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Grab A Nintendo 3DS XL For $149.99 At Target On Black Friday


US retail emporium Target will be selling the Nintendo 3DS XL for $149.99 on Black Friday.  The handheld, which features a 90% larger top screen than that of the original Nintendo 3DS, normally retails for around $199.99 on Amazon. Will you be making the plunge and purchasing one of these acclaimed handhelds on November 29th?

Thanks, Banjodude



  1. Why grab a 3DS when the PS Vita is better, I mean, it has such amazing games like… umm… it has… Hold on, I know it has great games, it has… Ah, fuck it.


    1. Yeah I agree, the Vita has a lot of potential to be a competitor to the dominant 3DS but there marketing strategy is worse than the Wii Us, (snap, Tech burn)


      1. The Wii Us… I know that is not what you are saying, but I think we now know the next Nintendo system. It plays well with the apple naming convention, and Wii and Us are synonymous.


      2. Whatever, don’t be a grammar Nazi I was just making a point, this isn’t college or University, this is teh internetz no one cares about grammar, punctuation or logic here


    2. has a shooter killzone that has graphics of almost ps3(running on downgraded ps3 engine), something for the hardcore graphics whore. though even for a big graphic whore like me, playing shooter on handheld.. mehh. persona 4 golden was one wonderful experience though.


      1. Give her some attention every now and then dude or you might lose her and end up playing with your 3DS. During HBO after dark hours.


  2. Over the last 3-4 years Black Friday has become too dangerous. I’ve been pushed down several times, and almost ran over in parking lots. So you have to ask if it’s worth risking your life to save $50.


  3. If I didn’t already own a 3DS, then I’d definitely buy one now. You guys should definitely go for it. It’s a pretty great console to own! One of the best of all time I’d say…and that’s saying something!


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