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Nintendo Has Lost More Than 80 Percent Of Its Market Value, Banks On Holiday Season


News publication Bloomberg says that Nintendo has lost more than eighty percent of its market value since shares reached a high of 72,100 yen after the introduction of the original Wii in November 2007. Thankfully, the Nintendo 3DS is performing well in Japan with sales of 749,398 units in September. The PlayStation Vita only managed 34,695 units in the same period. The publication has gathered a number of respected analysts together to discuss the fate of the company. You can read some of their thoughts, below.

“If Nintendo’s software does not sell well in the second half, then it could lead to a management capability issue,” said Hideki Yasuda, a Tokyo-based analyst at Ace Research Institute. “The company will have a hard time in this year-end shopping season.”

“Nintendo struggled to create titles that can fully tell users the uniqueness of the tablet controller,” said Eiji Maeda, an analyst at SMBC Nikko Securities Inc. in Tokyo. “Nintendo hasn’t been able to come up with any notable innovations in the past years that can match the success of its Wii.”

“It would have been better to simply cut the price of the 3DS than introduce the 2DS, which didn’t even create any buzz,” SMBC Nikko’s Maeda said.


157 thoughts on “Nintendo Has Lost More Than 80 Percent Of Its Market Value, Banks On Holiday Season”

    1. The problem is marketing. No one understands what the Wii U is, no on knows what games are out there and coming up. They need to name things better and get themselves known. They’re also not listening to the consumer properly. Not giving us the games we want, by and large.

      1. Everyone knows the Wii, so they just added a U at the end so that people with very little intellect won’t have to remember a very hard name. They made the name very simple, how can people still not know what it is.

        1. That’s just it though, it sounds like a Wii add on. It’d be very easy to see an ad for it and come away thinking it’s a new controller for your Wii that costs hundreds of dollars.

          1. Yet, the console doesn’t look like the Wii. I can see how they would think it’s an add on, but people gotta do their research. You just don’t go to a 3rd world country without doing research on their culture, diseases, etc.

            1. hellooo what world are u living in? u really think the average working class has time to reaserch video games for kids and losers? why u think mobiles sell the most on average especially in japan where theres the least amount of basement dwellars?

      2. I don’t even think it is marketing anymore. Nintendo is just not making anything that is a huge system seller. They need to release Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros ASAP! Wonderful 101 would never push units, Rayman Legends clearly wouldn’t have pushed units, Sonic Lost World didn’t push any units, even Wind Waker failed to push any units in Japan (though it did fairly well in every other country).

        Where is Bayonetta? Where is HD Pokemon? Where is Donkey Kong, Metroid and Star Fox? Zelda? The only major Nintendo brand released on Wii U is Mario and even he can’t sell a system on his own. The fact is there is still no “Big Game” that makes people think “I MUST own a Wii U.” They haven’t shown any gameplay of Fire Emblem x Shin Megami and what happened to X? Why is Nintendo waiting until 2014 to bust out their big guns?

        1. Yeah I’ll take that point. I still think marketing is an issue, but the combination of lack of third party support AND lack of first party support is a pretty bad set up

        2. Just noticed that. Mario is the only big title that comes out to end this year. And no not no stupid wii u party trash is gonna sell a system. The rest is 2014. Donkey kong should have been this year too. “They’re not finished with the game” that’s bull because it’s 6 worlds….. Smaller than donkey kong country returns. What do they need to fix.

        3. How do you know Lost World didn’t move any systems? The game came out 2 days ago. You then say Zelda didn’t sell well in Japan, but then ask where is Zelda (Zelda historically never sells well in Japan and neither does Metroid). Despite the Wii U’s sales increasing 200% in the US and 685% in the UK after Nintendo releasing Zelda, you are still asking where that “Big Game” is.

          I’m sorry… I fell for the troll bait. Completely disregard all of this.

      3. Yup and the lack of support. Where I work there are like only 15 or 17 games for the wii U. They don’t have deus ex, no AC4. They have AC4 on display for 360/ps3 next to batman arkham origins for 360/ps3 and wii u which has a small copy base than the other two. It saddens me really. I don’t even think I saw sonic lost world yet either.

