Project CARS Coming To PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam OS, PC, And Wii U Fall 2014


Slightly Mad Studios, the development team behind the racing simulator Project CARS, has announced that it has scrapped development for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and will instead be developing the game for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam OS, PC, and Wii U. The team says on the official blog that they’re aiming to set a new standard for virtual racing for motorsports and car fans around the world with Project CARS.

“Project CARS has always led the pack in terms of insane detail. Whether that’s graphically in the craftsmanship of our cars and tracks, technically in the way we’ve approached weather and time of day, or emotionally in how each car feels and responds to your touch. These powerful new platforms allow us therefore to not compromise on the quality of our vision and ultimately that means players are going to experience something truly breathtaking when they get behind the wheel.” – Ian Bell, Head Of Studio

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    1. Of course it does. Hopefully, other companies follow suit, because this company looks like they KNOW what they are doing.

        1. Actually, when the Wii U is properly developed for, taking advantage of it’s unique hardware setup, it’s much closer to XBone and PS4, than it is PS3/360.

            1. PS4 and Wii U are enough, a console with a touch screen/touch pad controller as well as advanced motion controls and native 1080p capablability is enough to be considered next gen.

    2. This game use direct x11 on the wiiu, this means that the wiiu is a next gen like the other console.

    3. well its going to be the worse looking version since all the other ports are on systems built like pc and are easy to develope for the only version they had to struggle on is wii u with its custom hardware but im sure this game will push wii u to places its never achieved so far. so this should be interesting.

    1. That’s not the final name. It’s a project…
      They could call it Speed racers 2014 for all we know.

        1. I do, shit I remember being on my shitty laptop with 28k internet connection trying to read up on project dolphin and watching Howard Lincoln introduce it and all!

  1. well i think that goes to show that the wii u should be quite a bit more capable than the older consoles… otherwise this move would be complete madness judging by the install base of the wii u

  2. I think they are doing this because of how high quality the next-gen racers are gonna be not only in graphics but features and working on old tech like that and optimizing it takes time and well… they want to make the best game they can so its acceptable

    Sorry for those wanting it on last generations systems, ps3 or 360, you can get a game that would have been superior on the next gen systems…

    wow it feels weird… calling the ps3 and 360 last generations…. even the Wii… its like

    This Is the generation that a lot of us became truly open minded to the gaming world and its all coming to an end, even if they are gonna support them… this generation is essentially over

    man…I think the nostaligia bomb is hitting me rather hard ):

    1. “This Is the generation that a lot of us became truly open minded to the gaming world”

      hey i’ve been open minded to the gaming world long before that :O

      you have the PC and late 80ies/early 90ies adventures to thank for that :P

  3. To see that the U is still on board means… well that U is more capable than 3rd parties thought and should give more effort/respect to the system.

    1. The Wii U was one of the first consoles confirmed for this game. It’s possible that the PS4 and XBOX One versions could even be ports of the the Wii U seeing that before this was announced to be on the PS3 and 360. IN any event, out of the three 8th-gen console the Wii U should look the best.

      Slighty Mad has had a Wii U dev kit for a LOOOONG time so they definitely know how it works by now. This could be the first real multiplat that exposes the conspiracy of western developers that shunned the Wii U. Even if the Steam and PC version look better, the Wii U version I feel will be the best console version.

      Good to see someone positive news about Nintendo for a change. Keep it up.

      1. I think they are ports of the PC version, but its makes sense the Xbox One and PS4 would be based on the PC build cause its an x86 type system.
        But either way, I am looking forward to the Wii U version.

      2. Honest question here, if anyone’s closer to that project maybe they’d know. I took a look at the WMD forums (of course almost none of it is open to the public, only a few points) and in the thread about this announcement, a couple people refer to the Wii U build as if it isn’t a sure thing. Now, I understand the developer’s model and I know that could just be a couple people running their mouths off. But I would certainly feel better if someone could peel back the curtain a bit on how they’re approaching Wii U.

