Capcom Offering Promotional Pin With Purchase Of Ducktales Remastered At Target



Ducktales Remastered, which has only been available until now as an eShop title, will be hitting the Wii U in physical form on November 12th, in addition to arriving on PS3 and Xbox 360. To commemorate the release, Capcom is offering an exclusive Scrooge McDuck pin to Wii U owners who pick up the game at Target. The new remastered version of the classic game contains updated graphics and a healthy amount of new content. Capcom has stated that the continued release of remastered games will depend on the level of success attained by Ducktales. Will you be purchasing a physical copy of the game? Let us know in the comments.


    1. That’s no good to us Europeans and wow a pin. Must buy now. Not. Fix the bugs and bring this game to Europe.

  1. Oh a pin! THANKYOU CAPCOM I WASNT SURE ABOUT WHAT VERSION TO PICK BUT NOW THAT YOU OFFER ME A EXCLUSIVE PIN I CANT LIVE WITHOUT THE WII U ONE ;) FUCKERS nintendo is going to bring back megaman glory with Super Smash Bros. so give them something better for god sake capcom you are gonna die and your best sellers are nowadays in nintendo consoles. . . GIVE THEM.SOMETHING COOL WONKERS

  2. Burst me bagpipes! Every self-conscious duck knows that the true value lies in the game and the experiences it provides, and everything else should be viewed as a nice, if inconsequential bonus.

  3. On a regular basis, gamers get no freebees (except for the usual preorder bonus stuff), nobody bats an eye. Capcom offers a pin (when they don’t even have to) and everyone loses their damn minds. #gamerlogic

    1. I’m buying it, and I don’t even know why, since I never cared for the DuckTales cartoon. And I don’t even have a Wii U.

  4. I prefer buying the games as opposed to downloading them….but I already bought this game, so I’m not paying twice for it! I also own the original…

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