Super Mario 3D World Is Around 8 hours Long And Is “Fairly Easy”


Josh Thomas from the BitBlock is reporting that Super Mario 3D World will roughly take the average user around eight hours to finish the main storyline. Thomas also says that the game is fairly easy, which means that the majority of players will probably breeze through it. Super Mario 3D World launches on November 22nd in North America and November 29th in Europe.

Update: Josh had the following to say on Twitter: I should clarify, I casually responded to someone’s question about my personal play time. This obviously differs by person.



    1. wow this turned out to be a very inaccurate article. what shoddy journalism. rushing to the end might take that long, and the first 7 worlds are easy enough, but getting 100 percent completion takes exponentially longer (40-60 hours!), and the last 5 worlds (theres 12) can get frustratingly difficult. best mario game ever made!

    1. Agreed. 8 hours is pathetic. It was always going to be easy though. After Skyward Sword I lost all faith that Nintendo would ever make another difficult game. I bet they’ll make another Kid Icarus eventually and ruin it by making it easy.

      1. I dunno. For a platformer, 8 hours is pretty solid dude. Most 2d platformers can be finished in under two hours while most 3D platformers can take around 4 or 5. This is with my personal experience though. I play quite a handful of them and enjoy speed running.

      2. “another Kid Icarus eventually and ruin it by making it easy.”? KI:U came out last year and that game was EXTREMELY hard at higher difficulties. I’m not a difficulty whore, but as long as a game is fun, that’s all that matters. To me, anyway.

      3. its better than the 5 hours they offer on the new batman and the cod ghost campaign is only 5 hour and those games was easy as well. so whats the point. and as far as kid icarus the game looks great but the controls are horrible, worst controls i ever seen in a nintendo game ever that really hindered the game so anything will be an improvement at this point

      4. Don’t be that negative. The game is much harder than what he says

    2. I have come to the conclusion that from now on I will have to make my own rules for every game I play. From now on permadeath in every game. If one of my pokemon dies then it will be released. If all of them die I delete my save data. Mario games will be played like Mario 1. You get 1 life. If you die then you have to restart the level. I will not pick up any 1ups only way to get lives is with coins. I can’t remember the lasr hard game I played. Demon Souls was ok I guess but not particularly hard, dark souls sucked.

    1. Don’t worry with that, the same was said about 3d Land, that the game was about 5 hours long and very easy. However, it took me about 25 hours and died a total of 200 times to achieve 100%. It’s not that I suck at Mario games, it’s because the game is designed to be accessible for beginners and then becomes hard (sometimes deviously hard) for expert players.

    2. 3d land had a main story and a difficult set of levels after so, I’m not worried, he’ll I’m still working on maxing out NSMBU.

    1. Yeah I woulf like the option to play that instead of being forced to finish the entire easy mode. Even then the alternate world levels were moderatley easy.

  1. Well this game is turning out to be a party game…. wii u definitley needed this I mean we just don’t have this already oh wait. But to be fair this will sell consoles but maybe not as much as nintendo might like. I just hope there working on core games for the future. Long term 2016 what will wii u be after zelda u ….what then? Maybe a new console aimed to gamers keep wii u at a lower price for parents. I’d buy.

    1. It will definitely move consoles, but for the dedicated fan base (us), this was never going to be enough.
      Remember when Wii U was about to launch, Nintendo was all “we’re going to get back the hardcore market”? Yeah that was a lie. No more big, open Mario games like 64/Sunshine/Galaxy. Zeldas where dowsing tells you where EVERYTHING is. Stupid cheat modes in DK that beat levels for you when you die too many times. This is Nintendo now and it upsets me.

      1. I seriousle don’t understand the problem with those cheat modes. Nobody force you to use them.

      2. Well for one thing in NSMBU if you use one you can’t ever get the 5 shiny stars on your file, but it never tells you that.
        The problem is that most people probably could beat the relevant level if they just keep at it. But they don’t because of super-guide-cheat-thing and so they never develop their skills as a gamer. It keeps gaming standards down and perpetuates the development of easy shit.
        Same thing with FPSs having checkpoints every 4 seconds nowadays.

