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Skylanders SWAP Force Wii U Bundle Available Now

wii_u_skylanders_swap_force_bundleThe Skylanders SWAP Force Wii U bundle is now available in North America for a suggested retail price of $299.99. The bundle comes with a white Wii U Basic system and a Skylanders SWAP Force starter pack, which includes a physical copy of the game, a Portal of Power, three Skylanders figures, a collector poster, trading cards and sticker sheets. The bundle is also packaged with a Nintendo Land game disc.

16 thoughts on “Skylanders SWAP Force Wii U Bundle Available Now”

  1. Had my deluxe since launch, and gamestop were out of wii u swap force dark edition, had to get the 360 one.

    :( went for the wiiu though, it’s basically the exact same on all platforms

  2. here we go, now nintendo starts to understand how to sell more Wii U. Don’t get me wrong I am not a fan of Skylander but from a business point of view it’s a very good idea. if the Wii U do not sell then there is not hope. Cause skylander is more popular (I did not say better) than a mario or a zelda game not just in America but also in Europe. Now phase 2 for Nintendo get your rep on the road and visit reseller to make sure this bundle can be see by the general public. Also don’t forget TV advertising between kid program/channel and we have a good chance to have a good sales this xmas.

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