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Pokemon X Review


The latest Pokemon adventure, Pokemon X and Y, features a number of firsts for the series. One of the biggest additions is fairy type Pokemon, with Xerneas filling the role of the legendary Pokemon in Pokemon X, and a couple other great additions to the Trainer’s team, like Swirlix, rounding out the type. Their attributes help to balance out the other existing types, with their defense weaknesses being poison and steel, while they are immune to dragon and resistant to bug and dark. The new fairy types are a welcome addition to Pokemon X that add a distinct flare of majesty and fantasy to the kinds of Pokemon that can be collected, as some of the other types can frequently come across as mere animals.

Perhaps even more exciting than the new fairy type Pokemon is the introduction of Mega Evolutions. This is essentially an extra step of evolution that can be obtained through the acquisition of appropriate Mega Stones for certain types of Pokemon. Attempting to evolve a number of Pokemon to this stage is even more addicting than the task of collecting a wide variety of different Pokemon, as both the process of the evolution itself, as well as the resulting Pokemon, prove to be magical experiences and some of the most intriguing, satisfying visuals in the game.

And the graphics are another area where Pokemon X moves a step ahead of its predecessors, as the title is rendered in 3D polygons for the first time. Nowhere is this more apparent than when the Trainer is traversing Lumiose City, as the city’s treasure trove of beautiful sites and landmarks, including the Eiffel Tower, are all lovingly detailed, taking full advantage of the processing power of the 3DS. The near-disorienting scrolling effects in the city are almost reminiscent of old SNES titles like Super Mario Kart and Star Fox. In addition to the graphical content, a player’s experience in Pokemon X can be almost endlessly customized, as the Trainer’s entire appearance can be altered, and fun mini-games can be played like creating a commercial video featuring a Pokemon on the Trainer’s team.


While the game does feature the most up-to-date graphics in the series, its extremely rare use of the 3DS console’s 3D effect throughout the majority of the game was a significant disappointment. Many of the battles and a few other sequences are enhanced by Pokemon X’s minimal employment of the 3D, however, much is lost in places like the corridors leading into Lumiose City, where an added 3D effect would make the already rich content of the visuals truly striking.

But making up for the lack of 3D is the game’s music, which is altered in tandem with the action of the game in a way that perfectly captures the sometimes abrupt stylistic gameplay changes from RPG-style exploration to intense, eye-popping battle sequences. Speaking of the RPG elements, this is an area where Pokemon X’s developers may have been able to take greater risks. While the emphasis in a Pokemon game is, of course, collecting the various Pokemon and engaging in some thrilling battles, and the badge collecting that allows for command of higher level Pokemon makes for a decent objective, the narrative in the game can at times feel tacked on.

But ultimately the thin narrative and lack of 3D amount to minor complaints in a game that more than lives up to the Pokemon brand. The new features and overall design of Pokemon X advance the series in ways that will sustain the interest of old and new players alike.


78 thoughts on “Pokemon X Review”

  1. The game is everything I expected it to be. My only problem is that the EXP share mad everything too easy for me and now I want to restart the game and not use the EXP share… But I don’t know how to restart. I’ve not looked online how to do so yet, does anyone on here know how ?

      1. I might be trippin but the last time I checked the title screen there was no new game option, just continue and a couple of online options :S.

        I would check again, but my little bro us using my 3DS and its not with me atm.

        1. press up+b+x+L+R when the opening movie plays. also i think exp share has been very convenient especially for someone like me who dedicates more time on work and less time for gaming. you can turn off exp share if u like though. :)

  2. 8.5? that’s disgraceful for all the positive points you made in this review. it definitely deserves a 9.5-10 :S best pokemon game since gen 1 imo. the only thing it lacks is end game facilities.

      1. Extreme framerate drops ? All I saw was a few very minor framerate drops that didn’t affect anything, it’s not a reaction based game…. After a while you don’t even notice them like at all.

          1. Nothing like that for me :S . Most battles play at a steady framerate. Ocassionaly they do dip, but it’s a turnbased game…. it doesn’t affect anything.

    1. SherlockWillFightBilbo

      The tacked-on story takes a lot out of it. There’s also, as you said, is a lack of end-game activities.

      My other personal issues with it are lack of 3D; useless, flat characters; no Pokémon Bank; very few move tutors (only the standard fire/water/grass moves can be taught along with legendaries’ signature moves; the latter pointless as there’s no Pokémon Bank); few legendaries and the final one looks stupid and doesn’t fit in with the story; easy DLC cash grab incoming.

      1. The first two installments of a gen never have move tutors. One of the staples of the Pokemon gen system is the third game/remake games (so platinum, heartgold, soulsilver in gen 4) have move tutors and the first games don’t. They need stuff like that to make the third game worthwhile. It’s a business tactic and it works.

        1. And the third legendary will fit in with Z’s story, same as Giratina in Gen 4.

          few legendaries is a good thing. Wouldn’t have minded another legendary trio and ONE event poke, but that is it. I hate Gen 4 and 5’s 13 or so legendaries. Way too much, most are just distributions anyway, what does that add to the game? Many are banned from competitive battling, and are just boring and cheap to use in-game. I see no value in legendaries

          1. Just wait a second there, The game released two weeks ago and you want everything including events to be unlocked? Its Reality-Evaluation time!!!

            1. That’s not what I said in the slightest. I said there should be on distribution Poke instead of none, but three or four is too many.

