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Monster Hunter 4 Continues Its Record-Breaking Pace With 3 Million Units Shipped

The phenomenon continues as Capcom has announced that shipments of Monster Hunter 4 have now exceeded 3 million copies. Capcom has long been predicting major sales figures for the game, but given that the company had forecast 2.8 million sold by March 2014, this new tally has surpassed even their own wildest expectations. Next year will mark the 10th anniversary of the Monster Hunter series, and as of October 15th, the series has sold over 26 million copies. Monster Hunter 4 is currently only available in Japan. There are still no definitive plans to bring Monster Hunter 4 to Europe or North America, but Capcom has stated that it is weighing all of its options.


  1. Capcom, the only company that knows how to use 3ds hardware to get good graphics. Game Freak should learn, also Nintendo with their new Zelda game that looks like a DS port.

  2. Well that’s Monster Hunter! I really thought the game was hard but after buying MH3U, I loved it so much and for MH4, it’s turning pretty good so I’m excited! :D

  3. Did the wii u cant run monster hunter 4?Nintendo?

  4. Well any sony fanboys hoping that they get the monster hunter series back are probably losing all hope with this. It’s clear as day where Capcom is making their Japan money with this.

      1. As for reasons why MH4 is 3DS exclusive, it’s probably because (A): the target demographic of MH games, Japanese gamers, absolutely LOVE handheld consoles, and (B): the Wii U is not doing so hot right now on the market.

  5. Nintendo needs to get MH4 on the Wii U, it needs all the 3rd party exclusives it can get…

      1. It’s going to be a lot more productive than relying on the likes of Ubisoft and their poor 360 ports.

  6. if this game had smooth 3ds controls instead of those horrible clunky psps ported controls and non of those load screens ID BUY IT IN A HEART BEAT

    make a wii remote and chuck version in hs without the loads screens IM IN

  7. This game could help Wii U sales in Japan and worldwide. They should bring it out on both Wii U and 3 DS.

  8. I fraking love Monster Hunter Games. I cant wait when this comes at last to west. I hope that they will do WiiU version for this game as well, since i prefer playing from big screen.

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