  1. To put it into perspective, Sony stock has dropped 68% since the PS3 launched, Microsoft stock has been all over the place but took a big dive a few years after the 360 launched but has sinced recovered.

  2. Agree with LuigiFan – the 2DS makes no sense at all. I think the WiiU price cut was a bigger deal but every Sunday, the ads in the paper just promote the 2DS. It doesn’t even fold? Been wanting a WiiU but it’s still too pricey for me. Keep cutting WiiU price and make it back on software.

    1. I think it’s a great idea. I don’t like the 2DS but it was smart. It doesn’t fold to keep cost low. In other words. The did every thing possible to keep production costs low. That’s why it’s sold so cheap.

    2. 2ds is cheap and durable made for kids ages 4-10 with no 3d made to take damage hence why it dosen’t fold and its one solid peice and it play ds as well as 3ds it only $129.00 which is a great buy for any kid on christmas so if you dont get it yet, is probably cause you dont have kids or you are one.

      1. Really? Is that why they also removed the 2nd speaker BC they were afraid that 2 would rupture the poor innocent children’s eardrums?


        Seriously, *this* is how Obama got elected – retards & idiots.

    3. I don’t hate the 2DS, it’s just I want that design on the 3DS plus the 3D. I would buy the 2DS any day of the week.

  3. Meh, expected.

    When it comes to the stock market, all they care about it sales. Thing is the Wii set them up for a fall, it was this new mind blowing thing, and everyone needed it, it wasn’t even about the quality of the games, when it came to the public, it was about “i move the arm, and shit happens, my feeble mind can’t handle it, i must buy it”. That’s it.
    It’s the whole reason Kinect was succesful too. Stupid people are like jingling keys in front of a baby. So naturally everyone was like “FUCKING INVEST, DOLLAR DOLLAR!”.

    So when it comes to the WiiU, who fucking cares if some guy who’s just throwing money at shit, to sell it, to get more money doesn’t find the WiiU profitable.

  4. I don’t see why they would cut the 3ds price when its already the best selling system. It’s altready proved that people will buy the system just for mh4 and pokemon so no need for a price cut there. As for the Wiiu, I don’t think mario is going to be that system seller Nintendo was hoping for. All hope is lost for the WiiU =(

    1. Pretty much this^ Mario will sell ok or “good” at best but it won’t be like what 3D land did for 3ds. They should have went with a different style not rehash the 3D land style but oh well. Its going to bite them in the ass and im going to laugh so hard when it does

      1. Defiantly not smash bros since they are so smart and want to put it on BOTH the 3ds and Wii U. with the same characters. You can’t fail harder than that

        1. I have to agree. It’s such a fail since the 3DS version is holding back the Wii U version. I don’t even think that the gamepad will be necessary for the game, it might even be a distraction. It’s like they want the Wii U to fail.

          1. Exactly, i might get alot of hate for this… but i think Nintendo should stick to Handhelds only. I love Nintendo i really do but i think they should go third party in the CONSOLE WARS, not handheld.

              1. Uhm, don’t underestimate smash bros, it’s alot stronger than Mario and probably MK, i know for a fact that it will save Wii U, i promise you. I know two people who are buying one just for Smash, including myself. I just wrote that comment because i want that to happen.

                  1. Why don’t you have high hopes for U? Remember the Xbox and PS3 sales in there first year? This must be your first console launch, Your probably a 15-17 year old who just got into gaming a few years ago.

                    1. Ah, It’s no problem :) I guess I should stop with the negative Wii U comments anyway ( I wonder how long that’s going to last).

                    2. I don’t blame you, It’s kinda hard not to say something negative about wii u when all the news is basically negative.

            1. A top comment on youtube was saying this, That Nintendo should only make handhelds and create games for Playstation, doesn’t sound like a bad idea actually, Nintendo making Handhelds and Sony making Consoles, sounds rather nice.

                    1. I’m 100% certain. It can’t fail. It may not be enough to beat PS4 but will be enough to stop it from failing. BTW, PS3’s launch was worst than Wii U in it’s first year.. but then again, it was 599$

                    2. I agree, no Nintendo fan can resist with SSB, but Mario Kart kinda seems like it’s running on fumes with the zero gravity and all. If you ask me, that’s too high tech for the Mario franchise.
                      Who builds their vehicles anyway?

