Only 4% Of IGN Readers Surveyed Plan To Own Only A Wii U By The End Of The Year (Infographic)


Popular gaming site IGN has quizzed its readers to find out which next generation consoles and games they’re most looking forward to in the coming months. Unsurprisingly, Sony’s recently released PlayStation 4 console came out on top. The reader said it shows the most potential and is also the system most of them plan to own by the end of the year. However, the Wii U didn’t do very well in the survey, which was conducted by 26,000 IGN readers. Only four percent said that the system showed potential over the next five years and only four percent said it will be the one console they will own at the end of the year.


      1. Sonyan may be giving the Xbots and Nintendrones a tough time, but Sonyan will definitely win in the end. That being said, the Xbots and Nintendrones should team up to create a super console. Nintendrones can be in charge of the portables while the Xbots take care of the home console front. Smash Bros on X Box One!

      2. I kinda like your idea, i think it would turnout good, because that way they could get western support through MS and Japanese support through Nintendo, actually what you said makes lots of sense.

      3. Nothing will help the WiiU. Even the Japanese people are not buying the WiiU. They jumped shipped on that console.

      4. I wasnt talkin about WiiU, i was talkin if Nintendo and Ms would develop new systems together, Ms has western influence, Nintendo has japanese, the system would have best from both. Think about it games like Smash,Halo,Mario,Forza,Zelda etc. on one system. Xbox online features, Nintendos innovation, great idea at least on paper, we cant never be sure how it would turnout if it would come real, but the idea is cool.

      5. Ok. Might be good, but I don’t see two head strong companies working together. Nintendo and MS are very stuck up companies that believe their way is the best way. It would be neat but I see fighting and blowing up.

      6. Does any company make it when they team up with MS. They are a huge Virus and suck things into them and just like a black hole, nothing gets out.

        But you have to give them credit, they know how to market and win. Did it with their OS, the own the OS market. I don’t care what MacOS people say, when your 5% of the market you don’t exist.

        That is what WiiU is in the home console market, non-existing home console. But Nintendo have been very consistent on failure for home consoles except the Wii fluke. One failure after another, because they don’t change with the times.

      7. I’d rather self-terminate 13 times over than ever cooperating with the Xbots or have anything to do with the Microsoft Realm and their evil Creator Bill Gates…

      8. Well that evil creator has more money than you ever could dream of and he can afford WiiU among other things xD

      9. Kinda do, Nintendo is still making profit, made profit through whole last gen, unlike MS with gaming division, but MS is always making more with its software side,
        Nintendo is in disadvantage, since their all eggs are in one basket.
        Sony has a lot of different investments as well, even though they made gigantic losses last generation, and not only of their gaming side.
        I hope Sony does well, and brings something that interests me enough to get a PS4.

      10. Sony has a lot of different divisions, but they really need to make PS4 profitable quickly.
        They are on the way to right direction.
        I dont know how their other divisions are doing, but consumer electronics side is not in good shape.

        Wii U sadly is running on loss, but overall Nintendo is on profit.

        I dont see how Microsoft is going to sell their console.
        Might take couple of years for them to get on profit with gaming division.
        Overall they are doing fine as well, unless they totally fail with the phone division they just purchased.

        So out of all three, Sony seems to be in worst shape.

      11. i visit IGN frequently, and trust me if you go on the comments you will see that many such as myself didn’t even know about such a poll.

      12. Ok, it wasn’t just me. I had been on site a few time and didn’t even know existed.

  1. IGN’s Nintendo viewership all left when Audrey and whatshisface left.

    IGN is no place for Nintendo fans

    1. Thats true, but that is where a big portion of the gaming world goes. So to say it doesn’t matter because no Nintendo person goes there, is true. But that doesn’t matter, because the number of Nintendo people are getting smaller and smaller. The Wii killed Nintendos chance for a serious console for many years. To put out a very low end console (gamecubed, recovered) with a WIImote killed its chances for average gamers. They got the casual people, but casual people are not jumping to have the latest. When you play it only at parties, Wii still does it well. No reason to spend more money. Most of those Wii users haven’t even used their wii in years.