      3. So? who the hell cares, we’re not in the age of hardcore hardcore gaming anymore, they’re are way more people who play games now alot who only want to play to relax or are just casual, they are’nt dedicated to it like us(and I really don’t think they give a fuck about the 5 shiny stars on they’re profile)

        atleast nintendo is not completely dumbing down they’re games soley for said audience *cough* skyrim *cough* and is instead making an easy route rather then straight out dumbing down theyre games.
        Also you forget about the hard mainly optional levels inside these games and sorry but have you played donkey kong country returns, there was some fairly hard levels in that, kid icarus and fire emblem I can’t comment on as I have’nt played them but i’ve heard they are very challenging.
        i’ll defineitly agree with you on skyward sword though, there was a bit of dumbing down in that.
        Truth be told I do think we need more hard games out there or atleast atmospheric ones like dark souls and metroid(not other m >:( ) and to a lesser extent zombiu which don’t spoon feed you the story and lore and are legitimately challenging,
        but you should’nt penalize mario and DK for simply giving you the option to skip hard levels, not everyone has the patience or/and time to spend ages playing it over and over.
        As for the article, people remember these guys are paid to get through the game fast and review it, I myself treat the hours reviewers give out as like a speedrun time.
        I think harder games are’nt being made in general because of other things though, people have become to obsessed with stuff like graphics and the like and it’s the development costs that keep them back from risk taking.

        on a small note I can’t speak for DK but the old mario’s are’nt as hard as people make out imo, I had as much trouble with them as I do with the modern ones if not a bit more(excluding lost levels my thumbs my poor bleeding thumbs!) and as someone else said alot of old nes games difficulty came from poor controls (not nintendos games mainly alot of other ones).

      4. Yeah, remember back in the NES days where games offered up a genuine challenge? Yeah, those days are long gone. Gamers growing up now are getting way too spoiled when it comes to hand-holding and linearity found in games. Believe it or not, there was a period of time where gamers actually had to develop SKILL to beat and master a game. This in turn gave gamers a feeling of actual SATISFACTION and also made playing a game a richer experience. Nintendo is definitely CAPABLE of making challenging games, but now they are putting WAY too much emphasis on newbies and feel the need to make the game laughably easy to accommodate, completely disregarding the hardcore. Now I’m not asking Nintendo to make games Lost Levels hard (that game was just cheap), but they really need to grow a pair and start taking some risks. Otherwise, it’s just going to be the same old song and dance again and again. Okay, rant: over.

      5. During NES days where more games were poorly made&broken, most required actual luck to beat than skills.Self-satisfaction came from the stubborn attitude of repeating a pattern till the odds turn out the way U wanted it to, much like a gambling addiction.

      6. I wasn’t referring to games of the likes of what you mentioned like Silver Surfer or Ghosts and Goblins. Those games actually are bullshit. I’m saying that it is possible to have a game be challenging and widely accessible (Nintendo got this down perfectly with Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario World).

      7. The NES era had a longer list of broken games.Not many games were SMB3 quality&SMW was an SNES game,U said”NES days”. Either way,new age FTW! We may have baby mentality challenges,slow shit progress&less 3rd party support,but guess what? SupaSmashBwathas!

      8. Grow up dude… back in the day, you were a kid and playing video games a lot was easy… Now try to learn and dominate a hard game, but with kids and a job taking up your time.

      9. they don’t need to make another 64/sunshine/galaxy to be good. The article is wrong. There are 12 worlds. Up to the sixth world takes 8 hours.

      10. Calm down. They are just trying something new. To be honest this is the closest we will get to a sequel of 64

  2. Not a problem. I have little kids who will love to play this and love to play it with me. However, the real challenge for the more experienced gamers will come from getting 100% completion (ie, getting the big coins, beating the starworld levels, etc.).

    Not sure why this would come as a surprise to anyone as this has been the standard formula for Mario games for a little while now.

    1. about 15 – 25 hours for experienced players. and probably 40 – 50 hours for non experienced. also in every world there is a hidden shadow luigi’s those were pretty challenging to find.

      1. Are you mental? he is the most self opinionated bigoted twat I have ever come across

    1. He’s the guy who defended The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword against Gamespot’s review. So he’ll always be my hero :D

      1. Yep. EVERYONE can be a reviewer today. You just need teh internetz, a YouTube account, a blog or a twitter account. Thats the magic.

