waited for for years. It sold about $800 million worth of copies on release day. I’m not saying X and Y aren’t going to be amazing, but I just can’t see it outselling GTAV.

        1. X and Y have been anticipated for years too, we always know there’ll be a new gen, so 6th gen has always been on the cards… and it’s a massive franchise and seems to be selling quite well now anyway….

          On a side note, I would have bought GTA V for Wii U if it were available, as such it’s not and so I didn’t, so 0 to GTA V 1 to Pokemon from me

        2. People have wanted Pokémon to use 3D models and such since after Gen 1 lol. That’s a lot longer of a wait then GTA 5.

        3. YEAH I’m sad to say I agree with this dude…. they’ve released a pokemon game every year for the past 4 years ish….. not as big of a gap as gta

  1. This madness! And people say Nintendo is irrelevant lmao also breaking the the street date is just to help those that hold it this long.

  2. Welp, I think Nintendo/GameFreak learned their lesson. Don’t sell shipments too early, or else the stores will get greedy and sell them early.

  3. This is actually incorrect, as the date had been broken in other places Game received permission from Nintendo to sell the game today

      1. Lol im looking at my calendar at its 10/11 at 10:06 pm PST. American time… specifically California time is the only time that matters.

  4. Who was stupid enough to release a game on a Saturday, instead of a Friday when EVERYTHING is released. Especially when there’ll be an uproar due to the postal service being the way it is and a Saturday delivery being almost a fairy tail in comparison.

    1. ^this. I hate when companies always release their games on saturday. I much prefer to stay at home during weekend, too lazy to go out.

  5. As a British Resident, with a lot of stores it’s likely that they’ve just put the game in the “Stock to put out on Friday” pile as that’s normally when games are out. It’s especially likely with stores like Tesco. Maybe with a factor of greed once they saw other stores breaking street date :P

  6. Of course I would like to have the game already, but not really a big deal. A day’s difference isn’t anything. Nintendo is trying to keep things secret in this day in age where everything is leaked at some point or another. Or perhaps this is just an elaborate PR stunt to hype up a game that requires no hype for it is Pokemon.

  7. If Game received permission from Nintendo then why have they not allowed the people that pre-ordered there game digitally to download it today? That seems a tad unfair.

  8. It’s 11 october, Netherlands, and my copy was sent already yesterday by post from online store, it arrived today, so i’m playing already :)

  9. my amazon copy arrived today as well. just received my first badge and first pokemon evolved…ok gotta go continue catching ’em now

  10. received my copy from amazon today as well. just received the first badge and first pokemon evolved…ok gotta go catch em now…

  11. This is annoying, why should everyone else suffer? I always buy from GAME so next time I preorder I would expect to get my game on the release date not many days later…

  12. I do not understand, I’m from Mexico and I got my presale this Thursday and saw that people in Japan they already had their copy, why Nintendo doesn´t say about his country?

  13. Nintendo went through all the work to release it WORLDWIDE at the same time so everyone could start together and these stores are ruining it. Breaking street date is illegal, I don’t understand why so many people are doing it now, especially after the news about Nintendo flying to Canada. Seriously, what the hell?!

  14. The amount of morons and people who pretend they know what they’re talking about on here gets bigger each day.
    Telco have been selling Pokémon X and Y since midnight. Nintendo won’t penalise them. More chance of Scarlett Johansson being in my bed tonight. Because of this places like HMV, other supermarkets and Game (where I work) we’re forced to start selling the game early too or miss out on sales. This is the biggest Nintendo release of the year and a vast majority of buyers will do so ASAP and will want the game today if they can get it instead of tomorrow.
    Will Nintendo really penalise us? Again, no. They need retailers more than ever at the moment, especially with big chains stopping selling the Wii U, and would be signing their own death warrant as the console is (sadly) struggling worse than even the Saturn and Dreamcast at the moment.

  15. Its hard to penalize people who were never likely to order from you again. Hell, in the states its nigh impossible to get anything on release day at a store whether you preorder it or not. Neither pikman3, fire emblem and several others were nowhere to be found at retail where i live.

    F em. Retailers are already looking for reasons to take away nintendo shelf space. Way to egg them on.

  16. Back when the Nintendo 64 first came out, Kay-Bee Toys got them in stock (and sold them) a WEEK before they were supposed to go on sale. They were barely unboxing their shipment when I arrived to purchase an N64 and Super Mario 64. That was the coolest early purchase I was ever a part of. And I was probably the first person in my town to buy it. Nobody else was even AT the mall that morning except for me.

    Things sure are different with the Wii U. It’s been almost a year since it’s release, and I still haven’t bought one. And that’s because of the black Wii U. I WANT A FREAKIN’ DIFFERENT COLOR! Thanks a lot Nintendo for making this yet ANOTHER year with no Wii U. If I was still a kid, I would have NEVER been able to hold out like I have.

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  18. Honestly…This can only have negative outcomes for the gaming industry & Nintendo in the UK. As we all know, a lot of the gaming retailers in the UK have been struggling, specifically GAME, regardless of whats been going on with them or not. Clearly, the reason they didn’t give two shits about what Nintendo said is because they’ve been struggling and they know that if they sell it early, they’ll get more income and make a huge profit for being the only retailer with it on their shelves……Immediate decision. All they did by doing this was start a domino effect though. Clearly, whoever owns GAME isn’t in it for the long run, because pulling stunts such as these is almost a guaranteed reassurance that you’ll lose complete in the near future & any trust from one of the main three publishers on releasing their games through their company. Seems like a quick money gain regardless of how I look at it.

  19. Wow, a lot of butthurt here. Go buy some cream for that, guys and dolls.

    It’s customary in the UK to release games on a Friday unless otherwise stated. Online pre-orders are usually received by customers a day early (or in some cases, two days), and this is standard. If anything, it shows how conservative Nintendo actually are. They wanted the game to be released on the same day worldwide, and while that’s admirable, you can’t control what other retailers will do once they’ve received their shipment. Meanwhile, holding back stock to ‘correct’ this issue penalises the gamers that want to go into the stores to buy the games, not so much the retailers who require the stock. It only serves to antagonise Nintendo from here on out.

    I can’t see them penalising their biggest retailer and supporter in the UK market though. It would be far too risky, and the negative impact would spread like wildfire. It’s a fragmented and unstable market as it is.

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  21. Other people have probably already said this by now, but GAME was told by Nintendo they could start selling the game, because other stores (Tesco I believe) had started selling it early.

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