        1. It would make so sense for Slight Mad Studios of have worked on this for so long and not release it for the Wii U.

          1. Wouldn’t argue with the logic. It would also be all alone as a Wii U car sim.

            That said, someone coming along and saying it won’t happen would put me at ease.

      3. xbox and ps4 are both built like pc so it wont take any real effort in porting a pc version port cant you just accept those consoles are supperior in visuals and move on.

        1. Wow. This board still has these thinsg running around. I thought Nintendo Pest Control got rid of all the “Wii U is underpowered” bugs.

          *shakes head*

          One thing that is NOT superior is your use of grammar and punctuation, but enough with the pleasantries.

          Where did I say that the PS4 and XBOX One weren’t superior to the Wii U?


          Seems like you aren’t too sure and are trying to convince yourself.

          The PS4 and XBOX One have raw horsepower. The Wii U has streamlined power. The only people who don’t understand that are trolls and ignoramuses. Which one are you?

          The PS4 and XBOX One could be 100x more powerful than the Wii U and it wouldn’t make a difference. The most powerful consoles have always failed to win and a lot of the time come in dead last (such as with the Atari 5200, NEO-GEO, and N64.)

          Maybe what’s eating you alive is that a fantastic-looking next-gen multiplat is coming to the Wii U. Well too bad. It is.

          1. Im actually excited for this version on wii u lol cause im curious to how it will hold up(and im curious to see what excusive features it will have) im just saying the ps4/ one versions are set to be better since they are built like pc(in terms of visuals). Would you say the pc version wont look much better cause then you would be lying to yourself. ps4/one will either be close or exactly the same. The wii u version was confirmed to be 720p 30fps… that says it all. But im happy for nintendo still cause finally we get a developer that can push the wii u hardware and not give it just some lazy port or slightly bumped up textures.

      4. “IN any event, out of the three 8th-gen console the Wii U should look the best. ”

        sorry but that makes little to no sense.. especially if you say “in any event”

        there is no denying the fact that both xbox one and PS4 are more powerful than the wii u
        it may not be by a truckload, like it was last gen, but it’s certainly enough to be noticeable.. just look at the differences between xbox one and PS4.. they’re already pretty big

        slightly mad will most likely try to develop the PC version and the PS4 version to be almost on par (i say almost because obviously the PS4 itself isn’t as capable as a good PC)
        i don’t doubt the wii u version will still look good but it won’t look that good

        1. The reason why I say it will look the best is because it has the best chance of being the most optimized because it has been in development the longest on the Wii U. No matter how powerful the hardware is, if a game is not optimized to run the particular hardware to the best of it’s capability then it isn’t going to look as good or run as good as it could.

          Exhibit A. Call Of Duty: Ghosts

  4. But that means not racing game for us atleast till fall :( maybe this game was exposing forza 5 too much? XD.

  5. I still need racing wheel and pedals for this kind of game…
    I hope Nintendo comes up with something before this releases.

    1. well technically you could control acceleration by tilting the gamepad.. but i’m absolutely not sure how well or intuitive that would work.. probably not very

  6. This is now the first 8th gen exclusive multiplat confirmed for all the consoles. I wonder how many more there will be?

  7. Lol ehm ps4 and xbone are not next gen either imo graphics are nearing to the limits 2k hd is not noticeable from afar until its a cinama tv… after photorealism it cant go better.

    1. Until you see Deep Down… Xbox One isn’t next gen.

      Wii U is next gen due to its innovations
      PS4 is next gen due to its next gen graphics
      Xbox One… its just a current gen console with some slight upgrades

      1. All three are next gen. Don’t forget it has a high tech Kinect, which to me is pretty shitty.

  8. While we don’t know the difference between the WiiU version and the others (im guessing it won’t look as good, but not far off, but who knows), they get mad respect for at least doing SOMETHING.

    1. It won’t look much worse. It will be comparable, just with a little downscaling that the average gamer/consumer wouldn’t even notice.

