Here’s Another Retailer Mix-Up Between Wii U And Wii

wii u and wii

Just after industry analyst Christine Arrington of IHS Electronics & Media stated that the Wii U’s name is largely to blame for its poor sales and the general retailer confusion surrounding the console, a new print ad reveals another mix-up between Nintendo’s next-gen and last-gen consoles. The advertisement offers a “Wii U” bundle for $99 dollars that includes Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort – clearly a mix-up in which the retailer meant to refer to the console as a Wii, as the Wii Bundle is the item pictured. At this point, one truly has to wonder whether Reggie still believes the Wii U’s name is not problematic for the console.


    1. Retailers should know their products before they advertise, if I was that stores manager id be embarrassed that such advertising existed.

              1. I’m not a christian but I’m sure he won’t speak this kind of rude language. Or are you trying to indirectly insulting him?

      1. I can understand that people dont know what a wii u is so i can accept how people confuse a wii u with a wii but how the hell can anyone confuse a wii with a wii u

        1. I think a lot of it stems from the limitless number of peripherals they sold for the Wii. It had add-on, after add-on, after add-on. Wii Nunchuk, Wii Zapper, Classic Controllers, plastic guitars, tennis rackets, etc. Everything was always an add on to the Wii. Name the follow up console the Wii U (The hell is that supposed to mean to anyone?) was horrible. Nobody identified it as a separate console, more of a new controller. Simply naming it Wii 2 would have been better, or a new name entirely.

          Compile that with the fact that there was nothing at launch to really educate the public, and those working retail about the console, and you have a problem. A lack of titles made the console not stand out. It was a perfect storm of poor marketing and branding.

          If it happens once, then you’ve got a stupid retailer. If it happens continually, then you have a fundamental branding problem.

        2. I’m not completely enamoured by the name, but what the hell does Xbox 360 mean? It’s not spherical. It doesn’t spin. Is it just in reference to the ball logo?
          And being as the previous was an xbox and it’s predecessor the XBOne will consumers be confused?

    2. Even more dumber is Wii U name. That name sounds so stupid and that console also not exactly cool and good looking. Wii as a console is a failure compare to ps3 or xbox 360 (if you look at the games library) and so not exactly the product Nintendo should associate with Wii U. Changing it’s name probably will boost it’s sale.

        1. Microsoft can market.

          Sony doesn’t know what the word means.

          Nintendo doesn’t even know the word exists.

          1. What does this have to do with Nintendo marketing? This is the retailer being really stupid and not knowing the difference. Where on that packaging does it say “Wii U”

            1. It’s not a retailer being stupid. Not if it happens over and over again. It’s all marketing and branding. Nobody knows what your product is.

          2. Sorry, Sony commercials are better than Xbox commercials. M$ does whore oit the Xbox brand though, sponsoring everything they can

  1. xbox one is a more confusing name, yet people know the difference between the xbox one and the original xbox… its just that people dont care about nintendo anymore…. :(

  2. Can we just say Nintendo dropped the soap in a men’s prison shower with this console?

    Clearly Nintendo did so many things wrong with it, No DVD/Blu-ray capabilities, 7th gen graphics and power and poor launch library. It shouldn’t even be considered a 8th generation console, at most it should be considered a 7th gen, 7.5 to be overly generous.

    1. 1st off, im sure everyone already has some form of dvd player.
      2nd right now im sure wiiu can run uncharted, gta5 and all those other pretty looking games on current gen and to be honest im pretty much satisfy with the current graphics we see in games today, its those graphic hungry whore who says the wiiu is weak, honestly if you want good looking graphics why bother with consoles in the first place? just game on your pc.
      3rd everyone bought the wiiu cus they want to play 1st party which obviously they deliver.

  3. If you truly believe retailers are “confused” by the name of the console, you truly are silly! As an employee workng in retail, I always knew the differences in the merchandise because we were required to by the company. This is their business and it not difficult to know the difference in a Wii and a Wii U! Don’t fall for the “it was a mistake” line because it really doesn’t hold water for a product that has been on the market for nearly a year being mistaken for the best-selling console they’ve likely ever experienced…come on, think about it a bit!

        1. “i dont need to grammar correctly” pretty sure you need to cus it shows that you need to be in school for it…

  4. “Reggie still believes the Wii U’s name is not problematic for the console.”

    yes we all truly believe he still thinks that!! He is the biggest joke of a president of a gaming company ever! get back to where pizza goes to hell you smelly asshole!

    “my body is ready for shitty games” fuck off.

    when i was 5 i played better mario kart than this shitstain!

    1. Nintendo shouldve made 2 separate consoles, keep the wii and make something more powerful so devs will support, so you have one console for casual and one for more dedicated games..

      1. yeah that sounds like a good idea. you know…. they could have still supported the wii and marketed it, but made a new good console, like the nintendo hd or something. they could also have two presedents for each console.for noa the shitstain reggie could continue doing a shitty job with wii and we could have a new good president for the nintendo hd.