      They probably have no clue what a WiiU is or there is a WiiU.

      1. Nothing, I love the WiiMote. playing FPS with a wiimote is AWESOME. COme on PS/xbox is still in the 80s for shotters. Using analog stick to aim, then that doesn’t work us there is tons of code for AUTO-Aim. So people can hit each other. If there was no Auto-Aim it would be funny to watch youtub FPS games, people trying to hit something that is jump/running/diving around.

        It would be a great benny hill episode.

      1. Don’t forget about Brian Altano, who’s in all the Nintendo podcasts along with Jose and IGN co-founder Peer.

  2. This is interesting but polls like this aren’t necessarily transitive. It’s targeting one population: hardcore gamers. And let’s face it, this holiday season Nintendo is trying to cater to the casual gamer and is emphasizing “family”. So this isn’t much of a surprise to be honest.

    1. Nintendo has to target the Casual gamer, the Wii killed any chance for serious gamers or gamers that play 15+hours a week. Then to put something out called WiiU, its a poor description of what it is. Without ads (and basically what has happened), they think is another Wii that is an upgrade. Which 90% of the world knows a WII was a casual entertainment console not for hard core gamers. They have not tried, but it would be pointless its too soon after the Wii to get them back.

    2. Obviously these weren’t Nintendo fans polled because Smash bros would be more like 95% and not 10%…

      1. But add up all those Smash bros people, and see how many there are!!! It doesn’t matter how good a game is, its about marketing making people think they have to have it.

  3. 12% in total:
    4% only owning WiiU
    4% owning PS4 and WiiU
    2% owning XBO and WiiU
    2% owning all 3 of them

  4. Wii U got Burrrrrned. Well, I own one so I did my part but I can definitely see why some people would just want to skip the console. PS4 has a much better selection of games in the longrun and the controller scheme is better in both of the other consoles. Now if the Wii U had gotten rid of the gamepad and assed their own achievement/trophy system….things could be very different

    1. What a comment!

      What selection of games are you talking about? PS4 has a horrible selection of launch games! You’d have to wait till march to get something decent!

      Getting rid of the gamepad to make room for achievements!!! Such a good idea, might as well remove miiverse too while you’re at it! I think you’re an idiot.

      1. Let’s not pull a strawman on my comment here.

        I said that PS4 will have a better selection In the longrun. Of course the Wii U has a far better selection since it had a whole year for a head start.

        I want to get rid of the Gamepad regardless of the achievements. It’s not to make room but I don’t like the Gamepad and couldn’t care less about Miiverse. Nintendo needs some kind of achievement system. All of the other big consoles have it and it makes games a lot more fun

      2. Achievments are in NINTENDO games….you just have to remember, Nintendo dosent brag about it….Mario games have the green stars…zelda has the side quests…..and donkey kong has the puzzle pieces…this my friend is an achievment, its just not online for everyone to see and brag like lil brats. Funny thing is, is that you get awarded by doing them.

      3. The worst part about those “Achievements” is that you can’t prove that you’ve done it without a system. You can take a screenshot which may “prove” it, but people will know that it’s fake. With an achievement system you get to brag about it like well mannered adults. Plus the Green Stars are hardly an achievement since they’re so easy…

      4. What games experience have you had on the WiiU that had Gamepad support that made you say that without the gamepad this game would suck.

        I’m sorry, there is not one. just try and look at the gamepad to push a button without loosing what is going on the tv.

        most people like the OFF TV feature, which you could do with PS4 and Vita. Stream it to it for OFF TV.

        I own many games on the Wiiu and a couple doesn’t make it nice, but none of them are games that said if I had to hit a button to switch between guns would make the game unplayable.

