Play New Levels Of Super Mario 3D World At Select US Pottery Barn Teen Stores

super_mario_3d_world_flagNintendo of America has joined up for a unique promotion with select Pottery Barn Teen stores across the U.S. Fans of the red-capped plumber’s franchise can play new levels of Super Mario 3D World every day in store from 3.30 p.m. until close. And while you’re visiting, you can enter into their exclusive competition to win a Wii U deluxe set.

Participating stores can be found at PB Teen’s website, here, with most stores holding the promotion up until November 24. The Oak Brook store, Illinois, will participate in the event until November 11, and the Huntington store in New York from November 7 – 14. Nintendo of America announced the promotion on Twitter earlier today. Will you be visiting any stores to play Super Mario 3D World?


  1. I always get all excited when I see this sort of things happening at a store in New York, then I see it’s New York City or Long Island. I wish Nintendo recognized Western New York once in a while. :\

    1. It’s reaching out to a new audience, and making your product aware to other groups. This is what they SHOULD be doing. Find a target market that’s unaware of your product, and make yourself visible to them.

      Doing this at Gamestop would do nothing for your product.

      1. Actually, it would, because that’s where they actually sell their product.

        If they want to reach out to a new demographic, they need to advertise and market better. Not put demos in a furniture store. This will not do much for their sales. People are going to these stores to buy furniture and home items.

        Even if they’re interested in the Wii U from their visit to the store, they can be dissuaded on their journey elsewhere.

        It’s best to demo these things where product is available (unless they *are* going to sell Wii U’s at Pottery Barn now).

        It’s marketing for the impulse buyer or the shopper who is in the market for a gaming or entertainment device. If they see it, play it, like it and the product is there, they’re more likely to buy the product than if they see it, play it, like it, and the product is in a store somewhere else.

        1. No, because families and people who are not really into the video game crowd visit these kinds of stores. If you go to GameStop, you’ll find Xbox and PS fanbys who will not buy it.

  2. oh thats surprising more fucking retardation from noa. reggie gtfo of here, the walking shitstain himself makes yet another retarded decision. “instead of a game store lets put it in a place where families might be” lets make wii u even more babyish!!

    “my body is ready for shitty games and decisions”

    my gosh nintendo is a broken record in retarded decisions.

  3. Very odd choice, the marketing definitely needs a rethink, sorry but people need to be fired.

    It’s simple things like to sell a system in Europe you need to have a decent football game, Nintendo still haven’t figured this out yet.

    Also this 3rd party issue, the gimped ports are really damaging the console’s reputation, yet nothing is being done about this.

    I understand that Nintendo don’t have the resources of Sony or MS when it comes to advertising, but they can do a lot better than this…

    1. On the contrary, Nintendo has a lot more resources that they could use for advertising their games and systems since the company is solely a gaming company whereas Sony and Microsoft are conglomerates comprised of many sub-divisions.

      Nintendo has a lot of money and they can advertise well, like they did with the Wii, the DS, and as they do for the 3DS. They’re just falling short on the Wii U for some odd reason.

      1. Well families obviously, I’ve been told that Pottery Barn is a very middle class yuppie kinda place?

        So basically Nintendo are going after bored dads and kids while “mom” shops? I’m not saying that this is a good thing, I’m just trying to see where Nintendo are coming from on this…

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