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New Mystery Item In Zelda A Link Between Worlds Turns Out To Be A Sand Rod?



The above item has been discussed recently as some sort of mystery item in A Link Between Worlds, and now it has come to light that the item is actually a sand rod. Anyone who has played A Link To The Past knows that magical items like the fire rod and ice rod from that game were needed to advance through later levels. It seems that the sand rod has been added to these, although its exact function and back story remain shrouded in mystery. Lots of other new details about A Link Between Worlds have been revealed lately, such as the ability to upgrade items. A Link Between Worlds launches on November 22nd.


    1. do idiots that update this site know what spoilers are???ALERT ME ABOUT THAT SHIT, AND DON’T PUT A 4000 X 4000 PICTURE OF IT RIGHT ON THE FUCKING FIRST PAGE!

      1. You nailed it! I’m assuming this is a magically-charged replacement for the shovel.

  1. I’m hoping that, now that the items are less dungeon-focused, there will be more instances of them being used to uncover secrets in the overworld.
    That was one of Twilight Princess’s biggest flaws and it really hurt the replayability. Especially in regards to the Spinner.

  2. I think that the ability to upgrade items like in Skward Sword and now this game should be a staple in all new Legend of Zelda games. I also think they should bring back the ability to upgrade Link like in The Legend of Zelda II: Link’s Awakening.

  3. Announce the limited edition XL so I can pre-order it already. DO YOU WANT MY MONEY OR NOT NINTENDO?!?!?!?!?!

    1. Were we able to pre order the 25th zelda 3ds? I managed to pick one up on black friday at gamestop. I got lucky

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  5. Good news, I really want some kind of temple revolved around desert/sand. Also, those who keep replying with “first” or whatever, stop.

  6. I love magic in Zelda games. It’s usually very well implemented, except for that naryus love shield from oot. I played through that game like 3 times on n64 and never knew it was there at stone collosus until I got oot3ds. Seems kinda cheap to use now…

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        Comments here are to display my rationality

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  7. I’m getting sick of Nintendo promoting this game everyday. Dumbtendo should have did that with W101 and Pikmin 3. But they are too stupid.

    1. It’s business, this game has way higher potential to sell ALOT than the former 2 you mentioned. And Zelda isn’t niche title like Pikmin…

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