              1. I agree French fries. Its just better off that way like imagine Zelda with ps4 graphics ???? Damn the game would be endless and just amazing.

                  1. Yup it would blow m$ into the ocean. The possibilities would be endless and online will be featured way more in there games

                    1. No facts just no because look at the Wii U, its a NINTENDO console with NINTENDO games and right now it’s the shittiest console out and and no where near the ultimate console

              2. At least you’re one of the few people on this site with a brain. The 3ds version holds the Wii U version back TREMENDOUSLY. The Wii U gets less characters just because the 3ds has to be limited with the character selection ? That’s completely unfair and they want to grap that “same experience” but that won’t work either since both damn systems are completely different in terms of hardware and what they bring to the table The Wii U version can be the ultimate smash game ever but now it won’tt be just because the 3ds version is going to be the same thing and is limited where the Wii U wouldn’t have nearly as much limits as the 3ds version.

                Clap it up for Nintendo’s biggest fail ever

                1. Don’t see how the 3DS holds the Wii U version back. They may have the same characters, but they are still a lot different. For example, did you even think about the fact that playing with friends will be a lot more difficult to do on the 3DS because everyone who is playing needs a 3DS and a copy of the game? On the Wii U version it would be a lot easier because it will all take place on one television screen, not to mention the possibility of 5 players on the wii u thanks to the gamepad. This is really important because smash bros has always been more fun to play with friends, the more friends you play with, the more fun the game is. Though it is really not important, but graphically the wii u will be a lot better than the ads version. Also the gameplay will be a lot easier and more comfortable on the wii u because it will be what people are used to at this point in the series. I don’t know the reason for the multi platform release, but one thing is clear, the games are a lot different.

                  1. Every 3ds owner (well most of them) are going to have the game and if there is online play, playing with people won’t be a problem in any way. Lastly people play smash bros for the vs mode so if both character rosters are the same and the game has the same fighting mechanics there isn’t a real difference the 3ds version will just be a portable version of the Wii U version making people think “its the same thing so I mine as well get the 3ds version” its cheaper and portable. $40 for the same experience as a $60 game and because of that the Wii U version will suffer and won’t do as well as it should

                    1. I own both systems and I can tell you for one thing I would never own the handheld before owning the console, and so many other owners of both systems probably think the same way. Most smash fans want it on a console, the portability is a luxury. I may get both down the line, but the Wii U is the only real Day 1 purchase for me. I understand the fear of the 3DS holding back the Wii U version in terms of what the game can handle though and how much content and such is included. I guess we will see.

            2. I thing however that they could delay the 3DS version like 2 or 3 months in orden to force people who want it immediately to buy the wii u version. That would be the kind of strategy that would work with super smash as both versions are essentially the same. For me though, I’m going to buy both versions. I have ALWAYS wanted a super smash bros on the go but I know I’d miss a console version. So I will buy both. I just hope the game is at least twice as big as brawl in BOTH versions. I loved the soundtrack, the roaster, the stages, etc. it would be a shame if the new game doesn’t have the same size. And with the announcement of the lack of a subspace emissary esque story mode and the short time sakurai have had to develop the game, I feel that the game is being rushed because the Wii U (not the 3DS) needs it.

          2. No one game is it going to bring it back from the brink. They need a well thought out plan involving launches that catch multiple demographics. Any major Mario game will certainly draw a decent amount of people, but they need the generic first person shooters, and strong multiplayer games, etc etc. It’ll take a plethora of the right kinds of games launched systematically over 6 months to start to turn it around.

      2. Lol even they know

        Nintendo = no innovation

        Seriously they should have switched the gimmick pad for a newer model of the Wii remote like more advanced motion controls. Also they shouldn’t have given 3ds so many good 1st party Nintendo games because that leaves Wii U with nothing.