      2. Like how Zombi u got Luke warm reviews… I just finished the demo and most of what critiques seem to be just reviewers lacking skill And cleverness. I escaped four zombies with a flare and pushing one out of the way, then running like he’ll toward the goal. All the reviews I read said that you can’t avoid the zombies and there wasn’t enough ammo. Bolder dash.

    1. Josh said in a later tweet that he did kind of rush through the game as well. Plus, it’s entirely and very possible this game will have special world(s). For SM3DL reviewers weren’t allowed to talk about the special worlds before release, so it’s possible this one has them as well and reviewers can’t talk about them at all; they might not even be able to factor them into the total playtime.

      1. I just lost all interest I had in this. I’m sick of Nintendo turning Mario games into baby games. Do they think that only kids are gamers? Don’t they realize that us old school gamers that’s been gaming since the Atari 2600 wants a good challenge? The main reason I hated Super Mario 3D Land was because it was too easy. Now they go and ruin 3D World too? Major shame. (- _ -)

        Now the only people who will remain excited about this game is kids and cat lovers (like my niece. She has this weird cat obsession all of the sudden).

      2. ^This. Arghhh it’s frustrating to watch something I love so much slowly wither and die. Fuck this baby shit. Nintendo should just give away their IPs to developers who still give a crap about making good games.

      3. I’m speaking of a trend Nintendo has set. I’ve played every Zelda and every major Mario and every Donkey Kong. I don’t need to play this one game to extrapolate a pattern.

      4. Calm the fuck down if you don’t like it don’t buy it, stop complaining! Plus is this really a surprise? Nintendo’s been doing this for a while.

      5. “if you don’t like it don’t buy it” doesn’t apply when they make this crap in lieu of things I want to buy. If they were making Mario Sunshine 2 (just an example off the top of my head) AND this then sure. But they’ve reverted to only making piss easy baby junk. So the existence of these games actually do have an impact. My complaining is completely justified.

        But no it is not a surprise at all. Which is why (as I specified) the emotion I’m feeling here is frustration and not shock or rage.

      6. No its not justified. They’re not making games in lieu of games that you want to buy, they’re making games accessible for all ages. This is Nintendo now, accept it and stop complaining cause there’s plenty of challenging games out there

      7. This whole comment line is retarded and here allow me to tell you why.
        Nintendo has already stated that this game was meant to get 2D players who found 3D Mario too hard to get into and have no starting point that’s easy enough for them to learn from.

        If you’re only just now losing interest, you’re a moron.

      8. losing interest for the reason of “difficulty”
        And you’re fooling no one, we all know you’re going to buy the game anyway.

      9. He’s commenting what we are all thinking though. You know how I learned 2D platforming? Super Mario Bros. Wanna know how I learned 3D platforming? Mario 64, and while Mario 64 wasn’t particularly difficult it was a hell of a lot more challenging than galaxy, 3D land, all 4 New super mario bros games, and more than likely 3D world as well. Those games are cake compared to Super Mario Bros.

      10. After playing every major and most minor Mario games ever developed, including SM3DLand, and reading reviews on the upcoming game, I feel I’m in a position where I can make judgments about what this game will be like.
        If it turns out to be wildly different to what I expect (ie: SM3DL with four players and some other superficial mechanics) then I retract my statement and will eat my hat. Until then, I’m gonna continue to judge up the wazoo.

      11. Really, it’s quite of ridiculous, ludicrous even, to say I can’t judge this game. If I watch every single episode of Friends except for one and hate them all, I am perfectly justified in forming an opinion that the one I haven’t watched is probably not going to be to my liking.

      12. That example doesn’t even apply in this situation, get over your self! I agree with the other guy, if you don’t like don’t buy it. If you’ve played every mario game and hated them, then why would you be here?

      13. There’s moe moneyz in marketing fo da familie$& children$! Children will always be interested in toys&games, but once they grow up, most of them lose that interest or don’t have time to play, which’s why Nintendough makes moe games fo da ca$ual$.

  3. Considering that the guy thinks is a TOP player, I might end up with 25 hours to finish the main story! ^^

  4. Yeah, I’m not believing that.

    This guy said he rushed through it… You can beat a Galaxy game in 8 hours if you rush through.

    Plus, if it’s like Super Mario 3D Land, there are probably secret worlds and rewards for beating each level as each character.

    He might not even unlocked the secret worlds

    Anyways… The time thing sounds pretty realistic and typical… here’s hoping there are the second game challenges that were in 3D Land.