        If the gamepad was an option for the Wiiu Like PS3/4. Very few people would spend 100+ for a gamepad.

        Gamepad is a gimmic

      5. Yup a gimmick that is uneeded. I can care less for off screen play, it doesn’t “enhance” gameplay in anyway and if anything makes the experience worst since I switch form a nice 1080p HDTV to a smaller 480p shit screen

      6. Look people is the guy that says Mario 3d world would not get not even one 10. Hows the weather under the rock?

      7. While that has NOTHING to do with what I just said ill admit I was WRONG but hey im only human and congrats to the game anyway (nice alt scared to write with his real name lol)

      8. To me getting a 10 doesn’t mean anything. Its now only about one thing WILL 3dWorld sale consoles, it doesn’t matter if it sales 3 mill or not. If the 3 mill is sold to existing WiiU owners, then its dead. Will the 3d World make people buy a console more than a one week bump, like Monster Hunter and Pikmin. a 130% increase from 6k/week to 13000 in a week is still nothing. if you sale 1 a week and had a 200% increase to go to 3 a week, is still nothing.

        You sale a 1mill in one day vs. 500k in 10 months. That is nothing… That is small potatoes and big companies doesn’t care about the small market share companies.

        Nintendo needs to keep its focus on the Hand Held 3d, that won that market and they need to let the Wiiu go because it is dead, people just have not accepted it.’

        All you people in about 5 years will be saying the same shit you are saying about the gamecube. it was awesome, had great games, just didn’t sale. You will all be saying this in several years about how people didn’t give the WiiU chance and it had great games like ZombiU and such.

      9. Just remember, by December 2012 Wii U sold 3 million units, before the sales drop, which is the same number Sony is estimated by the end December 2013. So by no means is the Wii U dead especially since the majority of sales has came since the end of September at least for the 460K, they have actually been on an upward trend in general. This feels so much like the 3DS just before 3D land came out.

      10. I really hope so. I bet PS4 will out sale what they estimate. Wiiu sales are up but not enough to compete now in a very crowded market. Now there is 5 consoles on the market, the Xbox 360 and PS3 will continue to sale and still out passing WiiU in the US. The Xbox1 and PS4 will out sale the Wiiu Also. WiiU will be 5th and will move to 3rd when the PS3 and Xbox 360 sales fall.

        I don’t compare what happened to the 3DS to a console, that is a different market altogether. Many people have Hand held but its not the same crowd as home console people. So that is comparing apple to oranges.

        And Nintendo is really hurting the WiiU by releasing 3DS ONLY titles. That is a stab in the face to their home console. Who does that, builds software for only one machine and not the other. Those types of tactics to their consumer is horrible. It just shows a level of not carrying for their home console.

        They are releasing the Mini Wii in the US this Christmas. What retailer is going to carry that stupid thing. Some of the things Nintendo goes is just hard to understand.

      11. Pretty much half of the games for me. Every time I go select an item through the game pad or anything that makes my experience streamlined, I realized I just couldn’t go back to endless menus. Gamepad is a feature, like 3D, HD, Achievements, Motion Control, Online gaming or maybe you could call them all gimmicks cause it is possible to play a game without any of those features.

      12. What games do i have that with the Gamepad, it makes the experience better? Where do i start? AC3 and 4, Splinter Cell, Call of Duty, Pikmin 3, Lego City Undercover, Mass Effect 3, Need for Speed:MWU. I’ll stop right there.

    1. Hard to get into the Wii U thanks to the Gamepad and lack of good games. The Wii U’s only good games are the exclusives to be honest and most of those aren’t even out. The Xbox is intense but it’s inferior to the PS4 in just about every way…so PS4 FTW

      1. We will see, Wiiu is dead. I’m sorry, I have one and wished it would turn around. Nintendo had a year with no new consoles, and they showed us NOTHING. No Ads, Nothing. Just poor management, and they need to fire the CEO and get new blood.