        1. Ok, do you even know what innovation even means? It means introducing something new to something that was already established. Tell me, who was the first company to implement motion controls into the video gaming industry? Who was the first company to create portable gaming? Who is the first company to introduce gaming with multiple screens? Who is the first company to think of the fact that multiple people may want to use the television for different reasons, and decided to create a way to play games on home consoles without needing to use the television? If you think i am acting like a complete douche saying this, i sincerely apologize, but i just had to say this.

          1. Lol all of that means nothing man because I know Nintendo has innovated in the past (Wii and all systems BEFORE) but they lost they’re touch with it now. I just think The gamepad was a bad idea that’s all. Most people I know find it as a gimmick and only fanboys that feel obligated to love everything Nintendo gives them believe that it’s not and its needed. (kinda like the 3D aspect of the 3ds)

            1. I agree that the Gamepad was a bit of a strange idea, but in a way it works. It provides new and more interesting types of gameplay that were never possible due to the lack of a second screen, i love the gamepad because of this, and i can say that i am in no way a nintendo fanboy, in fact i love the Xbox 360 and PS3, and i am sure that the PS4 will be great too, Xbox one… we will see.

              1. Yea my main thing is that the gamepad is FORCED with the system so im paying $100 more for something I do not want which is a no go for me

                1. True it is forced with the system, but isn’t Xbox one doing the same thing with Kinect? at least the gamepad is enjoyable and not broken, i mean, we haven’t seen the Xbox one’s kinect yet, so we do not know how well it works, it could work really well for all we know. Question is, do you think the Xbox one gets a free pass from this even though it is going to cost $200 more than the wii u?

                  1. Hail no I hate the connect more than the gamepad. The Kinect is the definition of gimmick and is making the XO not appealing and also $500 all a damn system needs is a controller and games not extra bs. Wii U would have been fine without the gamepad along with the XO being fine without the Kinect

                    1. Really sorry, but i don’t see how the Wii U without the gamepad would be better without the gamepad. Without the gamepad, the Wii U would just be the Wii with better graphics! It rather as well be called the Wii 2. Nintendo has become as successful as it has been not by producing the same thing over and over again with slight improvements each time. Nintendo changes things with each release which prevents their titles from becoming stale and feel re used. There are very few instances where they released multiple games in a series or systems (N64 to gamecube) that did not change anything.

                      1. Its ok for you to feel that way but sales speak for itself that the gamepad isn’t needed and isn’t helping the wii U in any way

                        1. You can’t just sum up lack of sales due to the controller… Based on what evidence?

                          Classic internet opinions without the facts.

                        2. I’m going to say lack of more intruiging games’s most responsible for Wii U’s poor sales as demonstrated by sales boost after the release of WWHD.

                        3. The main problem is the Wii U, like Adam said, doesn’t have any games which people have heard of and really want to play. The Wii had Wii Sports, the Xbox 360 had Halo, the 3DS had Mario Kart… what does the Wii U have?

              2. Where are those new and more interesting types of gameplay then? Because I’m not really seeing any on just about any Wii U game, it’s mainly NSMB rehash, 3D Land rehash, DKCR rehash, and Mario Kart rehash. Not saying that the Gamepad is a bad idea, but when it comes to innovative gameplay, Nintendo isn’t putting their money where their mouth is.

            2. So they should’ve innovated by slightly enhancing the Wii? Pffft. Your whole argument is an oxymoron. They did innovate. What you’re suggesting is the antithesis of innovation.

              1. What ? innovation would have been a better Wii remote, HD (which they did) more online 1st parties more 1st parties overall like star fox metroid f-zero. If they did that Wii U would be in a much much much better spot right now instead of focusing on a gimmick pad focus on you’re 1st parties and how you can innovate with them (bring brand new ideas never before seen to the table)

                1. Whether or not you like the gamepad, it is still innovative by definition. A better Wii Remote would not be innovative, just an enhancement. HD wouldn’t be innovative cause it’s already been used for a whole generation. As stated, whether you like the innovations of the gamepad, whether or not they are even useful, or not, by DEFINITION, it is innovative, and your examples are not actual innovations.