    2. He is a business man not a gamer you cretin. He doesn’t have to be good at games to make a profit on them.

  5. I’d die at the chance to buy a Wii U console at that amazing price – $99USD ! Wow. Cut out the ad, bring it to the shop and say, “Here, gimme a WiiU for only $99 dollars, bitch, or I’m gonna go apeshit on your ASS.”

      1. But he is right, if the store is stupid enough to not know what they are selling we should take advantage of them. Is not Nintendo who will lose the money.

  6. It’s not JUST the name that’s confusing. Nintendo has done pretty much ZERO advertising for the Wii U. Aside from a few guest appearances by Reggie on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. I myself would probably be confused about the Wii U if I didn’t have internet access and keep up on all Nintendo things on a regular basis. I still think they should have called it the Super Wii.

  7. I’d say never under estimate the stupidity of retailers. Yes the name is here to stay whether ‘wii’ like it or not. They should and still can maybe further down the line change the console colour and formfactor (the shape) to completely set it apart from the wii. You have to everything to help simple folk who work in game shops.

    My god it is soul destroying when you see company not advertising their product and surprised when 3rd party are interested. Come on now. Thats just common sense…

  8. I’d say never under estimate the stupidity of retailers. Yes the name is here to stay whether ‘wii’ like it or not. They should and still can maybe further down the line change the console colour and formfactor (the shape) to completely set it apart from the wii. You have to everything to help simple folk who work in game shops.

    My god it is soul destroying when you see company not advertising their product and surprised when 3rd party are interested. Come on now. Thats just common sense…

  9. I think we can all honesly say, that Wii U is in fact a stupid name :/
    But the console itself is really good xb

    1. And so is the Xbox One. I could easily mistake the names and that’s only because we’ve an original xbox and a new one.

  10. Nintendo, end production of Wii like in japan, problem solved. Non Asians are to stupid to read, not all but many. The Wii U can do all a Wii Can and more, everyone owns a Wii by now, if they want one Ebay is better, get the Wii out of stores so these dumb asses have no choice but to use Wii U’s and buy Wii U’s. Also, developers are fragile pssys, you have to go talk to these dumb asses so they’d know the Wii U accepts third party, i.e. Skyrim creators, that can’t play test a game for their life. Is it too hard for that? “Wii is to pull in casuals, well if them bastard ant playing games by now, their never going to soon.” – Wii U

  11. We all warned Nintendo about the name, and Nintendo, ITS TIME TO CHANGE THE NAME!!!! It might be too late for a full change, but you could from now on, just call it The “U”

  12. Honestly, if I didn’t know any better, i’d think that there’s something “fishy” going on here, nobody is this stupid. I’ve worked in retail, companies know about what products they’re selling.

  13. There are cases like this for other consoles as well. It’s just that this is a big deal for Wii U because it’s still not selling well.

  14. Imagine when wii sports u and wii sports club is out already. Retailers are going to associate it more with the wii and they will be more confused.

  15. This isn’t nintendos fault at all.. its just another namr like the playstation or playstation 2,3 or 4.. or xbox, xbox 360or or one.. all they did was keep the same first name and add something after it. In a way nintendo was right to keep the same name because it uses all of the same stuff the wii had on it plus more. This all falls onto into the hands of the stupid people that actually get payed to adverse for a company and end up making mistakes because they didnt even open up google to type in the name… peoples stupidity surprise me a lot sometimes.

  16. This is why the Wii u isn’t settling well, STUPID ADVERTISES, not lack of good games (anymore)! have you seem the lineup for the next year?! And we know more is to be announced in this already amazing lineup!

  17. Where is Reggie for that matter? Long time not hear or see anything regarding him. Is Nintendo keep him in Davy Jones locker?

  18. Asda are doing this with the 3ds as well. Their pokemon advert halfway through tells you it’s only available on ds3. Quite hard to play a 3ds game on a Citroen.

  19. Because it’s not. Why does no one understand that there are a lot of STUPID people on this earth? This problem does NOT lie with Nintendo. I am pretty sure that on their website it says Wii and Wii U in their correct places. However, just because someone stupid does something like this everyone blames Nintendo. BASICALLY EVERY CONSOLE sounds similar to its predecessor. Thats the way it is.

    1. Yes. You don’t hear mix-ups between a Playstation 3 and Playstation 4. No one says “It’s the brand new Xbox 360 that was just released!” No one says “iPhone 3, now with Siri!” It’s just that some retailers don’t care about Nintendo enough to actually call their products by the right name. Prejudice against Nintendo.

  20. How does nobody in the store play games? Any gamer even a Nintendo hater would be like “Hey manager, this is hilarious you guys are getting this so mixed up.”

  21. This is gonna be like the 3DS all over again. Widespread confusion, low sales, lack of games, and doomsday theories for the first year or so, then 2 months later it’s practically getting vacuumed off of store shelves like it all never even happened in the first place.

  22. i’m almost certain this is the last time nintendo uses the name of an old console + a suffix for their new console

    oddly enough it caused no problems whatsoever with the 3DS
    oh well

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