Some new direct quotes from Eiji Aonuma to German gaming site Gameswelt. A quick entry into Google translator reveals that Gameswelt’s conversation with Aonuma has picked up the exclusive that after the first playthrough of A Link Between Worlds, a new difficulty level can be accessed by the player. The article goes on to compare the increased difficulty to “the Hero Modes of Skyward Sword and The Wind Waker HD“, implying that A Link Between Worlds will also contain a Hero Mode in which hearts are more scarce and enemies are far more difficult to defeat. The following is a direct translation of the first portion of Gameswelt’s article:

“Games World had the opportunity to speak to Eiji Aonuma, producer of The-Legend-of-Zelda series, for a new interview. In the course of the conversation Aonuma has revealed that A Link Between Worlds will provide a higher level of difficulty after the first playthrough.”



    • I tell Nintendo fans this all the time, just look at Reggie’s history. He has no experience with gaming whatsoever. The guy marketed for Guinness, VH1 and Pizzahut for christ sakes…
      He doesn’t know shit about gaming he just knows how to sell, so Nintendo fans can talk about their sales all they want because obviously Nintendo keeps putting out cheap crap for you all to buy.
      Richest gaming division in the world makes the cheapest least powerful gaming systems in the world. Makes sense.


  1. I don’t know about anyone else, but I NEVER play the second quests in Zelda games. I don’t see any point. It’s not like a new item or mode will unlock by playing through twice. Once I finish a Zelda game once, I’m usually ready to move on to something else. I don’t want to play through a game 2 times in a row. That’s boring.

    With that said, there should just be 2 difficulty settings to choose from at the beginning, and leave it at that. The only way the second quest would be interesting to play is if the story was different, and the ending had a different outcome.


  2. Master quest for Wii U zelda please! Not hero mode. Harder enemies from the get-go that deal massive damage, altered dungeon designs, limited health, and increased prices on stuff. =) Hugs!


  3. Master Quest is a bit more appealing than Hero Mode (unless Hero is an option from the beginning). I can’t find the will to go through the exact same game, but Master Quest presents revamped puzzles and layouts which makes the second romp worthwhile.


  4. There is no point to this Hero Mode; it’s just something they cynically tack onto the Zelda games to make it seem like they’re harder, when all they did was do the very basics of making games difficult: Less health, more enemy damage, you do less damage, etc. That’s just so damn basic, you’d have to wonder what challenge there is in such a thing. At least Portal’s challenge maps made tweaks to the level designs to make them not only truly challenging, but creatively challenging.


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