Smash Bros Release Date For Wii U And 3DS Could Be May 16, 2014

super smash bros

Speculation has been brewing about the Smash Bros release date as the computer and game site Newegg has once again posted a piece of information that has yet to be confirmed anywhere else. The website has posted that the release date for Smash Bros on 3DS will be May 16th of 2014. Their listing for the Wii U game, however, remains the same as it has been – the last date of 2014, since the year is all that has been confirmed by Nintendo. So far, there have been 17 fighters confirmed for the game, including Mega Man, Luigi, and The Villager from Animal Crossing. Do you think this new unconfirmed release date could be real? Let us know in the comments.


  1. There you have it my brethren…

    Nintendomination stage 2 begins as a primary date on the 16th of May…

      1. I’m a Nintendo/Sony fan myself. I never had a problem with MS until the X-Bone, but even with my hate for the console I still hope for it’s success as I don’t want competition to die off. The more competition, the better games we get.

          1. Yes, invasion of privacy is something they don’t care about unfortunately! Another example of this is the fact that they’ll use the Kinect on the X-Bone to record you and sell your reactions to advertisers so they know what gamers are looking for. Kinda creepy… >_>

          2. Next likely CEO of MS is likely going to sell off or dissolve xbox/gaming division to focus on core offerings. Board is pushing this as well. This will be MS last console as they have yet to turn a profit in their gaming division. Paying R&D as well as paying off 3rd party for games isn’t as lucrative as they, or Sony, had hoped.

    1. I know that Sony likes to promise. If you believe every one of them, obviously PS4 is a winner, but you have to be a sonyboy. I remember when xbox launched, Sony claimed that PS3 is the only system, that delivers 1080p games. Yeah more like a game or two, but they were boasting it, like most of the games would be like that. Now Driveclub. Wait, isn’t Driveclub made by the same studio that promised a cinematic experience with Motorstorm and delivered just another arcade racing with mediocre graphics?

        1. Well what can I say, I’m sorry that you spent your time playing worst wii u game available, but it seems like you enjoyed it in some kind of sexual way though.

        2. I havent played Sonic, but I tend to agree off sight alone that Sonic looks like a pile of crap. Game looks poorly made and controls look crappy from game trailers and play throughs. Of course this is only an assumption and I could totally be wrong, but Sega hasnt exactly been known for pushing their franchises to the fullest. They should’ve stuck with a side scroller for sonic, imo. Game just looks clunky.

      1. And that is the reason why the Wii U is failing? You do know that in Japan it wasn’t and flop and even in the west its really mixed

        1. I think it might actually do great in the US because it seems like a lot of people are giving hate to the reviewers about Sonic Lost World, because there are people now who own it and are loving the game. Some people I know who aren’t really Sonic fans now own the game after playing the demo and love it. I guess if people can go on their own opinion and not base their opinion on a reviewers bad opinion, then I think the game will do good.

    2. People still belive in The Weak U?Wow after this year the Wiiu collect dust as hell.Now go trade your Wiiu in for ps4 and have some good games.

      1. thank you, but I’ll stick with Halo and Mario, the original games, rather than their poor copies ^^

      2. I like nintendo and microsoft LET ALL THE HATE BE BROUGHT TO ME I GUESS but anyways i agree sony has some great exclusives but i still wouldnt get the console because of the reputation they have with being hacked and whatnot and the nsa thing with ms is bull they’ve said anybody caught hacking into the kinect government agency or not will be brought to court

            1. Sonic 06 was one of those games to me that was bad, but for some reason I like to play it still. I still own the game for some reason and actually about a month ago I played it and tried my best to not get in glitches and stuff, and I guess I made the game look better like it was easy, but the game is the one of the bad sonic games, it is not the worst video game ever though. There are plenty of terrible, terrible games. Idk why I actually like playing sonic 06 sometimes. I guess because it is like Sonic Adventure 3 just with a name change and that the game isn’t very good.