        TImes change and you need to change with them. In the console market other than the fluke Wii, Nintendo has not been at the top for 20 years. Every console failed, except when they made the change to go after a NEW market, the casual gamer. No one went after them before the Wii. It was serious gamers before that. But now Xbox is going after the casual gamers also, but market is also showing the casual gamer is not dying to get a new console and buying the latest on every release. They buy it and stick with it for years.

        The people that makes your company stable is the hard core gamers that buy every piece of software and upgrade their consoles to the latest.

    1. Nintendo still thinks it 1980’s. People are different today, they want online and online games. WiiU is trying but Nintendo is not doing it in their games. They are still local ply only.

      Of course their first attempt on the Wiiu is Wii Sports Club, and we don’t have to go into how horrible of a network play that is. Such shallow features that relate to nothing. Not to speak of the Lag on Tennis. Its TENNIS, 2 people move and a BALL.. Come on consoles out of the 90 could handle that kind of packet transfer. Kids in school code write better code than Nintendo released.

      1. maybe you just have bad internet connection because i have never had such a problem. then you have to think would it really work the only game i could consider good as a online game from nintendo are the party games, mario kart and super smash. just putting a game and say it have online features is just a lazy developer.

        Just look at battlefield 4 campain mode bad, online multyplayer great. why did they develop a game with a bad story mode and get get good scores from it? they are saying to the developer that their game suck but they will buy it anyway because I can make it better. no disrespect to does who play these kind of game but why not make a online only type of game?

        well back to nintendo… so were is nintendo doing wrong? they do what they usually do make a pretty good game they never fail to impress and then people want them to do a halfed aced game with online. Then you have to think that if they are going to have online on nintendo game, it have to be in a open world were most of the thing you don’t affect the elements of that game structure, therefore a game like gta, MMORPG, party games (mario party other party games) sport games (fifa, burnout, needfor speed, street figther, mario kart, super smash etc) and all shooters games

        Online is not for every game – This is Gamer, Peace Out.

  5. I understand that Graphics are a big thing in Gaming these days, but are they really the most important deciding factor as to deciding what console to buy and what games to play on a particular system. The way I see it, graphics as the main deciding factor is probably the dumest thing to do (probably just to me anyway). Even the argument between choosing which version of the game to play because of Graphics is dumb, like people complaining that COD has better visuals on the PS4 than on the Xbone. This is why I have a Wii U in the first place (Gameplay > Graphics), atleast we’d prefer to save money. :P

      1. Exactly lol. Graphics shouldn’t be priority 1. But everyone wants more power so they can brag about their power. I would like more power, but I enjoy the gamepad. Still hasn’t blown me away totally but I have seen potential. It’s great for Wind Waker for instance. Makes the game way smoother with no breaks having to pause it to check the map or treasure charts, no pausing to change weapons, and aiming with the gyroscope for arrows and such is way better than using the right joystick.

    1. Well… people do play Walking Dead game (it is an graphic novel game), Heavy Rain (it is an story with real time event game), Beyond Two Souls (it is an story with better real time event game), and etc.

      I guess that is a thing right now.

    2. Maybe people are thinking the future… Games from 3rd party will still be pushed out on to the Xbox one and ps4 but less likely for wii u… I love my wii u… But that’s most likely going to happen and maybe your “dumb” people have that fear or belief

    3. This desire for better and better graphics is getting weirder and weirder.
      It´s not like we are going from simple lines and dots to something 10x more complex (Atari – Nes) or 2D-3D (SNES – N64) or ugly, blocky 1gen 3D to smoother 3D (PS1 – PS2).
      When you watch these comparision videos you often don´t even see the diffirence until the video pauses. Do we really need better graphics than Uncharted 3 or TLOU anyway? Pixar movies haven´t gotten any prettier since Finding Nemo from 10 years ago yet nobody minds and that´s 100% visual entertainment.

