Unlocking Rosalina In Super Mario 3D World

As previously reported, Rosalina from the Mario Galaxy games is a playable character in the upcoming Super Mario 3D World. Rosalina is the fifth playable character in the game following Princess Peach, Mario, Luigi, and Toad. She can be unlocked after gaining access to a final “secret” world. Watch the video to see exactly how to unlock her, as well as a small bit of gameplay footage featuring Rosalina. Super Mario 3D World comes out on November 22nd in North America and November 29th in Europe.



  1. Shit Baby Game that no one Buys…MARIO 3D World Save the Wiiu right?LIKE PIKMIN3,Sonic Flop Worlds,Wonderful Framerate Issues 101.Exposed all NINTENDO gamers can suck Ryans dick>N-Dub Nation clown<


      1. Hey, for once your right, that because they don’t need that bulky hardware to sell great games…exposed yourself there, didn’t ya, and while I’m at it, I read this to you so you can be destroyed like all my other victims of my anti trolling of death. Pay close attention. AHEM!! mmm…

        “Sony Testing Bricked PS4 Units for Blue Light of Death, Amidst Sales Boom

        Added by James Fenner on November 19, 2013.
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        Sony testing bricked PS4 units for BLOD amidst enormous sales

        Sony’s PlayStation 4 hit the ground running, selling a not-too-shabby one million units within just 24 hours of becoming available on the market. The next generation console went on sale in the United States and Canada on Nov. 15.

        This represents a considerable improvement over their previous generation console, the PlayStation 3. During the PS3′s 2006 launch, Sony only managed to push out around half a

        PlayStation 4 sales exceed one million in week one
        PlayStation 4 sales pass the one million mark, in the first week alone.

        million devices to the Japanese and American masses, within the first month of launch.

        During a recent press statement, president and chief executive officer of Sony Computer Entertainment, Andrew House, reflected upon the Japanese conglomerate’s latest sales figures for the much-touted PS4:

        “Sales remain very strong in North America, and we expect continued enthusiasm as we launch the PlayStation 4 in Europe and Latin America on Nov. 29.”

        Around 0.4 Percent of PS4 Units have BLOD Issue

        However, the PS4′s launch was somewhat marred by some users reporting technical faults in Sony’s online forums. Sony has already confessed that approximately 0.4 percent of all distributed consoles were dead on arrival, or perished within a short while of being booted up.

        Taking a quick perusal of Amazon’s customer reviews section for the PlayStation 4: Launch Edition, the review scores appear somewhat mixed. From the date of writing, over 1,800 reviewers have given the console a 5 star rating. On the flip side, around 700 customers have awarded the PS4 with the lowest possible rating. Many dissatisfied users have reported the “deadly blue light,” and one individual even claims they purchased two devices to resell, only to have the misfortune of neither system operating successfully. ABC News even reports that their first PS4 review system suffered the same fate, and had to be replaced by Sony.

        According to recent reports, there does not seem to be any specific cause for the bricked consoles, and it is believed that a range of issues could be contributing towards the demise of user’s PS4s.

        The Xbox 360, which was maligned by many a gamer for displaying the dreaded ring of death, seemed to be a separate issue. Whereas the 360′s defects appeared to center around thermal failure, resulting from overheating after having played for a number of days or weeks, many PS4 units are unable to function out of the box.

        As shown in the clip above, gamers are setting up their brand new rigs, only to encounter the flashing blue light of death (BLOD). Whereas the console should initially display a pulsating blue light when firing up, before transitioning to white, systems that are afflicted with the BLOD issue are unable to get past the blue light startup phase and the television continues to register no input; as a result, many disgruntled buyers have dubbed their PS4 a useless, $400 paperweight.

        Some PS4 owners, meanwhile, are experiencing this fault after having booted up the console on multiple occasions, whilst other customers report system failure after updating the firmware to version 1.5.

        Currently, even Sony remains uncertain as to precisely what technical issues are responsible for the pulsating blue light of death. Many have speculated the flaw to be a manufacturing fault, since the problem manifests so quickly. Over on the PS4 forums, PlayStation support officials are providing some suggestions as to the likely sources of faults – principally revolving around the power supply, hard drive, software and television compatibility – and provides a number of brief troubleshooting guides (see sources section, below).

        Internal Testing Ongoing at Sony

        It’s also worth noting, if the stated 0.4 percent failure rate is an accurate reflection of how many units are problematic, and Sony is not underestimating the scale of the issue, this does not yet represent a disastrous launch; although, this will come as no consolation to owners of bricked PS4 consoles. Nonetheless, if 0.4 percent of all shipped units are believed to be faulty, in just under a week since launch, where will we be in a year’s time, or even a month for that matter?

        Meanwhile, speaking to Mashable, Sony representatives claim they are doing everything in their power to determine the problem and seek a speedy resolution:

        “We take any problem very seriously, which is why we’re having each of the affected systems sent back to us and tested to eliminate all possibilities and identify the issue.”

        Users who have dispatched their bricked PS4 devices back to Sony technicians will be provided with replacement units immediately. In the meantime, the company is currently conducting internal testing on those affected console systems that have already been returned. We await the results of their analysis.