    1. Nah, this just means, you didnt complete the game 100%.
      It just means that you did rush through this game.

    1. He rushed it in less than 8 (probably 4-6), then estimated it would take the “average user” 8 hours. Since this game is being directed towards noobs who play piss easy party games, I’d say it’d take an experienced player less than 8.

      1. Though the update makes this somewhat unclear. Apparently he was talking about his own personal play time and yet he was also talking about the average user.

      2. Yeah you know, simply dont buy a game because
        someone post crap in the internet about this game.

        Why should you make a opinion by yourself,
        when someone else can do that for you ?

      3. Okay. I’ll go play every game ever developed so that I can form personal opinions of them. There has to be a filter.
        Advertising + playing SM3DL = opinion of what SM3DW will probably be like.
        Review confirms that opinion.
        I feel I don’t have to play this game in order to come to an opinion.

      4. You’re absolutely right. However, when I saw Xenoblade I thought it looked boring as hell. How wrong I was. That being said Xenoblade was a new and unknown experience unlike Mario.

      5. This is the Internet, and possibly America, so obviously you can say whatever you want and there’s no need for you to remind me of that; I just feel a strong urge to advise you on this matter:

        Use brighter, more optimist language, and your experiences will become more positive. I’m not saying you’re unhappy, but I get the distinct impression you’re not grasping all the joy there is to be had in life.

        Cool avatar!

  5. You can get though SMB 3 in 11 minutes, there’s more to Mario games than just getting to Bowser.

    1. I doubt this reviewer was using warp pipes to come up with this estimate of time to completion. Shame but signs were always bad, levels look like they’re bite size and no challenge whatsoever. This game smacks of casual, any time Nintendo talk about it they’re trying to appeal to the “family”. Recently completed Mario Galaxy 2 again. I would have loved something like that masterpiece.

    2. I think your name is pretty tasty ^^
      I will say that Mario games are a great experience the whole way through ^^ That’s why SMB3 is so great. I don’t see people complaining about its average completion time xD

      1. What are you talking about Mario 3 is the second best mario game. Only Mario 64 surpasses it.

    3. the world record for SMB3 I believe is 2:35 or something close to that. IDK speed runners amaze me.

  6. for a platformer 8 hrs is a long time, it only takes 2 hrs to beat the 2d games, nsmbu and nsmlu, not to mention that galaxy takes about 10 hrs (which means it’s roughly the same length) to beat the MAIN STORY, look at that key word, he doesn’t say game, he says MAIN STORY, which means he probably didn’t include bonus levels and secret world, not mention the game seems to have secret games to unlock, like luigi bros, which I bet there are more. and for those competed people, I bet you will be spending hrs on miiverse racing people’s fastest times using the ghost play function, not to mention they will probably try to beat your time, and then some rivalry will happen between you and them

  7. Stop spreading misinformation. He just rushed it in 8 hours. You can complete pretty much every game under 10 hours

  8. Sounds to me like it got the ole’ chopping block treatment, oh well, Mario games are a good enough reason to get dlc, I don’t like it, but it could be worse.

    1. Complaining that Mario games are short or easy is like complaining that racecars in Nascar drive in circles too often, it’s semantics Nascar fans don’t go watch a race and expect everything to be new and different, they have fun still, same with sports, ect..

      We like Mario games for the fun, I like titles like cod for the fun, it’s just something I, and millions of others enjoy, I really can’t understand why people hate that mindset.

  9. The only thing that worries me is difficulty level. I mean why everythin needs to be so easy nowadays? Well i guess theres still DK comin next year for difficult platformin, but its still in next year.

      1. Then you’re retarded and have no thumbs. Along with your other deformities.

      2. You literally just told someone else to use their manners…. I think you’re really the POS.

  10. Games are easy because todays gamers are pathetic.

    Did you read the news about 9 out of 10 player not being able to finish the first level of super mario bros?

    Of course there should be something to make it harder for more experienced players but im sure we will get some nice harder levels too.

    8 hours is short but I’m slow player never rushing anything so it probably 12h for me + all the possible extras. It’s okay for platformer.

    I hated this game first but now I’ve really started liking this. Easiness and shortness didn’t surprise me so I’m still excited.

