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Meet The Composer Of The Legend Of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

With all the re-arrangements in the A Link Between Worlds musical score from A Link to the Past, along with additional original material, one might have thought that Koji Kondo was the composer for the Link’s latest adventure. In fact, he had no involvement with the project that we know of at this point and is not listed in the end credits of the game. The sole composer for A Link Between Worlds is Ryo Nagamatsu. Nagamatsu is best known for his work in the Mario series, composing pieces for Super Mario Galaxy 2, New Super Mario Bros. Wii, and Mario Kart Wii. The soundtrack for the latest installment in the Zelda series has been critically lauded in many of the reviews that have come out thus far. Are you familiar with Nagamatsu’s work? What do you think of the lack of involvement on Koji Kondo’s part?



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  1. Well, as far as his music being in ALBW I have to actually play the game first before I give an comments towards it, but I loved the music in mario galaxy 2.


    1. dungeon music is original and from the videos I have seen, which are from most of the dungeons, it has the best dungeon music in the series. at least from the bits I have seen. but those dungeons are also spoilery (the videos) which is why I didn’t post them.


  2. Koji Kondo (and Shigeru Miyamoto) has taken a step back recently to let new talent express itself, no? That’s was one reason Mario Galaxy and Skyward Sword–apart from the orchestration–sounded so fresh.


  3. Of course Kondo wasn’t involved. Even when he USED to compose Zelda music, he didn’t do any of the handheld games. The most Koji Kondo has ever been involved in composing music for handheld games was writing the main New Super Mario Bros. theme on DS (something he didn’t intend to do, but the developers complained the earlier version composed by someone else didn’t sound like Mario), and he did the Ending theme to Zelda: Spirit Tracks.

    It’s sad really, as Mahito Yokota’s music was really only praised BECAUSE of the production value, not the quality of the music itself. I guarantee if it were synthesized, it would be completely forgotten.

    That said, I’m glad he WAS slightly involved with 3D World, writing the new Athletic theme (heard in that Double Cherry Pass stage), and the new Beach theme.

    Still, the new composers haven’t composed anything that can even compare to music on the level of Dire Dire Docks, so Kondo (who isn’t that old) taking a step back (when he clearly wants to compose more, based on him expressing disappointment for getting assigned so little music in Galaxy) is incredibly disappointing.


  4. He’s no Koji, but that’d be like complaining about there being no second Jesus (especially seeing as how that’s Bruce Campbell, but I digress). But even so, Nagamatsu’s a good composer in his own right. His melodies get stuck in your head, and in a good way. Seems as if it’s so hard for people to make truly memorable video game music these days.


  5. Based on the music I’ve heard from ALBW so far, and on his past contributions to Mario games, I’d say Nagamatsu is a more than competent composer.


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  6. I can’t stand the fact they put someone who has no experience in doing Zelda music in a game originally set to be a remake of Link to the past . If the music was initially composed by Koji Kondo then it should be him. Not to mention imo, the theme for when you fight the antagonist in hyrule castel is the worst addition in terms of music to a zelda game. And above all else the re-arranges, especially the Sacred Realm theme is done poorly, and too much of the overworld theme is off-rhythm.


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