Sonic Lost World Demos Now Available On North American eShop


A demo for both the Wii U and 3DS versions of Sonic Lost World is now available on the Nintendo eShop in North America. The game was released on October 29th in North America and October 18th in Europe. It has proven to be fairly divisive, with the Wii U version scoring a 5.8/10 from IGN, a 7/10 from our own review, and a 36/40 from Famitsu. This is a great opportunity for gamers to try the game out for themselves before they buy it in order to ensure they enjoy it. While the demo is apparently not available in Europe at this time, hopefully it will be soon so European gamers can enjoy the same luxury. For those who have played it, what are your impressions of Sonic’s latest outing?


    1. I played through the whole thing, got Super Sonic and everything. Given those three options? I’d go with the 9, although I’d place it maybe closer to 8ish. It has a few flaws but the game is a delight so long as you can appreciate the controls. (And the fact this is a Sonic game, not a Mario game.)

    2. Never judge a game based on reviews, you have to play the game for yourself and see if you like it.

  1. I guess better late than ever. I already put this game a bit back on the list thanks to all the other stuff this month, but I love me some Sonic. So, going to download now.

    1. Holy fucking shit.
      You better answer this.
      DUDE I KEEP PLAYING THE 3DS DEMO OVER AND OVER AND GUESS WHAT THERES SPINDASH YOU KNOW? I use the infinite spin dash all over the level and it has an amazing feel of FAST SPEED SHIT so go screw yourself this game is FAST you just fucking suck

      1. Wow, I post my opinion on a demo and some random dude on the internet wants to start a war with me >.>
        Not a fan of repetitive spindash. I was hoping there would be the boost button from Generations but I’ll have to try it to see if I enjoy it. Thanks for the tip anyway.

      2. Tried it. It’s ok, but still not up to my expectations. I could be wrong since this is just a demo, but it’s not going get me to buy since it’s feels like a step backward from Generations.

  2. I dont particularly care for the sonic franchise but hey. If it’s a free demo, I’ll give it a try and maybe I’ll like it

  3. I don’t like this game at all, the new age sonic games are terrible in my opinion. I like the Sega Genesis sonic games, they were amazing.

    1. yeah they may not have been as fast, but they were awesome, and hard platformers. Sonic just isn’t the same anymore.

  4. I highly recommend downloading the Demo. I’ll break it down in a “mini review” of sorts, but don’t let negative reviews immediately turn you off to the game. Try it out, and allow yourself to get a good feel for the controls, as they take just a little bit to get used to, but a bit more time to fully master. Don’t dismiss it too fast, because you can’t parkour perfectly right out the gates. It’s a good game, and lots of fun.

    I’m currently around 75% completed on the Wii U Sonic Lost World game. Here’s the deal. If you’re expecting “Boost to win” and super ultra fast gameplay, you’ll be disappointed. If you’re looking for a 3D Sonic, that is closer to the Genesis classics, where you have areas where you can speed through, but want some platforming and jumping, this is for you.

    It’s the best controlling 3D Sonic game IMO. 3 general speeds, double jump and the parkour system, can make platforming as good as it’s ever been in 3D Sonic. The parkour system does take time to get used to, but if you take the time to learn how to properly execute it, it’s a great system.

    The only complaint I’ve seen with the game, that I agree with reviewers on, is how pathetically easy the bosses can be. I literally beat one of the later bosses in a matter of 5-10 seconds. I didn’t realize I had beaten him so fast, so the ending music and such, caught me by surprise. That said, collecting all the red coins in each stage (so far) and some of the challenges, is where the challenge comes into play. Some stages can be fairly rough too. Some of the “ice tunnel” stages can really get you, if you’re not careful. It’s never an unfair difficulty, it just requires quick reflexes, thinking ahead, and being proficient at Sonic’s ice skating mechanics. (Subsequently, I really like how they handled Sonic on the ice) There’s a pretty good variety in levels too. Lots of different play options, and so far, I’d say they are all fun. Haven’t hated a level yet.

    I’d say the game is a very solid 8.5 at least, out of 10. If you can look past the easy bosses, and the typical “cheese” of newer Sonic stories (The more serious themes are hit or miss, so these more lighthearted stories are ok with me, can catch a chuckle here and there) you could call it a 9.0, pretty easily.

    I think this is another step in the right direction for Sonic. The “tube” and “tunnel” level design can be kinda weird at first, but it comes around and makes for interesting mechanics. If they could take the level design of Sonic Generations, but switch the ratio of platforming sections and “boost to win” sections, the controls and overall mechanics from this game, some tough and inspired boss battles, you’d be staring at the best 3D Sonic game. Hopefully they go that route.

  5. Got both demos as well as The Wonderful 101. Will give them a try later, gotta hook my WIi U back up (the HDMI is currently not plugged in cos I was using it to watch shows from my laptop). I love Sonic games, I’m not overly critical like a lot of people tend to be of them (though Unleashed I cannot say I liked all that much….)

  6. Did anybody see Silicornera’s comment section to this news? Oh what the sheer mention of boobies will do to a man.

    Anywho, better late than never, especially with the mixed reviews.

  7. Played the 3DS demo, it was amazing. It didn’t really take me long to get used to the controls, although that may have been because I knew how the game was supposed to be played going into it. After that, I found the game to be reasonably fast (not as fast as Generations, but fast enough that I still felt like I was playing a Sonic game), the level design to be very open ended and didn’t really hinder my need for speed. The controls were good, too, somewhat loose but not nearly as broken as people say.

    That being said, I wouldn’t recommend the full game simply because later levels do not stay that way, there’s a lot of puzzle oriented and Wisp oriented gameplay (examples: defeat X number of enemies to progress, push X number of switches to progress).

    Not sure about the Wii U version because I don’t have a Wii U. Supposedly there’s a Wal Mart demo somewhere, so I’m going to check my local Wal Mart and see if there’s a demo there.

    1. The Wal Mart near me was closed due to a power outage, but I can confirm that there’s a Wii U demo at U.S. Target stores (although it probably is at Wal Mart as well). The Wii U version is all right, it’s a bit worse control wise, Sonic is harder to control at running speed and feels slower. Parkour doesn’t really work well if you use it on corners. And the Gamepad is utterly useless and pace breaking, the touch screen controls for Laser Wisp are near broken, and the help menu being put on the Gamepad is really annoying. Kick is near useless with the addition of charged homing attacks. Also, I didn’t really like the level design as much here, it wasn’t as speed friendly here. Overall, I felt the game was all right, but a bit worse control wise than the 3DS, and definitely not a system seller for the Wii U, but if you already have a Wii U and like Sonic, you’ll probably enjoy this.

  8. I played the demo and I have to say I disagree with the reviews this game has been getting. It feels great and plays like the classics, mixed with modern Sonic’s moves plus new ones. I will probably get it at a low price, though. Sonic Colors and Generations were great, but weren’t worth the full price.

  9. OK so after playing this game it was obvious that the negative reviews were very stupid.. first off Sonic Lost World, Sonic is fast enough but it doesn’t break the game like other sonic games. The fact that you can control his speed via right trigger is genius! Yes would I want him fast, maybe but I know it would be hard to control. The only area that he should be a little faster is maybe in the parkour system and by that I mean minor and nit-picky stuff.

    But overall its a really good game. The thing I wish is that is a little Mario Galaxy and just a little more Sonic in terms of levels. But from the gameplay, the 60 fps (which gives it a excellent feel of speed) to the music this game is really good!

    If you are on the fence play the demo it will def convince you to purchase. That’s what happened to me…

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