    1. Indeed…

      Us gamers from the ancient times had way harder games to beat than today’s laughable easy ones…

      Clearly an indication of the retarded level that increases each year with these generations of gamers…

      1. The original DK was easy. The reason most games were “harder” back then was because of broken mechanics, poor weapon hit detection & respawning enemies. Take that out & even Ninja Gaiden would be a cake walk.

    2. I prefer a short gaming experience, which makes totally fun, to an
      utter long gaming experience which is completely dull and frustrating.

  11. Sounds awesome to me! Those of us who don’t have the time to sit in front of a screen for 8 hours with get about a weeks worth of play time out of this. Then when completing it to 100% pshhh I may not get there as I haven’t even 100% Galaxy yet. Cant wait for this game. It may be shory, but it looks like the most fun 8 hours to be released in a loooong time

  12. People, this isn’t news. This is how EVERY Mario game is: You only need, what, like 20-some stars to beat Galaxy in a handful of hours and you could experience little to no challenge. But if you stop to collect every star, your game can last well over 30 hours and you will have moments where you break your controller in rage over the difficulty. This is actually good design: If you aren’t feeling the game or any challenge but still want to breeze through in a few hours and get your credits and “Thanks for playing,” you can, and anybody who wants challenge still doesn’t have to really go out of their way to get that too.

    1. Every Mario game requires like… 60 starts to win the game. But 100% it? that’s a different deal

    2. I can´t believe that there are still people outthere, who can
      think by themself, and even give proper smart comments.

      You sir, have my deepest respect. THANK YOU.

    3. 3DL was a joke. It offered no challenge&at no point did it ever make me want to break my 3DS. Their copypaste Specials were uncreatively concieved. What they called a challenge was throwing in Cosmic Clone Mario &/or cutting the timer short.

  13. It’s been years now that I’m not excisted anymore about Mario games. They lost almost all their magic to me.
    The only “Mario franchises” I care about now are Mario Kart and Paper Mario, even though I didn’t like Super Paper Mario and Sticker Star, I still hope they get back to the absolutely great RPGs the 1 and 2 were.

  14. It’s probably 8 hours just to get to the final boss and beat him. Then you have to go back and get all the stars in each level and complete the game 100%. Of course it’s easy, it’s a Mario game.

    1. Yes and we’ve more pleasure to play an easy game, not too much anymore , than a straight difficult like Sonic Lost world wich could make you miss your purchase

  15. I’ll still try it and buy it since experiencing a game for myself means more than how fast a game can be completed. Though if we want to talk about short, but freaking awesome games anyhow Banjo Kazooie is one of those with about a 6 hour FULL completion time, maybe less if you’re better than I am. And since that game was short AND my favorite of all time still so far I’ll give this one a go and see how I feel about it for myself.

  16. They should give you the option of playing it on easy, medium or hard. What ever happened to those options? They used to be in like every game!

  17. Kinda vague. 3D Land had a whole set of S worlds, and this one also has various challenge modes. Far as single 8 world playthroughs though, sounds about right

  18. LMAO told you dumb fanboys that this game was RUSHED, and lazy. 8 hours for a 1st party adventure game ??? Nintendo just doesn’t care about us hardcore fans anymore that want a long and hard challenge like super Mario 64 Zelda, or metroid. They only care to target kids and babies with dirt easy games that cost a rip off price of $60. I knew this game was too easy when I played it. This game will sell shit/OK at most and after that the drought of no games begin till spring but by then it will be too late. You can only blame Nintendo and they’re stupid fan base.

    1. 1. This was his playthrough everybody goes at a different pace
      2. We don’t know what he did during playthrough
      3. He said 8 hours for HIM during the STORY
      4. He didn’t mention a special world which almost every new mario game has like both galaxies, 3D land, and the nsmb series
      5. You don’t know the full content the game has to offer
      6. Mario’s main series game’s stories are never that long you can beat the main story in mario 64 in a few hours and same goes for galaxy.
      7. It was reported that 3D land’s story was short and then it got 8 new worlds to explore
      8. Wait till the game is out and people report playthroughs and report more about the game

    2. Blah blah blah. Are you done bitching and moaning about Nintendo? Get a life dude seriously, Nintendo will not die no matter what you say. You´re just wasting your time

      1. ^This. On this thread I’ve done nothing but criticise this game. But there’s a difference between “This game looks shit for these reasons…” and “You dumb fanboy douche bags are shit die Nintendo lolololol”. No one cares what these people have to say.