      1. Don’t expect it in May, 2 years doesn’t seem like enough time for where they would want it to be. but you never know.

    3. If there is a console the Wii U should be compared to, its the 3DS. Same confusing name, same game drought, same doom songs, etc. We all know how big a success is the 3DS now.

    4. How old are you??? Your singing the same song, its old bro…….nut this nut that, how about i nut on you

          1. Sickr can you delete that comment I don’t want spam email, and some people on this site I can’t trust

  2. obviously it’s fake, why even post this retarded shit? From the same site that said “We’re positive Luigi’s Mansion dark moon is a wii u game” nonetheless.

  3. I’ll never be a big fan of Smash Bros., it’s a poor match for my slower, more cerebral fighting game playing stale. But the sooner Nintendo get it out there, the sooner we got ourselves a more-than-likely killer app, so the sooner the better.

    1. That’s perfectly understandable. Everyone has different tastes. And Yes, i completely agree, i can’t wait for this to hit the Wii U, this (along with Mario kart 8, 3d world, ect) will certainly help with sales.

      1. I don’t think the Wii U will be gone by then. Just because it’s not doing as amazingly as the Wii, Doesn’t mean they are just gonna write it off. I’m really hoping for PS4 or Xbox to not do as well, and then see all the people trying to justify it.

      2. Yo, Wii u is not going down at all. Its gunna stick around just like the cube. The Dreamcast was a disaster (though a good console) ans even it hung in there for a while. You cant cancel out the only console that brings innovation, this gen.

        1. Why? Cause its not the most highly technical? Neither was Wii but it killed xbox360 and ps4. Besides that, the console does everything else that Nintendo has done to bring us gr8 gaming for 32 yrs.

          1. Thats not a broblem with the wii u. Nintendo has been going all out with working on 3ds and wii u so you cant expect them to make your wildest dreams come true yet. Plus games are only getting harder and more expensive to make. They arent putting any less effort or money into there game consoles.

  4. Hahaha, nope. I think we’ll be lucky to get it by christmas… Next year.

    It’s upsetting, but even on the official smash page it says ” PLANNED RELASE 2014″

    Which we all know is code for, probably early 2015, but no way in hell, May 2014.

  5. I think sonyfans are butthurt because of driveclub delay. Smash Bros. were planned for that date anyway.

  6. I was thinking end of 2014 but who knows… maybe instead of the planned launch of Smash Bros Wii U and 3DS at the same time, Iwata gave the order to drop everything on the 3DS and focus all energies on getting Smash Bros for Wii U out o help the struggling console.

    I mean… Mario Kart 8 AND Smash Bros both released in spring? That’s a big injection.

      1. It was the only appealing thing to Sakurai, apparantly.

        You can tell he put a lot of work and soul into Brawl and then people responded “DIS ISNT MELEE!!” so I guess he’s a bit burned out.

          1. Yeah, he may have done some genius stuff, but in that instance, he went full retard as they say. Luckily, he came to his senses.

      1. Ya Innovation!!!
        Innovation is the only reason Wiiu dont Sell.
        Innovation is $350 for a Weak ASS CONSOLE.(LETS START THE RANT)

        1. Copy/paste/tweak is all xbox one and ps4 do. They’re taking stuff thats already made, skype,facebook,TV, ect and sticking it in there home media devices (not gaming consoles). Wii u offers new ways to play and im not takling about the ability to talk to yer pals over a web cam while you game in the same manner you always do (xbox one). Someday i’ll get a XBO and i’ll like it for sure but wii U is simply still doing what gaming consoles have done best and i think fans have forgotten what gaming is REALLY about. XD my rant’s longer.

          1. innovation?? you dont need gimmicks to innovate. its what you do with your games. that exactly why nintendos games have been so unoriginal since wii, because apparently moving your arms like a retard is creating fresh new games, exactly. gimmicks just make things lazy for an excuse for good innovation and fresh ideas in games that not oh touch the touchscreen.