      1. you mean upscaling

        i’d guess the upscaling would be rather hefty (along the lines of 720p->1080p) if they want to keep the same or similar visuals as on PS4 (not even gonna mention xbox one.. the differences between wii u and xbox one will probably indeed be marginal)
        that may not be noticeable to most with a rather small TV set.. but the bigger the set/the closer you’re sitting to the screen, the more noticeable it gets.. and in that case even the average gamer *will* notice it unless they have an impaired vision

        1. seems like 720p+ upscaling @ 30 fps is already confirmed
          personally i think 30fps is a little low for a racer.. maybe they’ll manage to increase it a bit

        2. I don’t meant downscale the resolution, I mean the whole thing will be a little bit downscaled comared to the Xbone and PS4 versions ;)

              1. He’s obviously trying to be cute with you. Also notice how he’s using the Wii U’s web browser. It says wii u in the link.

                    1. I’m 12 :)
                      I got into gaming like year ago, but my brother has the very first resident evil for GameCube!

                    2. You’re 12!? You act way more mature than a normal 12 year old should. I think your to young to play Resident Evil but it’s your parents choice kiddo :)

                    3. Anubis, Thanks! Nintendofan64, Yea i know. The scariest game i’ve played was i think Metroid prime 3 or Tomb Rader.

                1. I don’t think he’s really twelve. He asked if anyone remembered project dolphin (the code name for Game Cube) which released in 2001 ( he would have been just born) and project dolphin was the name prior to that, as well as his supposed birth. How could he remember something he wasn’t alive for?

                  1. I don’t remember it, I researched it. I wanted to know history about Nintendo and what they did. Did you know They made the Thumb sticks, rumble and motion controls, which i find weird that they are on its competitors systems, should have pattented it!

                    1. He has a point, why didn’t they put a patent on their inventions? You would think Nintendo would sue there rivals for implementing their creations…

                  2. Maybe, i know a 14 year old that knows what Project Dolphin is because he googled it on wikipedia.

                    1. He asked if anyone remembered it, which lead me to think he was around for it. Obviously he could have googled it. Either way, his age doesn’t really matter to me lol as long as he’s kool.

    1. I predict it will look the same on WiiU, PS4 and X1. The devs have had more time with the weaker hardware (WiiU) and less time with the PS4 and X1.

      So for project Cars, it will probably be a wash and they will look the same.

      1. Are you sure they had less time with PS4/XBOX ONE hardware (aka PC hardware design) than with the Wii U’s ? ……

  9. We will race to the end, citizens of Nintendo. Under the command of the high order led by Nintendo Commander.

    1. Well they appear to be putting the effort in, or just simply not treating the Wii U as an afterthought.

      It really isn’t a difficult machine to develop for, look a NFSMWU a launch title using PC textures with minimal effort, Criterion described it as easy as “flicking a switch”..

  10. Who wants to bet hating journalist wont compare WiiU version to other versions in next gen like the hating journalist won’t compare AC4 of Wii U to the 8 core consoles.

  11. With all these Wii U bundles, 3rd party games, and Nintendo exclusives, it should definitely give the Wii U a very successful future.

  12. I can tell you what the cobfirmed sacrifices are:

    It runs at 30fps and is rendered at 720p.

    I know that people fall into wishful and optimistic thoughts now because they mentioned Wii U and powerful (machines) in the same paragraph BUT don’t get your hopes up too high because you will see the difference between Wii U, PC(duh), PS4 and Xbox One.

    P.S. Looking at hardware (including the “more modern tech effect” and software enhancements/progression, as well as individual things like secondary memory pools) you can look at it this way:

    PS3/360 = 1000
    Wii U = 4000
    Xbox One = 8000
    PS4 = 12000
    PC > 12000+8000+4000+1000

    1. Bad example since you ignore that hating journalist refuse to put Wii U’s AC4 to PS4 and Xbone. So how you know just where Wii U stands in visuals if it has never been compared to PS4’s Xbones yet?

  13. “Wii U = 4000”
    “Xbone= 8000”
    “PS4= 12,000”
    What you just going by the 9 month old spec sheet? If it’s so weak, why isn’t their a already a Wii U vs. ps4 comparison so we can do the EYE TEST and see for ourselves?