  19. “@QWXZ0 @MyNintendoNews It’s insane how people can take a simple 2 word tweet and blow it way out of proportion.”

    – Josh Thomas from the BitBlock

    I got through Super Mario 3d Land completing every board including the special ones (plus getting almost all of the stars) in about 13 hours. 8 hours seems like an number he just threw out there as a really rough estimate. Stay Calm.

  20. 8 hours is about the same time it takes me to go through Metroid Prime, and you all know how I feel about that game. Also, this guy only did the main story. I’m sure it takes MUCH longer to do 100%.

    1. Yeah but Metroid comes from a speed running tradition. Plus in Metroid you might actually die and have to redo 15 minutes that go unrecorded. It’s apples and oranges imo.

      1. That is, unrecorded on the file select screen. The console will record total play time. But the Gamecube didn’t do that, so the 8 hours wouldn’t be factored in.

      2. I’m not really speed running when I play Metroid, also I never die (unless playing on HyperMode difficulty).

    2. exactly people are jumping to damn conclusions, and hypocrites. I’ve played through a damn game that 4 hours and it was still fun. I’ve gotten 100% in galaxy multiple times and nice and all but sometimes i just want to play with damn hassle, i mostly complete the story and go back to working on 120 stars later because it takes so damn long and have school crap to do and work. I sure this game will offer its content like previous mario games in the past

  21. ok i’m still getting this game for a number of reasons

    1. I’ve seen a few comments saying he was rushing through this game as in not getting all the collectibles and finishing each level as fast possible
    2. he said about 8 hours for the MAIN STORY not the whole game but just the MAIN STORY meaning there’s probably gonna be secret worlds like Super Mario 3D Land had for more experienced players
    3. even after you’ve beat the game completely you can race people Miis online to try and complete each level as fast you can and i think at least a few people are gonna do this so i can see this adding some time to game
    4. we already know this game has a Luigi version of Mario bros called Luigi bros maybe their’s other games in this game like that and that might add a little time 2

    so yeah i’ll play it for my self to determine how long it is and i can’t believe you guys are bashing a game before it’s even out…..oh wait yes i can cause this is the internet – _ –

  22. How about everybody calms the hell down and actually waits to play the game themselves? Are you really going to trust what one guy said in an offhand reply to a question on twitter and base your purchasing decision on it?

    1. Well speaking for myself, I had already decided not to buy it. It just so happens that this review supports my decision.

      1. He’s played it and commented on it’s length and difficulty. It makes no difference whether the comment appeared in a formal review or on Twitter, it’ll say the same thing if it was a review.
        Again, though, it’s just confirmed the opinion I already had. What response do you want? “Okay then I’ll change the decision I’d already made to not buy it, because the comment supporting my decision was just a Tweet.”

      2. it makes a lot of difference, how can you judge a game with a tweet over a fully review? “oh this game is pretty easy” against a whole article of the good the bad the best and the worst and everything else, you are trying so hard to defend your decision of not buying this game that is ridiculous, you aren’t going to buy it? no?, thanks! move on, by the way you are repying on this thread is obvious you really want this game, but for god’s know why reason you are looking for excuses not to, it’s ok man, is your decision at the end, but don’t compare a tweet against a full review

    2. I’m not taking any chances supporting this upgrade at day 1, especially after buying that shitfest known as Mario 3D Land.

  23. Damn… I was hoping it would be at least little longer than that. I hope it’s fun as shit because if not I will be disappointed .

  24. Nintendo has developed a terrible habit out of making their games too easy. Pokemon X and Y held your hand the entire way through. It wasn’t challenging in the least bit.

    1. BC they’re catering to the little toddlers that play it. Pokemon was never a complicated game, & XY made an already easy game even easier. Have kids become even more retarded over time? Either way, I’m glad that bit the defenders in the ass with Swapnote.

  25. Most Mario games get their gametime from after the main story, not before. Galaxy 2 takes about the same time to beat the main story but far more to 100% it. Relax.

  26. I saw this coming since the beginning. I mean really, a fucking cat costume. what do you expect people. don’t worry though, after this shitfest of a game, we’ll get the real 3d mario game we’re waiting for.

