UK Charts: Sonic Lost World Wii U Enters At Fifteen, Zelda Wind Waker Slips To Eighteen


This week’s UK sales charts are now in courtesy of GFK Chart Track. Nintendo exclusive Sonic Lost World for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS has entered the individual formats chart at number fifteen and number twenty-eight respectively. The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD has slipped from number twelve to number eighteen. Pokemon X & Y have dropped from number one and number two positions to number five and six. The highest new entry this week is Skylanders Swap Force for the original Wii which entered at number seven.

  1. (03) 360 GRAND THEFT AUTO V (TAKE 2)
  2. (04) 360 FIFA 14 (ELECTRONIC ARTS)


  1. HAHAHHAHAHAHAH!!!!!! “we hope our shitty blue hedgehog can help the struggling wii u” HOW CAN YOU HELP SOMETHING WITH A PIECE OF SHIT!! nintendo actually funded these garbage games but cant fund eternal darkness 2 or buy atlas?? #WIIALWAYSFAILU

          1. Commander you can’t talk you write the same recycled shit too. There always about high command…. Or nintendomination….. Or how you subliminally show you’re dislike for Xbox and Sony……. And you always type depressed with dots after everything…. You are a recycled robot….. (dot puns intended)

      1. I find it ironic how he sits on his computer all day talking trash about nintendo. I mean he’s fucking obsessed with the company, hasn’t he got anything better to do? Like a job or somthing? is he a school drop out who lives in his parents basement?

        1. Probably, every day it’s the same thing, same recycled comments and same boring crap…

          1. dude, you acting like a robot all day says everything. also that shit up there isnt recycled its just true. you just resort to anything because you DAMAGE CONTROL!!

                1. Don’t you?…

                  Sonyans and Xbots have more recycled gameplay than our empire combined…

                    1. Just look at the games they release, no fantasy, same type of characters, always humans with D-Movie quality, same type of gameplay mechanics, same type of story, same type of music etc etc…

                  1. LoL>same type of characters>Mario?
                    same type of gameplay mechanics>Mario?
                    same type of story>Mario?
                    same type of music>Mario?

                    1. hey man, dont talk sense, they lack it. to them nsmb and mario is the most innovative game ever and it evolves.

                    2. Compare every uncharted game to Mario sunshine, Galaxy, NSMB, and every other mario game which came out within this timeframe (i found a good picture, but i can’t find it now) like sunshine, NSMB, Super mario land, super mario galaxy etc. EAch of these games are insanely diffferent with the core gameplay being changed with each bit of gameplay, unlike uncharted. or gran turismo.
                      Also the soundfronts are different with them using the crappy ones in the ds game and the orchestral ones in the bigger ones.

                      That by no means makes uncharted a bad game, and not changing isn’t really that bad if the game remains good and fun to play to be honest. And to be honest, I think the simplistic storylines are there on purpose. they aren’t there to push boundaries really it’s extremely simplistic for tradition’s sake.

                    3. So we should make multiple sequels for 1 system instead of only 1 per system. Got it.

                  2. True and they are easy to replace. I can build more powerful gamin pc than ps4/one for cheaper price, i can get all of those multiplats cheaper for pc and with much better performance. Ps4/one doesnt have exclusive worthy of my time and i see them as overpriced gaming pc wannabes. WiiU brings something new to the table and good exclusives that i dont get from pc so thats why WiiU is my No1.

        2. He plays 3 hours per week so first of all he is casual. Secondly he spends more time on this site than actually playin games so its safe to make our conclusions what kinda loser he is. Oh and he is still stuck in the 90s just look at his avatar, poor kid doesnt even know what happened to rare.

          1. hhaahahh wow because i dont just sit and get fat playing videogames all day makes me a loser…… oh man your pathetic. ill average like 10 hours a week if i actually in to something but right now im not. the only time ill play a lot in a week is if im in to an rpg. ive said this to you, and while you playing videogames everyday all day and brag about it hahahah i wont. you dont know how pathetic you sound.

            1. My point was that you spend more time on this site talkin BS all the time and whining when you really arent that much into games anyway. And how you have so much time to be here anyway, if you arent one of those jobless losers!!!!??? Jobles casual is jobles casual hahaha!

              1. if you did anything but play games all day every day you would know exactly why i dont waste all my life on a plastic box. yes there are times where i play a lot but its not every day or sometime i dont play that much for months. it depends.

      2. also you always play games, but you dont even own a wii u (that doesnt have games anyway) and you probably only own nintendo products. #WIIGOTNOGAMEFORU

      3. You are correct, he even said that he plays only 3 hours per week. So he is just casual gamer who trolls this site because Nintendo hasnt released his casual games yet. I mean come on he is so out of touch that he has dead companys forgotten game characters that no one really anymore cares about except those who still are livin in the 90s as his avatar.

    1. Thats a risk nintendo must take. Funding any could be good or bad but nobody can tell ahead of time. Mainly S lost worl is just different. Thts why ppl hate it. If mario had a game like Zelda, ppl would hate that too no matter how good it is.

    2. They didnt fund shit.

      Sonic Lost Worlds problem is Sega has a fanbase that wants three VERY Different things and they tried to mix them together in Lost Worlds. But Reviewers just are really crap at the game too boot. Fuck them popular sites, they suck.

    3. You only play 3hours per week so i dont believe you have time for atlus games or for ed2. Keep playin your phone apps casual!!

      1. og ou hurts to do stuff besides play videogames all day. also i said if im not into an rpg. ill play like 10 hours a week if im really in to a game thats not an rpg though.