            3. @you thought

              Your a piece a shit and cancer to all gamers around the world… You just need to shut your fucking mouth and stop telling people what they want and what they need… you aren’t god… your not Nintendo and your sure as hell not a gamer. Take your bullshit opinion’s that you keep trying to pass off as “facts” and shove them up your ass… sick of seeing you comment on this site.

      3. In MNN:
        20 minutes ago: “The StreetPass Mii Plaza DLC Has Made 1.1 Billion Yen In Sales, 75% Of Sales From Japan”
        5 minutes ago: “Nintendo Has Lost More Than 80 Percent Of Its Market Value, Banks On Holiday Season”
        Don’t get it….Honestly.

        1. Paid for opinions from analysts for hire… It’s basically My Nintendo News trolling it’s readers but they’ll proclaim “we’re just passing on the news”. Rather than utilising some real journalism and getting to the bottom of these conflicting news reports, they copy and paste to oblivion.

      4. Here in the US it really just seems to be a matter of marketing. I watch a fair amount of prime time TV and have yet to spot ONE Nintendo ad. This was not the case back in the intro days of the Wii. Consumer awareness coupled with a lack of blockbuster titles makes a really tough sell. Even the Nintendo diehards have many in their ranks holding out for a Wii U Zelda or Smash Bros. entry. The pathetic Virtual Console offerings don’t do much, either. The ad campaign, or lack thereof, is killing it.

      5. if they’re banking on that mario 3d world crap, good luck to them. they’re going to need it. they should have thought really hard about a true wii successor and not try to ride off the wii’s limited years of success.

      6. nintendo is in trouble the 3ds is keeping nintendo afloat if nintendo dont sell enough units this christmas it could spell the end of the wii-u era which means no more home console only portable gaming for nintendo and it will be a sad sad day if nintendo ever left the gaming world

        1. I don’t know why everyone gives Nintendo a time limit when other company’s took 4 years to just barely fix their consoles.

          1. People are sort of biased with regard to Nintendo. All the mistakes Nintendo has been doing lately also don’t help to build a strong and solid image for the company, though. But the anti-Nintendo propaganda is making me sick.

            1. I agree that Nintendo should start doing more to get wiiu rolling but it should also be done with care and not be rushed, wich is what I see people forcing Nintendo to do. If Nintendo try and invest to much money in a investment plan and it dosnt work they can’t fix it with another if investor are not happy.

      7. Nintendo will be fiiiiiiiiiiiine, don’t worry. The time to worry is if they’re handhelds start doing crappy (knock on wood).

      8. This really isn’t good. 3D World looks like a great game, but I’m not sure if it’s a system saver.

        And I agree. Nintendo is screwing themselves with how they’re handling Smash Bros. People aren’t going to have much incentive to buy the higher-priced Wii U version if the 3DS version has the exact same amount of characters.

        1. I’m still surprised that Nintendo would allow the 3DS Smash to hold back the Wii U version like this.

          Not only that, but series like Fire Emblem, Kirby, and Pokemon are all beginning to deliver on 3DS and neither have a Wii U game so far.

        1. Indeed. That’s the Wii U’s exact problem, lack of interesting and innovative games. When the games start using the Gamepad in interesting ways, sales will start to pick up.

      9. “It would have been better to simply cut the price of the 3DS than introduce the 2DS, which didn’t even create any buzz,” That doesn’t make sense, the 2ds is less expensive to produce, slashing the price of the 3ds would only mean less profit from each console.

      10. The problem with Nintendo is that they don’t adapt very well to changes. The Smash Bros in 3DS is also a big fail. What the hell Nintendo. Wii U won’t probably sell greater than 20M but I will still be getting it next year. There are at least 10 good titles for this console that I want to play after its life cycle ends.

        1. The Wii U will sell far more than 20 million. I can’t see it selling more than 50 million but 20 million way too low of a number.

      11. Every company lost most of it’s market after the recession hit. In 2000 Sony’s market share was 100 billion. Then AFTER the success of the PS2 it went down to less than 50 billion at the launch of the PS3. In September of last year it was down as far as 9.77 billion. Now it is back up to 17 billion. So big deal. Market caps are going fluctuate.