  6. Like others have said, there are a lot of Sony fanboys on IGN. But I think Nintendo is having a hard time appealing to the hardcore crowd ever since the Wii. They’ve been catering to soccer moms (this is evident even in their commercials), and the IGN fanbase are hardcore gamers. That’s why the Wii U hasn’t been performing. It’s not appealing to the hardcore, and it’s failing to capture the soccer-mom/casual crowd that the Wii captured back in 2006 and 2007, who have probably moved on by now.

    1. Hate how they’ve turned “hardcore” into “close-minded”, but that’s the way she goes I guess.

    2. Yup the more baby commercials and catering Nintendo does to the “casuals” that only care for ipads, and tablets the worst they will do

  7. Lol well there’s no damage controlling that one. Face it fanboys there is no running from the fact that NO ONE wants a Wii U. Its underpowered, lacks must have first parties, and just isn’t appealing when 3ds is a cheaper way to play better Nintendo games.

    1. Yes listen to one of the worst gaming communities on web that has trolls everywhere 100X worse then this site

      1. You should have seen the comments during the RLOD article nothing but trolls and xboxdrones. Hell trolls where on amazon voting down the ps4

      2. Please man your a pretty cool dude but stop damage controlling, you didn’t even believe the other survey and said similar excuses. Also I saw that article and amazing BS. People will do anything to make ps4 look bad smh

      3. I just would swing this around as evidence. Its better to wait after the holiday rush. Plus we know nothing about X that much and I’m sure that’s going to be my favorite RPG. I hate final fancy(which I mean fancy) because square has sucked with its RPGS for freak in long time. The only one I like is kingdom hearts. Pokémon X was good but it lack content after you beat the game . I want X to be great after playing XENOblade for last couple of days. Back on topic. These polls don’t hold the future. If Nintendo final made a damn starfox game people would line up for the wii u just to get star fox. I’m getting a ps4 because PS4 AND WII U…and 3ds…maybe the vita… I like sony’s ips and Nintendo’s I get their consoles just to play those games. I’m a very patient man I played nes, snes n64 and game advance up until the wii , and ps3. I got a ps2 at the beginning of the ps3 sadly never got a gamecube, played my friends all the time. I can wait for what happens till the holidays are over and I can truly wait after the second year to past my true judgment.

      4. I still have hope for SqE to bring a good final fantasy lol but word up they need a star fox with an online death match, a metroid, an f zero. Those are great ips that Nintendo seems to have forgotten about that hardcore fans like me want. Also i can respect that since I’ve also been gaming since the nes.

      5. Metroid hasn’t been forgotten its still a key player in nintendo’s line up. People usually want retro to make metroid after…Other F-Zero has a good fanbase just not a strong one but it does need to make a comeback. I want to see older ips, like pro wrestling, punchout, ninja castle, game and watch and ect.

      6. Yea Those are welcomed as well. They had punch-out for Wii which was pretty cool

      7. My first game was super punchout soit has special place in my heart. I’ve been told it sold over a million on wii so i hope we see another one in the future with lots of content. I do plan on becoming a game designer one day I have ideas I wish to point into work some original some that currently exist

    2. Underpowered compared to PS4 & XBone is the only fact in your statement. Super Mario 3D World is getting really high reviews all around, even from IGN, so that could be considered a must have 1st party exclusive. Nobody wants it? Then howcome some people are buying (I stress the word SOME)? You can’t compare handheld Nintendo to console Nintendo, same with any company. Different experience. Some people hate handhelds, some people hate consoles. Wii U would be nice with more power but at this point it’s too late and they can still pull off nice games. That’s what they need is lots of great games. 3rd party we can count out cause they are power hungry like the customers & just don’t wanna learn how to develop properly for the Wii U which is their right. You don’t have to be a blind fanboy to own or enjoy a Wii U. There are things that should be improved no doubt, like online games. I bet Super Mario 3D World would have even higher scores all around if they just added the online. Yea I’m sure people are tired of that complaint but its true, they really, REALLY should have included online. Anyway I’m kind of jumping around so I’m gonna stop typing and finish my bowl.

