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A Link Between Worlds Street Date Allegedly Broken


The street date for The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds has supposedly been broken  in France. Micromania has been selling the game along with 3DS XL bundle that comes with a copy of Link’s latest outing. It is also alleged that Nintendo has given Micromania the go ahead to break the street date, but this seems highly unlikely as Nintendo is very protective of their AAA titles. A Link Between Worlds is set to be released in North America and Europe on November 22nd and has been met with wonderful reviews. If you’re in France, have you seen any copies of the game around?


  1. There’s no way Nintendo would authorise that, considering their reaction to the similar date breaking for Pokemon last month

  2. I hope you guys (Sickr and friends) won’t post any sort of spoilers about this game that are revealed because of this. It’s hard to avoid spoilers on a blog like this.

    1. Yes, plus Nintendo are spoiling to much on Nintendo direct and everywhere else.
      The only things I want to know about a loz game is the release date and maybe how it looks.

    1. Again I must state that it is a download code (last I heard) that can easily be sold to someone who wants to buy a digital copy. The funds can then be used for a physical one.

    2. I’m pretty sure it’s a download everywhere. The guy probably (like me) got both the bundle and physical copy and will sell the download code.

      1. bad quality picture doesn’t mean it’s not true. And to the guy above, NA gets a download code with the bundle. not sure about other regions, as I’m in NA and haven’t followed. We won’t be posting major spoilers for the game because we’re reviewing it. would kind of defeat the purpose.

      1. Actually the bottom half always seems to look gold like that in official videos that I’ve seen as well. Not sure where it turns black but so far it looks like it may be real…

      2. do you mean: “it is amazing I made a cunt cry” … well guess what…. when you insult an entire country over nothing like a game which may have been sold before the official date that the kind of reaction you will get.

        “Keep going.amaze me with your frenchy gayness”… I am more than certain that I have more women in my bed than you will ever touch or kiss.

        Furthermore please note that did not ask for your nationality, cause does not matter where you come from. you are stupid and seem to be ignorant with a lot of prejudices. bye

  3. Really ? Ahah, I’ve got a Micromania near from where I live :D
    Kidding, I’ll wait for the 22nd myself, preordered it.

  4. Getting this in 7 days! BTW my PS4 dont work lol. Going to return this shit tomorow and stick witth my Wii U and 3DS XL bundle until SONY get their shit together .. like in 4 years.

      1. Ps4 is the best console ever! It works has a cheese griller and a space warmer now if it had games it would be perfect!.

  5. I’ve seen two Zelda television advertisements on Guys Codes episodes. I like it, i’m getting more and more hype-up as the releases date near.

      1. At least the French had more courage against the nazis that the Swiss. Swiss are the true cowards of world war 2!

  6. The street date was broken on Pokemon and now Zelda. The stores that do this are going to be punished by Nintendo. They have said that they take this seriously and if they have to they won’t ship the games to stores that break the dates repeatedly until a week or more after the release date.

    1. Well Nintendo showed some entirely gold XLs too.
      I’m confused now, don’t know if they are half gold half black or just gold…

  7. Did they not learn from the Pokémon X&Y thing? Nintendo said any stores who break street date and are caught WILL FROM THEN ON GET GAMES A WEEK AFTER THEY LAUNCH.

  8. I live in France and Micromania is the worst retailer ever. I hope this incident makes them close for good.

  9. I’m in France, I saw copies of Zelda last Saturday at Micromania, Auchan (kinda WallMart/Tesco) and FNAC(Kind of Virgin store).
    I was about to pre-order a copy to get a bonus, I’m so pissed.

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