    1. still getting this game at launch. I’m buying a game for fun, not for how long I spend play it. Besides, I gotta make space time for A Link Between Worlds this holiday and for other games I haven’t play. Not Everyone has the same amount of free time.

  27. People act like this is ridiculously short, when it’s pretty much as long as all the other “Point A to B” Mario games we’ve had this millenium.

  28. I seem to recall people saying Super Mario Galaxy wasn’t exactly difficult to clear, either, at the minimum number of stars.
    But when collecting everything? It will likely take longer and be a bit more difficult.
    Take this with a grain of salt.
    Also, fuck the trolls.

  29. Jesus Christ people! I beated Galaxy 2 in about 5 hours, and then i spent 20 hours to complete it! LOOK AT HERE, THIS IS THE GUY WHO WROTE THE TWEET SPEAKING:

    Josh Thomas ‏@TheBitBlock 1h
    @QWXZ0 @MyNintendoNews It’s insane how people can take a simple 2 word tweet and blow it way out of proportion.

    I’m not a Nintendo fanboy, i logged now with my facebook profile to write this. But you are Nintendo fanboys and it’s weird to see that you are the only people on earth who hates Nintendo games…

  30. It’s amazing how, like Josh said, people blow a tweet way out of proportion. He just made a single sentence comment about the game and people are already acting like it’s the end of the world -_-

    Wait until you play the game yourself or for a full review before saying these comments…

  31. LMAO!! i pass i bought big boy games assasin creed 4 for Wii U gotta support ubisoft A!

  32. Is everyone forgetting that Nintendo, along with other companies, provide a “easy/cheat” system for reviewers so they can experience the entire game without getting stuck and write a review based on the whole product? If this dude is using that (and I assume he is, they all do it) then you can bet you won’t be finishing the game in 8 hours.

    Not to mention, people love to brag about how great they are at games online. In the ‘Gaf thread about this, people were all like “oh yeah, no surprise, I beat Sunshine in like 4 hours dude, so easy” and “Oh yeah, no surprise, I beat 3D Land is like 3 hours, even the special stages”.

    Don’t judge the game based off one reviewers statement, wait until the game comes out and read ACTUAL CONSUMER REVIEWS from people who actually paid for the game instead of listening to somebody who gets their games for free.

    Professional game reviewers are like professional music reviewers; you can make your decisions off what they say, as they just get all their media for free and, as Marilyn Manson said (many years before internet music piracy was a thing), “People who don’t pay for their music don’t appreciate it.” Same with games.

  33. 8 Hours to simply play and beat every level, is actually not bad at all. I can beat Mario 64 100% in that time. 100% on this game will take longer than 8 hours, so I’m honestly not worried about that at all. Since when has a Mario game been that hard, besides “lost levels”? Even the Galaxy games were pretty easy, minus the bonus final levels, etc.

  34. Of course, why mention he further stated:

    “I won’t spoil anything, but anyone who has played 3D Land, knows that finishing the game is really not finishing it at all. That’s all I can say.
    It’s a lot longer than 8 hours, folks. I can’t really say much more than that, but don’t worry.”

    This site is crap, and run by amateurs. Stop wasting your time here. There are many other Nintendo news sites that don’t suck!

    1. What nintendo sites, and 3ds and console game sites do you recommend ( i think i will know most of them, but just in case I’m missing some )!!! Hopefully reliable sites with fewer hardcore trolls … I like all systems to thrive, though will not be updating my ps3/xbox 360 anytime soon….especially without true, non cloud based Backward compatibility ….

  35. Hell you can fly through any game less than10 hours. Hell you just need 70 power stars to get to the final stage in Super Mario 64 and skipping like over 20 different worlds. On galaxy you can skip a few planets here or there and be able defeat Bowser. How I play, I explorer and collect everything so it takes me months to beat a game. I only play a game like 2.5 hours a day. The next day I may or may not play. I owned W101 for 2 months and still having beat it. So I had to start the game over again after I got Wonder Black. I never beat AC3. I did beat Lego City Undercover. I wish the story could have been longer. I beat Pikmin 3. But there are areas, I can’t find the missing fruit. When I play Banjo-Kazooie, I collect all 100 music notes, 10 jiggys and 2 honey combs for each stage. I owned Donkey Kong Country Returns since launch and I’m just now got to he lava area. I never beat Donkey Kong Country because it was just to fucking hard. I like the collect “KONG” PER STAGE and jigsaw pieces. So I’m satisfied if the 3dWorld level is long or not. I enjoy my games not rush through them. If I’m paying $60 I’m gong to be exploring every last detail.