      1. Well I was exaggerating NO ONE but mean it as a very few amount of people want a Wii U which is true. But can you really blame them ? If Wii U didn’t include the gamepad, already had must have AAA titles like a metroid game, a star fox, and a real console Zelda game then i would pick one up along with many other people but the fact that they don’t have anything for the hardcore fan base gives people a reason to NOT want a Wii U not to mention lack of online in games. Also i was comparing it in the sense that the game library for NEW nintendo games is greater on the 3ds than on the Wii U. People want 3ds why ? Because it has great MUST HAVE nintendo games but Wii U doesn’t any MUST HAVES or else people would go out and pick one up. Lack of must have games and alot of other reasons are why the Wii U is not doing so well

      2. I stated myself it needs more great games as it’s biggest flaw. But the other 2 systems don’t have their must haves yet either and it will be some time for their AAA games to hit. The launch of all 3 systems are decent but none really shine.

  8. I’ll let the holidays speak for themselves these polls are pointless. Only 26,000 people voted. The polls ask what do you want by the end of the year. The next is what will show more potential in the next five years. While its nice to see fans hyped for smash this poll is still kinda stupid. The poll was filled with launch hype. These polls could be fueled with trolls so anyone can vote. Gameinfomer’s readers did a poll on the xbox one and ps4. 48% of the people who voted said they didn’t want a ps4, and over 50% didn’t want the xbox one . These polls are worth less data

    1. Polls give an idea of what’s to come tho either way I agree about the letting the holidays speak for themselves

      1. We can’t expect the whole world to visit Ign. I feel if the wii u gets a install base between 6-8 things will be good for while

  9. Ummm Cool? We should do a poll on and have IGN post that lol! IGN is filled with Sony lovers.

    1. Ign has a higher sony community and xbox people, gameinfomer has mix of Sony and Nintendo. Every site is different. Most people avoid Ign from what I’ve read every and watch

      1. “Most people avoid Ign from what I’ve read every and watch”

        While I’m one of those individuals who tends to avoid the site, their millions of hits per month beg to differ from your comment. It’s the #1 ranked gaming site for a reason. Tons of gamers go there. ;/

  10. Are we taking into account that 27% whohalf of it may already own a wiiu and that even tough ign is a huge gaming site very few people actually got to participate and way more did not knew a survey was taking place? I’m always in ign and never got to do the survey.

  11. This poll has nothing more then get more clicks on ign’s community and start fanboy wars, which ign starts all the damn time

  12. If you into baby games then the Wii U is for you. The only ones who are happy with the baby console that will continue to miss out on all the triple A games that release on other systems are the babies who are enamoured with Nintendo baby games. Third party support is seriously lacking in the baby Wii U console. And since now Nintendo with Iwata in charge only makes baby games. Gone are the days when Nintendo was a much more diversified company that made all sorts of different type of games that appealed to different kinds of players, and these other kinds of games attracted 3rd party developers to put their games on Nintendo systems. The good old days when they had Rare and the rest of their 2nd party studios who put games out like Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Eternal Darkness, Conker, the Star Wars games from Factor 5, etc, etc, etc. Even games made by Nintendo EAD like Wave Race or 1080°. The one 2nd party studio they have left (Retro) is put to work on another baby game, oh great!

    Now since Nintendo only makes baby games the only 3rd party support it will get are the ones who make baby games. Baby game this, baby game that, that all the Nintendo babies talk about. Babies will say: “You don’t love Nintendo if you don’t play “insert baby game X or baby game Y” name of a game.” I don’t care about any of those baby games! I liked the old Nintendo who made other types of games for the ones of us who aren’t interested in all these baby games!!!