        Market share and actual cash on hand are two different things. Nintendo has 18 billion CASH in the bank. In addition to that their market cap is been steady around 14-15 billion for the past 2 years so it’s not like it’s moving all lot. Par for the course, nothing to see here. Move along.

        1. Why aren’t we seeing more intelligent articles that use this sort of information? Fuck! This is supposed to be a Nintendo news site, but all I’m reading is how I fucked up buying a Wii u as it’s doomed doomed doomed!!

          what the hell is wrong with the writers here? Why not write a fucking awesome article that sheds real light on sales figures and where nintendo are, because at the moment all I see are wild and frankly idiotic opinions flying around.

          My opinion? Nintendo needs to work on their marketing. I have seen plenty of Animal crossing ads on TV (UK) as well as pokemon and other 3DS adverts, but no Wii U. Just a bit more marketing and all will be well.

          1. Straight facts don’t get the views. As Eric Bischoff says in the likewise entitled book, “Controversy Creates Cash.”

            Negative news about any company gets all the hits. Positive news or just news that is par for the course but factual gets swept under the rug. I don’t know what this moron quoted in this article is talking about. The 2DS is selling out everywhere. I have friends whom are GameStop managers and they can’t keep them in stock. It’s gonna get even worse on and after Black Friday. The 3DS isn’t just doing “well” it’s ripping sales records to shreds and it’s not even trying. Best-selling console worldwide and fastest-selling console ever. Where was that in this article?

            Oh and it doesn’t have a lot of 3rd party support either and is marketed only somewhat better than the Wii U.

            The Wii U sold 3.06 million worldwide in just 45 days last holiday season.
            This with a parade of year-old, watered-down, retread mulitplats, no real online, no killer-app, and with minimal advertising. You barely heard a peep about that. But when it only sold 55,000 in the US (because apparently there are no other countries in the world so only US numbers matter *rollseyes*) it was the top story on EVERY gaming news site and even some non-gaming sites.

            This holiday the Wii U has Pikmin 3, Wonderful 101, Sonic Lost World, Mario and Sonic Olympics, Super Mario 3D World, Wii Fit U, Wii Party U, Wii Sports U, and Windwaker HD. Parents are going to buy the bejabbers out of these games for their kids for Christmas. And it’s got a couple of nice multiplats such as Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag, Batman Arkham Origins, and COD: Black Ops 2. I don’t know how much the Wii U will sell this **HOLIDAY SEASON** but I can make three guarantees.

            1. It will sell more than the XBOX One and PS4(possibly combined.)

            2. It will sell more this year than it did last year.

            3. The numbers will be COMPLETELY ignored by the media unless the Wii U does badly somehow. Then it’ll be on the front page of every newspaper in America and lead off the 11:00 news.

            That is how it works unfortunately. Nintendo does a lot of stupid things and I’m not afraid tit call them out on the carpet for them when necessary, but I will always defend the truth no matter what company it is. Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo. You just have to ignore the negativity.

        2. Agreed. And it’s worth adding that while Ninty has money in the bank, Sony is selling off buildings to stay afloat. They’re in big trouble as a company, the losses over the last few years have been massive, and I think it’s just insane that so many people are going on about how great Sony is doing and saying that the Nintendo is failing, when it’s the opposite.

      12. I don’t think the 2DS is a big issue…at all. I don’t even think Nintendo planned on it being a HUGE deal anyways. It is just Nintendo coming up with more versions of the same product to appeal to another audience and why not make a little money along the way. The issue is the lack of a killer app on the Wii U.

        If both Wii U and 3DS were selling well, then Nintendo would be in tip top shape.

      13. The 2DS is a fine piece of art PERIOD • I think the problem are the ignorant people that can’t get the most simplist of names remembered.

        People who have Nintendo products should show their friends and show Nintendo that their fans will help them out, for the sake of keeping Nintendo alive.

        1. Hey, you know what? *Those* idiots that can’t get the simpilest of names remembered are exactly the ones Nintendo are trying to attract (ca$ual gamers).

        2. Given the fact Iwata had to explain differences between DS&3DS BC some consumers also thought 3DS was an upgrade, & 3DS released about 1year&8months ahead of WiiU, Iwata still went with the name *Wii U*, I gotta question who the bigger idiots really are.

