Nintendo Says More Cross-Play Titles Are In The Works


Nintendo has confirmed that it will support cross-play between the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U with non-Nintendo platforms, including other consoles. The Kyoto based company also stated that it is committed to helping developers use this feature. Currently, the main game to support cross-play is Pure Chess, which is likely to support cross-play with PlayStation 3 and the PlayStation Vita. Nintendo also says there’s more games using this functionality in the works.

“We can confirm that cross-platform functionality is possible in certain titles that play on Nintendo 3DS and Wii U, as well as other video game systems not made by Nintendo. We are committed to helping developers realise the full potential of their software on Nintendo systems.”

“We can confirm that Disney Infinity from Disney Interactive Studios, Cubeman 2 from Three Sprockets and Pure Chess from Ripstone, all have the ability to play on Nintendo systems while at the same time communicating with consumers using those same games on other systems. Additional games using this functionality are in development.”


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  2. It would be good if you could do this with games like CoD. I would play CoD all day just to own the hordes of idiotic CoD noobs on other platforms.

    1. Any game that would allow me to own Xbots is fine with me…

      I’ll own them with our superior Gamepad!

          1. Commander! Now that our leaders are attempting to make connections with the three nations; should we be following this trend as well?

              1. Yes sir. They may live near their home bases, but they are still suffering from a division in family. That being; Many xbots of the home-console division hate, and are hated by their PC cousins.

          1. That combined with the GPA(GamePad Advantage)…….Xbots would be running for their Kinect 2.spy. We’ll might make peace with the others, but them Microsoftians HAVE GOT TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. you can always create a account, you will get a tool bar along the top of wordpress pages and from there some user changes, maybe you can block a user from there but the reply area here is disques or something, very little controll, if i recal.

  3. I would love to see a Nintendo game that allows you to play against one another from a Wii U to a 3DS. Or a cooperative experience utilizing these two platforms. The Wii U setup is similar to a large scale 3DS after all.

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      1. What? You are still waiting for it lol. I have Japanese version on my pc with english patch and everything lol. I dont believe west version to come soon.


  5. I think amazing how much ground Wii U has managed to cover so quickly.. At its start of launch, it didn’t really seem like they were putting any effort (at least not as much as now) regarding indie developers and now, hopefully attracting at least a bit more third-parties (the more the better). I also really like that they have admitted that they will never be satisfied, always striving to improve more regarding making the Wii U accessible. That said, I hope they continue this attentive support, hopefully further strengthening their support into 2014 now that the competition has arrived. We know a plethora of first-party quality titles have been announced for 2014, so as long as they continue making the Wii U more accessible for third-parties & indie developers, increasing their first-party titles, and continuing to announce more awesome secrets, Wii U will dominate 2014 =].

  6. When I bought Disney Infinity for the Wii U it was so my online game friends could join me in the Toy Box to build fun worlds to game in…. No Chat on Nintendo! Disney Interactive made a game knowing Sony/Microsoft have a system chat network, so why waste time putting something like that in. Nintendo needs to fix this. It’s a gaming standard and just antoher nail in the coffin.

  7. This is something every gamer has been wanting since the dawn of time. I cannot to be able to have the ability to play certain games on my Wii U with my friends on their Xbox Ones and PlayStation 4s

  8. This is great. Cross-platform play on the Wii U? Awesome. That’s one less thing for Nintendo haters to bitch about.

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