        2. SherlockWillFightBilbo

          While true, that just means they’re purposely leaving out content that could go in the games so they can make more money later. Leaving out positive content that makes the experience less enjoyable warrants a few points off from me.

          It’s a smart business strategy, of course, but there’s no way this game could EVER get perfect scores when they do such things.

  3. The best games are still soulsilver/heartgold. When X/Y ends, we have very little extra to do. It also takes the lead as the easiest iteration yet. I enjoyed it, but was a wee disappointed that their focus was more on graphics/avatars than on gameplay/story.

    1. believe me, it’s only easy when you leave the exp-share on. I turned it off as soon as i got it, and now i’m at lvl 54 at the elite four. it really makes the difference.

      1. After the 5th gym, I bred an entirely new team. I was slightly below the Elite Four’s level, yet didn’t need to stock up on any revives or items as I just whipped past each one. They don’t even ramp up (or go up to six Pokemon for that matter) if you revisit them, which was saddening. Sorry, but they took it easy on us this time around. I’d still recommend that Pokefans pick it up anyway.

    2. It was a necessary step, I guess. Gen 6 (or perhaps remakes of Gen 3) will have the aesthetic improvements, new mechanics, AND the substance

          1. Sarcasm haha okay. It doesn’t appeal to me. I’m a Nintendo gamer because of 3D Mario, Metroid, Starfox, F-FUCKING ZERO!!!! and Zelda. Not because of a game an average 10-14 year old plays.

            1. This comment is amazing. Why can’t most Nintendo fans be like you, if they were Nintendo would make so much better games.

            2. Hey it’s ok if you don’t like it I’m just messing with you. The people that bother are the ones that come in here saying “Pokemon is shit anybody who plays this is a fucking idiot and is a baby blah blah blah” u know that kind of thing.

            3. *Facepalm* Yeah because Mario is so mature… right? RIGHT?
              Besides that, why do you even come here just to say you dislike Pokémon? Like, seriously, what is wrong with you? I you don’t like it, ignore it. Simple and easy.

              And ok, I didn’t knew “kiddie” games such as Pokémon weren’t fun at all, this game and many others from the main series have quality and they’re one of the best RPGs out there.

              Pls, at least use common sense.

                1. Thanks… You, Nick and Nintendofan64 are one of the few people on this site that don’t get butthurt when people disagree with you.

                  1. I’m not butthurt, I don’t care about your (wrong)opinion. but at least use better arguments/smarter opinions than: “lelz pokeymans is gay lolol” if you’re going to criticize something, ok? :)

              1. Mario is mature, Yes it may be cartoonish but it’s truly a game for all ages. Mario has 3 times as much action as any pokemon game. Some Nintendo fans remind me of Bronies, you play a game ment for younger audiences. Look at the other N-fans above, if there were more like them, Nintendo would make more mature games and better games in general. I do admit I shouldn’t of posted something negative on here, sorry.

                1. Ok so you’re basically comparing a Platformer with an RPG, cool. Man, what is wrong with this type of games? Seriously? Does it need to kill people/have realistic graphics/be bloody to be mature? No, heck no. Actually, the average age of people who play Pokémon are in college. This game is ten times more original than any other RPG and IMO most of newer “IPs” in general.
                  Nintendo is fine as it is and if they change this type of games me and many millions of people would be dissapointed.

                  1. But you are the one who brought up Mario :/ how is Nintendo fine when alot of gamers think Nintendo=Kiddy? I think if Nintendo released more “hardcore” T-M games for their systems Nintendo would be in a better position and not a “kiddy company” Many PS and xboxers look at Nintendo and pokemon and say “Wow what babies”

  4. A and Y end game, catch the 700+ pokemon, they brought back the slogan gotta catch em all for a reason, the also usually leave the big after game for the 3rd version or sequels

    1. It’s fine that the post game was close to nothing, but that should have meant that the main story and adventure should have been that much tighter. Even if we ignored the story, the elite four decided to leave some Pokemon in their PCs. I mean really… we only have to KO four each? Without spoilers, I had a glimmer of hope there when we got to take on that last surprise challenger. But alas, that person was even more of a cake-walk than the strongest of Kalos.

  5. This game was worst than DP, and I like how the article makes Mega “Evolution” out to be something permanent. The villans & their objective are a joke. And this game features the least amount of new Pokemon yet. 8.5’s too overrated for this game.

    1. Unless it’s because of my whole life being messed up right now, I just can’t get interested in this game. I don’t feel the least bit impressed or excited about it.

      1. I wouldn’t say that’s the case as going through rough times’s usually when you most get into video games as a means to escape. This game’s just lame when compared to previous gens aside from the character customization & its attempt at 3D.

  6. As a competitive player I find X and Y to be very refreshing. It’s really mixing up the y people play. Its nice to see that people are less predictable than they have been the previous generations. It’s also nice how much simpler they made the task of making a perfect pokemon. It’s not nearly as luck based as it used to be. Story never mattered to me in Pokemon, so i’m OK without it.

  7. GTS is ass and in line with the review, a few things mentioned were mediocre. otherwise a really interesting rpg and a great sequel to the pokemon series

  8. i will admit that these are on the short side and almost 70 new pokemon (not including mega evolutions). it would seem that i will have to hold of on catching till the poke bank/transfer comes to the usa, till then i will have to catch a ditto and do some breeding. great game though (i have y but i may as well get x too).

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