        By James Fenner

        Extreme Tech


        ABC News

        PS4 Forums”

        Article right here…

        You sir was destroyed…


      2. Damage control? look who’s talking? Just by destroying you made you all bent out of shape. LOL, face it, you lost. There isn’t anything you can say to save you, you exposed your own self sir. YOU ARE A SONY DRONE, PUPPET, DELUIONAL SONY drone.


      3. Whats wrong? What happened to all that “good 1 million sold” talk? I think he died, hey are you dead?

        Listen up, they are really following Nintendo’s launch failure. 1 million sold? Good for them…but that still doesn’t change the fact of the systems being bricked for some unknown reason mr. drone, next time you face me, make sure you got the proof before trying your trolling on a pro troll/anti troll. All I need to say…now get lost weakling.


      4. AAA third parties can’t develop worth shit on the Wii U for the most part anyways, so that insult has no power here.
        Go back to sucking EA’s dick.
        We’ll stick with the small number of third parties that actually know how to optimize games correctly for the system while you keep on playing over-rated war shooters.


      5. My god, You’re nothing but a pathetic Microsoft Fanboy that jacks off in front of the Xbox One’s All-Seeing-Eye of a camera. Stop trying to peddle you’re favorite console onto people of a different opinion. KEY WORD BEING OPINION. This whole “Console War” is irrelevant. Its simply you’re preference. No one of the Three Companies is going to stop making games, they’re all VERY Wealthy companies. So what if 3rd Party isn’t on Wii U? It doesn’t matter. They make more first party games, which most people are fine with. If I want to play Toilet Simulator 2013, I’ll go play it on my PC. So, to recap… You’re a fanboy who is wasting time, and the console war is irrelevant. And before you comment back with the old “lol ur just a shitendo fanboy.” I’m not. In fact, I LIKE the Xbox 360 (Not so much the Xbox One, but I digress). But when I see biased fanboys blurting out what console you should like similar to a Jehovah Witness, it annoys the living shit out of me.





      6. why, because MS depends on 3rd party while Sony and Nintendo mostly has their own games…. MS has to pay EA to make the games only exclusives to the xbox one, stop being a fan boy why don’t you?


      7. aaaaaaahhhh goodevening troll. if you are only here to bitch then go away. if you dont like nintendo fine its your opinion. but if your only here to bitch about nintendo because you dont like them then your just a plain old no life person. greetings from a nintendo and sony fanboy


    1. Yea I getting annoyed by those as well. That is why my brother refused to look on Smash Bros website. But thanks to game websites showing all those news then my brother just ignore gaming community completely.


      1. I don’t, actually, I find you the most respectful of them all because you know your games like simply G, Nintendo commander, and anyone else who does here like me. That being said, you like to play on other systems than one. I have yet to see you troll bad about any other system including Nintendo. I just don’t see a real good reason to buy a ps4 or xbox one. Ps4 following Nintendo’s launch failure is really telling me to wait…on top of that, I don’t see real good games to play since I own most that are being re released on the systems…specially gears of war and street fighter.


  2. I am back my Fellow Nintendo and true Gamers. Patience is a great Virtue I told Ice, Aeleous, Aldarazz, Billy boy, Neutron. Nintendodomination in 3 days.


    1. They should have done it depending on how many green stars you’ve collected. say.. 100 for a start or as soon as you reach special world 1 like luigi from 3D land.
      some sort of incentive instead of an end game character


  3. I’m excited to play as Peach, but I’m glad they’ve added a second female character. The New Super Mario Bros games on console have been such a sausage fest. Why not make one of the Toads into Toadette so that Toad can be the traditional Toad? I do hope this is a bit more challenging than Super Mario 3D Land. I loved the game, but it was so easy spare a few well-hidden coins. Glad it got a good score though, but Nintendo should really advertise the system itself better so that great games like this will be enjoyed. With games like Pikmin 3 and Zelda on the system you’d think the sales would pick up….


  4. This game is going to be a W101, WWHD, and pikmin 3 lol boost sales for a week and then the hype dies out. Then back to bad Wii U sales


    1. Have u seen mario’s past holiday sales history with galaxy, and 3d land? hell even new super mario bros?Mario sells great at launch, then goes to a steady flow and then blows up in sales around 20th of dec


    2. Plus those three games are even good comparisons. pikmin is something that lives on install base, wonderful 101 was set to fail with the lack of advertisement. Wind waker’s doing well with the bundles because the eshop chart show it number one, which isn’t bad for a remake. nsmbu sold to most wii u owners and lots of people are wanting 3D world


      1. Well im comparing it in the sense that it’s getting hyped up like those games. Also its a different time frame like Wii had other quality must haves by the time galaxy was out and wii sales were much better than wii U sales during this time but the wii U is on life support and has no must haves at the moment plus casuals don’t know what it is unlike the “Wii” everyone knew what it was so with all that 3D world will sell good but it won’t last long and its not going to make someone pay $300 for a system


  5. If i have part in this, the Wii games sucked, for the most part. HOWEVER, the Wii U STILL plays the old system’s games. as Microsoft stated, “You cannot play Xbox 360 games on the new Xbox One.” and “There will be a new controller for the Xbox One.” I’m not one to spend money freely. I can’t go buying a bunch of new controllers. Wii U FIXES THAT PROBLEM by making you get ONE new controller INSIDE THE Wii U BOX. the rest of the controllers are Wii controllers, and HALF of the Wii U games only use them for a controller– no motion crap. CASE CLOSED.


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