            1. You’re not old enough to appreciate true innovation. Wind Waker HD for instance is so much better than the original. Even simply having the map on the gamepad makes sailing and treasure hunting far easier and less of a bore and chore. PS3 sucked for a year or 2. It’s been a year for Wii U. This time next year if things aren’t way better than bitch all you want. But what does PS4 have? Delayed Watch Dogs, Knack, and Killzone? Not impressed. Not innovative. Better graphics? PC. Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy are the only 2 reasons to get one at the moment and they ain’t coming for years.

        2. You are clearly a teen strugglin to be cool and tough in front of his peers by the way you type. Nintendo is great, but yes they definitely fucked up a lot but the Wii U is a sweet system. When you’re older and over the tough guy phase and your ego is put in check, you’ll appreciate it more. Til then rub some mango on your balls, I hear that makes them drop faster.

  7. Then its to late for the Kiddy U Lmao.
    Smash bros dont make Someone buy This POS.
    R.I.P Nintendo now go to sleep.

    1. I like how your name talks about the PS4 better and implies weaker consoles are worse, please tell me how the Vita is beating the 3DS… oh wait

  8. yeah i hope it is the release date and nintendo confirms it…… then delays it.

    please understand that we need more time, 2015 deal with it we already have your money. #WIISCAMEDU

    1. Guarantee this isn’t the release date. Anyone who has been with Nintendo long enough knows this isn’t the date. If it is then it’s probably being rushed. But I’d put money and say this is just a random rumor. Some site I never heard of says Earth Worm Jim 3 comes out next month for all systems!! I’m GETTIN’ IT!!!

    1. then be ready if its true for announcement for the delay.

      iwata- welcome name…… please understand that….. yor birthday present is going to……. be delayed till….. 2015. *bows then walks away laughing*

  9. For once, I actually hope it isn’t released so early. The game has allegedly been in development only since Kid Icarus: Uprising’s development ended. I don’t want another Meta Knight, or Ganondorf. I actually want this game to develop until December 31st, 2014 at the earliest! I hope the state of the Wii U doesn’t push it to release earlier.

  10. Ok to every body saying the 3ds version will sell better…Yeah it probably will…maybe I know japan will buy 3ds version more do to the love of handhelds there. I’m wondering if the 3ds version will have the same tight controls as the console version. Most people don’t like fighters on handhelds because the lack of of big screen, comfort, and control. The wii u version might get some more stuff then the 3ds version. I’m getting both one for home and online, 3ds version will be on the go.

  11. i’d rather it be in like september or october of 2014, so there’s more time to add characters. and cancel the 3DS version.

  12. I won’t believe this date until I see it officially announced. All we know is 2014, and I’m still willing to bet it’ll be late 2014.

  13. Jeez, May 2014? We’ll all be bored shitless of it by then as they keep posting crappy new pics of characters we all knew would be in the fuckin game anyway…..I honestly thought this was xmas release this year….oh well back to real life….

  14. There’ a huge chance, like 99.9% this is not true. I highly doubt it would come so soon. Mario Kart is set for April supposedly and they have probably been working on Kart longer, that and Smash probably takes more time to make and perfect.

    1. Sakurai has 3 Smash Bros games under his belt. He can make a game much faster now, plus working over time so fucking much to the point his hand gets injured. Plus with Namco Bandai helping the speeds up development much more. All Smash is, is charcaters, stages, items, and modes.

  15. Still don’t think the 3ds version will come out that time. I don’t think they will want to be in the spring mindset with mario kart 8. Shouldn’t compete. Wii u and 3ds version is coming out seperate times.

  16. So I might get to go see Legendary Pictures’ Godzilla and then come home to play Smash Bros U in the same day? Sweet!!!!!

  17. People need to stop saying the wiiu is gonna fail most nintendo consoles have horrible starts but then get alot of sales

  18. I don’t believe its real, however Smash Bros will be released the 1st half of 2014. So by the end of June.

  19. I dont think there gonna cancle the 3ds version in all honesty but melee was rushed and it turned out great plus this game game would have been in production for about 2 years so this could be real but i wouldnt put my money on it id bet since how many times brawl was delayed this game wont be out till 2015

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