    1. ac4 is a cross gen game i wouldnt compare graphics cause it wouldnt be fare to ps4 it can be pushed further it runs the game with better physics and textures at 1080p 60fps but wii u runs it at 720p usually 30 fps but better textures are better than the current gen. so it seems to be pushing the wii u quite heavily and it looks great but the ps4 seems to be fine running it better. and its not even maxed.

      1. Don’t compare graphics? Ignoring that they compared the PS4 version to PS3 version and Wii U version to Ps3 version. But its OK to compare the Wii U version to the PS3 version but not to PS4. No. I want to see it for myself!

      2. Also ignoring the Wii U can pushed further too. But you rather play dumb as if NFSU didn’t easily handle PC textures. So how you know that 3rd party developers are not going to out a lot of effort in Wii U version just to make it look like PS4 is more powerful?

  14. Talking about you can tell what the sacrifices are. How are you going to be able to tell if you ain’t seen a video ? Prove that Wii U couldn’t get 1080P 60fps if the developer wanted to but didn’t won’t to make the shit box look bad? That’s what I believe. Who wants to bet the reason why UBISOFT never released Wii U’s version of watch dogs was Microsoft paid them not to release it. Talking about it’s in between? Yet dummysoft talks about Wii U’s version and where it is located in visuals but too dumb to defend it by actually showing it. How do we know that UBISOFT didn’t just make it inbetween and they could have put more motivation into really working it? HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO ASSUME WII U IS WEAK IF NO VIDEO COMPARISIONS AND ALLWAYS CHEATING THE WII U BY STRIPPING FEATURES. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW? YET NINTENDO’S EXCULSIVES ARE PUSHIGN 1080P 60FPS. Hell EA at one time gave WII U PC like textures. So how am I supposed to know it’s weak if WII U is doing all that shit from the exclusive side but the 3rd party developers are not? Heck Nintendo even gave the Wii U a new engine and will be released soon. It can’t handle Frostbyte 3 yet it proved those made up specs comparison wrong by handling Cryengine 4? So far the Wii U ain’t adding up to it’s specs. And if the haters won’t to shut me up, show me an Ac4 vid Wii U vs. Ps4.

    1. lol im sorry but no did you just not listen wii u is running pc like textures so yeah i never denied wii u looks damn good all i said was it seemed to be struggling with the game not delivering full 1080p native and i hope you know mario kart 8 is 720p 60 fps the only game confirmed to be full native 1080p 60fps confirmed is bayonetta 2 which looks gorgeous but i wouldnt say visually is a step up from last gen just performance. wii u will do great eventually but i dont believe its the greatest choice to buy third party if its still there. Wiiu has the potential to have the best versions of games in terms of gameplay but most devs half ass it and just add a map and item screen. project cars wii u the first next gen platforms exclusive is confirmed to be 720p 30fps and those devs are not lazy there dedicated to the wii u version they are just buckled by the hardware. sorry BUT ITS THE TRUTH anyways who buys a nintendo console for third party i bought wii u for exclusives bayonetta, x, fire emblemxpersona , smash bros , mario kart, and im sure there are more. Good console.

      1. Ignoring that from the 3rd party side its struggling to get 1080p 60fps but not from the exclusive side. Exposed! Just shows you how 3rd party developers are more motivated in PS4 than Wii U. As a result it doesn’t prove Wii U’s strengths because its up to them to put just as much effort in Wii U as PS4. So I don’t know where Wii U stands graphically since the spec sheet ignores one Wii U core out does a PS4 core and all PS4 cores ain’t for gaming 2 are spared for the OS. That’s why I can’t go by a spec sheet because all the detail ain’t there.

        1. See but that’s the problem third parties are barely clinging on to nintendo cause there games do not sell on wii u even sonic is struggling. Why would a company spend time money and effort in a platform that won’t sell itself let alone there product.even when those big hitters come I still believe the only people to truly benefit is nintendo. You have to admit a large problem is there lack of advertising Prople STILL DONT KNOW WHAT WII U IS. I haven’t seen a wii u advertisement in a few months but tons of 3ds commercials

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