        3. It’s in their best interest to sale, not mine. There’s no reason I should go around advertising their products for free like a damn worthless tool.

      14. I guess people forget that Sony and Microsoft is consistantly less profitable than Nintendo…AND that Nintendo is sitting on piles upon piles of cash.

        Even if the Wii U was a flop in the end, Nintendo could ride it out comfortably.

        I think once all these Wii U games we’ve been waiting on start coming out one after the other, thevWii U will be a repeat of 3DS.

      15. Yo guys this is pretty random… but Swapnotes is officially dead. I’m not joking go check your 3DS, Nintendo is discontinuing the Spot Pass service apparently.
        I’m so angry right now!!!!

          1. My bad… Ignore what I just said….

            Shut down due to kids sending inappropriate material.

            At least we hope it was kids sending pictures of their junk and not pedos.

      16. No system will every replicate the sales of the Wii. Just wont happen. Nintendo could keep make a single $1 at the end of the 8th gen. Boo hoo no big deal.

      17. Everybody keeps saying that when the ps4 and xbox1 releases the wiiu is gonna be doomed cause it has to compete with the other next gen systems. Thats bull. Nintendo hasn’t been competing directly agains sony or ms for the last 7 years. This holiday wiiu’s biggest treat is nintendo themselves and the 3ds. The wiiu has to compete with its little brother who is much more affordable, has a better library and clearly the favotite son. Almost every wiiu title that could be a system seller has some sort of cheaper counterpart on the 3ds. Mario 3dworld/3d land. Wind waker/ocarina of time. Mario K8/MK7. Donkey kong TF/DKC returns. Monster hunter3/mh3. Resident evil R/resident evil R. Super smash/super smash. Yarn yoshi/yoshis island. Mariobros u/mario bros2. Sonic lost world/sonic lost world. Scribblenauts/scribblenauts.
        I mean its ridiculous!!!! They should make software that you can only get on WIIU! Pikmin3 and W101 was a great start, they have to keep it up and take advantage of the eshop already! We get it making games in hd is expensive and takes up a lot of time, give us great eshop titles to tide us over. Give us fzerogx, star fox adv and mario sunshine! There are dozens of amazing gamecube titles that a lot of people missed cause they didn’t own the system. Let them experience it through the eshop, those games look great even by today standards so not all of them need to get an hd treatment ala wind waker… sorry to rant but nintendo’s problems are not that difficult to fix. Market the damn thing, promote the great games it already has, use the shop (can’t stress this enough) and for the love of the NES stop pitting it against the 3ds! This is exactly the problem the vita has, who is gonna buy it when you can already get those games on a ps3 which you already own? Sorry for the long post xD

        1. I totally agree with this. Plus when the other consoles come out the wiiu is gonna b the cheapest next gen hardware, with a better marketing this holiday they can really turn things around! And ur right about the eshop, it might not make people buy the wiiu but with good and constant releases they can keep the user base happy until the other games come out.

      18. From the article:
        “Nintendo cut the U.S. price for its flagship machine last month as President Satoru Iwata tries to lure consumers who prefer playing games on tablet computers and smartphones including Apple Inc.’s iPhone.”

        Bloomberg is just getting on board the Nintendo hate train, joining the ranks of Wired, GamesIndustry and a few other blog/news sites that all are being paid major advertising $$$ to trash Nintendo to try and influence consumers into believing the company is in trouble. And why is this? Because the other major players don’t have a Mario, they don’t have a Zelda, Mario Kart, Metroid, Kirby, or Pokemon. Apple, Sony, MS, Google, all want Nintendo to stop making hardware and start making games for their platforms because they can’t come up with anything even 1% as good as Ninty’s first party franchises. This is why you see the endless stream of Nintendo doom articles despite the fact that they’re more financially stable than their competition and they make more money (aside from Apple, of course).

        Look at Sony – they’re the ones who are finished. Look at Google – like 80+ percent of their income is from advertising, and their overall profit margins aren’t that great. Microsoft has been throwing themselves under the bus, their mobile division is a disaster, everybody hates Win8, they do have a major portfolio of stuff like Skype and their server OS’ are quite popular, but with the coming XBone being $100 and $200 more than the PS4 and WiiU because of that stupid Kinect thing, they’ve shot themselves in the foot.

