Here’s The Batman Arkham Origins Launch Trailer

Warner Bros games has posted the launch trailer for the eagerly awaited Batman: Arkham Origins. This trailer showcases Black Mask, the feared gang leader and powerful mob boss in Gotham, now controlling the city’s criminal underworld. Batman: Arkham Origins is due for release on Wii U, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 on Friday, October 25th. Will you be purchasing the game? Or will you wait for the reviews to come in?


  1. I would get this for PS3, but it seems to be a tad violent. Currently I don’t get any games that have blood unless it’s E-10. Just a personal quirk I suppose, still it looks fun. I would recommend it to other gamers

    1. Thanks for sharing. I just read the article.


      His approach is very unique. But the end of the article is a little bit unrealistic, in my opinion.

      But, you know: we never know.

      1. Yea I dont think they will hit those numbers either, but he was on target with the Wii until Nintendo stopped supporting that system, so it will be interesting to see what happens.

  2. Another game that will not sell well in our sacred machine…

    But whatever, SM3DW will crush everything…

  3. Frame rate issues galore because it’s a port from a completely different system. You won’t see an improvement in 3rd party Wii U games until the PS4 and Xbone are here and devs start to use GPGPUs..

  4. I’m buying Batman for the 3DS, looks like the Castlevania game, which was amazing.

    I’m swamped on my 3DS. AC, Etrian Odyssey, Pokemon Y, Hakori memories… I boot my WiiU to watch the Miiverse art as a TV screensaver.

  5. I’ve got the Wii U version preordered, but if I hear anything (aside from the missing online mode) that turns me off like say no deathstroke, dlc or season pass (I’m sensing a possible case of false advertisement), I’ll head to my nearest EB games and cancel the preorder. I won’t get the ps3 version until the inevitable complete edition comes out.

    That said, I may just take my $49.99 and give it to Square Enix for my Deus Ex HR DC purchase instead.

  6. Whether or not I’m getting the Wii U version instead of PS3 depends entirely on whether the GamePad usage is good enough to make up for no trophy support.

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