        1. Hahaha you are a fuckin casual who plays 3 hours per week games and rest of your time you spend here on an fuckin nintendo news site. And the funny thing is you are a fuckin casual!!!! You find it better to spend time here than playin games, you are pathetic and out of touch. LOL Banjo what is this the 90s!!!???

    1. ok i believe the wonderful 101 to be an actually good game, it failed in sales but dont compare that to the shitty hedgehog.

      1. W101 was good but Sonic isnt shitty by anyones standerds anymore. Every series has a bad game here and there and dont tell me about Sonic 06 or other bad games saying that Sonic had way too many, NFS whent through bad times too.

    2. To be honest, in face of the heavy competition, i’m not so surprised. And tbh i don’t feel Sonic Lost World Was a flop.

      Look at the top 6 for instance. It’s literally pokemon, gta and Fifa, sonic could never have beaten any of those games. Skylanders too is extremely popular amongst kids these days, and loads of them play it, as is minecraft. The fact that it came 15th isn’t really good, nor is it terrible in the same respect.

        1. Cobermani likes to think that proves something but it really doesn’t.

          You don’t prove that a game isn’t slow by showing a rehearsed speedrun of only the 1st level. That’s stupid.

          1. Yes it does. it proves that if you are a good gamer you will be able to do this kind of thing while if your not so good you’ll have no option but to go slower. In short you dont have the same freedom like this true gamer


    1. I don’t think it’s possible for a console to fail in a year. Even the Vita has been holding on; clutching the side of the cliff to hell. 💋

        1. all consoles are Dustcasts :)
          u know that right

          your precious Xbox, PS, N64, 3DS and PC are ALL dustcasts

            1. its gross and its not funny at all, it might be funny for you but not us, because of that picture i dont read your comments unless i get a notification from you. its nasty.

  3. I’d say number 15 on the UK charts is pretty good considering it “is” the “UK” we’re talking about. I bet it made it into the top ten or even the top 5 in the American charts. It might have “flopped” in the United Kingdom, but it still has a greater chance at success then the Wonderful 101 had going for it. 💋

    1. Now tell me, what is the difference between a so called “casual gamer” and a “hardcore gamer” exactly? We’re all gamers, so why treat any differently?

      1. It’s is just a funny article to point out, because self proclaimed “hardcore gamers” depict themselves as those who DON’T play “children’s games” a.k.a CoD, Battlefield, and anything else that involves blood, swearing and guns.

        To answer your question, though. I would say that hardcore gamers are those who are passionate about gaming and casual gamers are those who play games, because it is a good way to pass the time or to conform to what their friends (the masses) are doing. 💋

  4. Critics hurt this game bad, this game was no where near as bad as they said. While I won’t say it is his best outing. I will say its on the level of Generations and Colors and its an 8 at best 8.5-9 if ur biased towards the blue blur. It not fair that this game might not sell well or get a proper sequel.

    I can’t wait to play this game but I hope it sells like crack in America because this is the direction the series needs to keep going :(

    less speed but still fast with more platforming

    but I guess don’t keep the cylinder level design because people won’t shut up about the similarities to Galaxy when that’s all they are, similarities

    1. The game takes a long while to get used to^

      Like God Hand.

      IGN Fucked God Hand over so fucking hard lmao

      1. True. The only reason it gets bashed is because its hard. There are also reviews that praise Lost World, but ofcourse we dont hear anything about them since they are something positive.

    2. dood, I know your trying to be unique with the nutsack thing but its kinda immature

      And I wont take your opinion because its either trollish or its not true

  5. The game is terrible. Generations was better, this one is fucked up. You start playing and they dont even teach you controls, and after 5 mins in another stage you get an overpowered boss fight when you dont even know how to control Sonic! This in the beginning already is a big flop.
    I will trade this game back, i hope I can get at least 10 bucks for it lol

    1. .. Overpowered boss fight? Have you SEEN the boss fight? An 8 year old could beat it. And their is a reason we have an instruction booklet.. Even though a tutorial would be nice..

  6. Can someone actually explain to me why they think the Wii U is a fail, and can someone name me any of the hardware. If you cannot, then you know nothing of Wii U, so stop the downing all the time.

      1. Sales figures are down because no one understands it’s hardware, it’s far more powerful than Xbox 360 and PS3, and just as powerful as X1 and PS4. Don’t let the clock speed fool you, its what the hardware does.

      2. Also, what about Crytek, Platinum Games, Good Feel, Ubisoft – they’re actually trying their hardest. EA are sitting around doing nothing.

    1. God is good. Another day and we are still here on earth. God has allowed us to eat and sleep to continue posting another day. We have witness 24 hours on earth’s rotation. We have been alive to almost complete the rotation another year. Many people died but Commander, godisnotreal, ice boy, and others are still alive. That’s amazing.

  7. Translation: British gamers in general have awful taste, as we see every week (note that I’m British, and it sucks to be a gamer over here)

  8. Hmmm so Sonic Lost World’s didn’t reach top ten. Interesting. Will it did better than Splinter Cell for Wii U.

    1. At least Sonic was made for Wii U and runs smoothly, I’d rather have that than a quick and nasty port.

      The current gen is holding the Wii U back 3rd party wise, these quick and nasty ports should stop as soon as the PS3 and Xbone are released.

      All the gen gen consoles use singled threaded, out of order processors, so porting games will be a lot easier.

      Plus The PS3 and 360 don’t use GPGPUs so they tend to be very CPU intensive, with these quick Wii U ports devs are throwing everything at the CPU instead of using the GPGPU which is why you’re getting frame rate issues in a lot of ports,

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