        Nintendo is the biggest competition to all these companies (excluding Apple, of course). That’s why you see so much hate for them now, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the trolls in comment sections on sites like this one are “paid trolls” which do exist, believe it or not, as they are used to influence consumers on what they think of certain products, political agenda’s, etc….

      19. wii plaza dlc has sold over 1 billion yen wuuu = 15 comments
        nintendo has lost 80% of its market share = 100+ comments..

        gotta keep those trolls feeded

      20. The DSi still sells, and its price is $99 US. They should have either dropped the price on the normal 3DS, or gave the DSi a slight upgrade so that it could play 3DS games without 3D.

        While I respect them trying to give parents a cheaper alternative that is better for their kids eyes, they still did some bone headed moves on the 2DS system.

        Aside from the atrocious sound, they went and had a new screen made that is mostly hidden and a waste of time and materials. They should have just used the touch screens they have for the 3DS and give it a normal LCD screen. Price wise, what is more costly: Developing and Manufacturing a larger touch LCD screen and then shipping it to the assembly line, or driving a fork lift into the 3DS touch screen warehouse and putting them on the assembly line since those are already made and use far less materials. The material it takes to make one 2DS touch LCD screen would make 2.2~ normal sized 3DS touch screens.

        If the 2DS was a tablet, that would be a different story, and the touch screen needed, but in its current configuration it is just wasted space and material. Its bad enough it costs $65 + tax and S&H for a replacement screen if the 2DS screen breaks.

        At least its more comfortable to some people, but I still see 75% of the 2DS as a poor move in a already hectic time in the company’s sales. It might survive a kid dropping it, but will Nintendo be able to survive any more drops in sales?

      21. The endless growth demanded from capitalism is the only problem here. A company with decades of success may be suddenly summarized by a quarter of loss.

      22. It’s weird how things are going so bad for Nintendo (as far as the Wii U is concerned). Right at the same time when I myself am struggling with the question “am I really a gamer anymore”? It’s like, right when my interest in playing games is at an all-time low, that’s when things go bad for Nintendo. Like, if Nintendo ever left the hardware business, it wouldn’t bother me as much as it once would have. Because everything I love (or have loved) has came to an end (or is still COMING to an end). For me, it really does feel like the end of the world. For my gaming AND personal life. Sad times.

        1. Maybe you’ve exhausted your passion for playing video games & need to give yourself some time away from it. Too much of a good can become bad. Either that or you’ve finally hit puberty, LOL!

      23. My question is why does Nintendo have to innovate to match the success of the Wii? That was a one hit wonder. It ain’t happening like that again.

      24. To all the people saying Nintendo should go handheld only and start putting their games on the Playstation, it’s never going to happen so just get over it.

      25. maybe the wii u would sell if they had all there first party games on realease date……. why cant they understand that !!!!!

      26. Wouldn’t really bother me if nintendo left hardware business. Nintendo makes shitty hardware, but good games. They know Wii U is shit, outdated console with a.. 8 to 32gb(lol). but they will try to make great games to drive the sales of that crap.
        As a consumer I honestly want good piece of hardware, strong, durable and promising for some future, and good games.
        I come to respect sony more and more. If you put ps vita on a table and 3ds next to it, one looks like piece of hardware, one looks like a cheap toy for kids made in cheap chinese toy factory(3ds). In the end its all about the MONEYS, but sony doesnt care that much about moneys it seems when it comes playstation, they care more about value and certain principles what they can give to gamers. THey were even selling ps3 for 600$ with like 200$ loss each unit back in the day, while nintendo some shitty crap for 250$ and making 30$ profit from each unit sold lol.
        Though dont get me wrong, i wont both wii u and 3ds, and ps vita and will own a ps4. but sometimes i dont get why i own nintendo consoles. for the games obviously..for good games you are gonna suffer all the way through shitty hardware.

      27. Smash Bros. U is looking less and less appetizing since it is being scaled down to meet the needs of the 3DS version. Bad move!

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