Nintendo’s Big Band Performs Music From Super Mario 3D World

A video has been posted of Nintendo’s Big Band Orchestra performing various tracks from Super Mario 3D World. As reported some weeks ago, many of the tracks in Super Mario 3D World will feature a live orchestra. While the video only features snippets from several tracks, hopefully this is a sign of things to come and the music in 3D World will live up to the excellence of the music from the Mario Galaxy titles. Nintendo has recently announced that the soundtrack will see a release in Japan. Hopefully North America and Europe will be able to jump in on the fun as well.

Thanks Eivind for the tip.


  1. Man oh man, just hearing that regular course music is getting me all pumped up! I haven’t been this excited for a Mario game since, I don’t know, Sunshine? (Hopefully with a better end result.)


      1. Yeah, they took that from 3D Land and orchestrated it. There are some other tunes that I’ve heard in other footage that they didn’t include here, like the Snow theme from 3D Land which they took and orchestrated, as well as the new music on the train levels, and a Mario Galaxy remix. Not to mention, that new desert music, and the other music that’s played on the high mountain-like levels.


  2. 0:47 and 0:58 are the ones Koji Kondo contributed to this game. The Beach theme he wrote sounds like a relaxing Mario Sunshine tune, like Gelato Beach which he also wrote.


    1. I heard a non-orchestrated version of that one in the E3 demo when fighting that weird snake-like boss in the casino-themed area. I think it’s a boss theme.


  3. The music is just beautiful and I can’t wait to hear it when I play the game. When I play Sonic Lost World, I enjoy a lot of it because of the catchy music and colorful scenery. I can’t wait to play Super Mario 3D World and love listening to each song and enjoy this beautifully crafted game.


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