  36. Oh I never beat Ryman Legends yet. I always want to go back to collect everything. I had the game for 2 months. I just don’t have time for games like I used to when I was a kid. I never beat Trine 2. I LOVE THAT GAME!!! I gave up on Zombi U because I wasn’t feeling the one life thing. AC3 I never beat because it just seemed strange after awhile. I beat Pikmin 1 3 months after I got it. I beat Pikmin 2 6 months after I got it. I beat Pikmin 3 in 2.5 weeks. It was short. I hope Pikmin 4 is as long as Pikmin 2 where you collect things besides just fruit.

  37. Plus it wasn’t even enough bad guys in Pikmin 3. Pretty much you would kill the 5 bad guys and then for like 5 days, the entire area is deserted. In Pikmin 2, after you killed those lady bug creatures, they returned like 2 days later. Also, in Pikmin 3, when you get that warning to collect all your Pikmin, I didn’t like that ring. I thought that was rather stupid. So a Pikmin could be right in front of the space ship and if you don’t call it, it will just be left behind because it’s not in the ring.

    1. Yeah! STFU haters! Instead of Princess Peach getting kidnapped by Bowser this time it’s a Sprixie Princess! I can hardly imagine where this is going!!!

      Geez, does every game have to have *NEW* in the title so you can tell it’s new?! Buy it, buy it now!

  38. It’s like no one even knows this isn’t a recycled upgrade!!! (‘Cause it’s clearly not.) Nintendo should’ve visibly crossed out *Land*, add *World* in its place&stamped *NEW* in the title. Day 1 buy! Do U even know what kinda PPL U’re marketing to, Ninty?

  39. Oh come on. Really? super mario world was a five hour game and super mario bros 3 was even shorter(if you are good at it). Eight hours for a main story is definitely good enough especially if you count the extra hours completing everything. Mario games are not suppose to be like skyrim. Even then people eventually lose interest in the game and move on to something else. Also, why would anyone complain about how easy the levels are in the beginning? That’s how it’s suppose to be so everyone can learn the controls. Have anyone who is complaining about the difficulty ever played super mario sunshine? Some of those later levels were completely unforgiving. I don’t see why people always want games so difficult and cryptic that they would want to punch the screen. you can easily avoid all of the power-ups and check points if you want a challenge. Hell, if you really want a challenge, try avoiding all of the coins I bet the game would seem unbeatable then. Mario games are suppose to make you feel good and not make you rage. If you want that then go play cat mario, i wanna be the guy, or the impossible game.

  40. I am commenting just to say I bought the game today, and beat it in about 6 hours max, it was severely easy but alot of fun, but Im going back to GameStop in the morning to trade it in already.

  41. The game is terrible. It’s possibly the simplest game I’ve ever encountered. I understand making it easy enough for a kid or casual player to be able to feel like they can get through it, but there are literally 0 challenging aspects to the game. No difficult secrets to find or obtain, no challenges that require more than a couple of attempts. It’s a really sad game that follows the same sad path as the last big release by Nintendo, Skyward Sword. If you were frustrated with the pathetic level of hand-holding in that game then you will hate this one.

    1. Just to add to this, I’ve been collecting every star and “gold flagging” every level and it takes about an hour to beat each world. It feels more like a mundane task at work than a game. You win simply by pressing buttons. 0 thought required to solve any “puzzles,” and in my opinion there was 0 effort put in to any of them.

      I wish I had just bought wind waker HD. I’ve played that game twice on the GameCube but at least it’s a quality game.

    2. You are in the minority with your oppinion …. I LOVE this game… It is all about having fun….. And I am having a blast with this game, as most every reviewer has … Not one negative review on metacritic ( over 60 reviews ) ?….

  42. I doubt it’ll beat Mario Galaxy for me, but it still looks like a splendid game. Is he serious though? 8 hours is a stretch alright- I have no doubt that it’s possible, but clearly he wasn’t exactly trying to 100%. There’s 12 worlds, and the last few appear to be pretty tough. The first few worlds are fairly easy, but the difficulty sure cranks up towards the end.

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