  13. I think the PS4 is definitely the console I want to get, as it certainly exudes an appealing factor. The main problem is that I really don’t know what games to get for it, because I really don’t care about Killzone or the other shooters on it. Even when Infamous comes out for it, I won’t care either despite playing the first two, because it looks way too full of itself and looks like the developers were listening to Linkin Park while making the game. Not much to get for it for now.

  14. I don’t need a ton of people owning the same console as me to be happy with it. Just give me the games and I’m happy.

    1. ^This. While people are fighting over which system is “better,” or which system will “win” the so-called console wars, wise gamers would just be happy with what they have and enjoy any game they want.

  15. of course the wiiu is last. poor thing doesn’t stand a chance. only software can save the wiiu now. 2014 will be an essential year. just hope nintendo doesn’t fuck it up.

  16. Uh, the title of this article is incorrect. According to the infographic, 4% of people polled plan to own Wii U EXCLUSIVELY, but if you take in to account people who plan to own it *and* one or more other next-gen consoles, it’s 10%. Way to make it sound more than twice as bad as it really is.

  17. Wii U’s failure from what I observe, is just through lack of exciting launch titles and lack of marketing from the get-go. There are also petty things… such as people not knowing the difference between a Wii and Wii U… which could’ve been avoided calling the Wii U something different or marketing it better. But it had a terrible start, and Nintendo didn’t necessarily jump on the fix-it train fast enough either. meh :\

  18. i really cant see the wiiu being a success anymore, even with great games its just not gonna be able to over pass ps4 or x1 sales. the wiiu is not doomed, but it just wont be a great success, and nintendo will just end competing next gen in a more even manner against the ps5 and x2, but nintendo is pretty much done since they have thrown away so many of the hardcore gamers that they once had

  19. Horrible outcome.

    Nintendo will not win this generation, that´s a given.
    But i don´t really care about that as long as Wii-U survives and gives us some good titles.

  20. Now lets see how this improves considering many people are still unaware of it’s existence.

    Also when was this infograph produced?

  21. Can’t really see why one would rather have PS4+XBONE instead of either of those two and a WiiU… o.O

    PS and XB is pretty similar. One would think more people would want a bigger diversity in their gaming library…

  22. Well, IGN readers are morons^^ There is no freaking game on either the xbone or the ps4 that screams ‘buy into next-gen’. Hollywood-y trash? Yearly rehashes that are mediocre at best? And the big revolution of the ps4: freaking indies. Oh, and new revolutionary features like video sharing, streaming or kinect! While the WiiU, the best and most diverse console of the next gen, with motion controls, included off-screen play, full retail backwards compatibility, traditional controllers with a huge variety in general (5 different controller options!), is getting trashed all the time. Oh, and of course FUN GAMES, from the company that actually puts real gameplay into their tv spots (incredible, I know!)

    1. Have you seen the IGN comment section (I know this one has trolls too) but that one is full of GIFs, nerd jokes, rants and some other dude saying something positive to get upvotes, but the thing is that it’s just a bunch of nerd jizz, so of course they’re gonna choose the most popular console right now and the one that shows how “hardcore” and “mature” they are. ‘Cause that’s what most of the gaming community thinks about now.

  23. This survey is not right, because all the hardcore gamers are on IGN. And they vote for PS4 and Xbox One. Most Nintendo fanboys aren’t even on IGN and families who buy Wii U are not on there either.

  24. 4 % wants Wii U and 10 % wants Super Smash Bros. If those extra 6 % isn’t 3DS owners IGN readers isn’t that informed…

  25. So to everyone here what is mature/hardcore gamers? People who own a 360/ps3 and the 2 highest selling game for the 360 is gta5 (which lost it’s awesomeness along time ago) and a call of duty game…… And for the ps3 it’s a racing game along with gta5……. That’s a hardcore gamer that buys those time of games? Wow

    1. Being a hardcore gamer has nothing to do with the *type* of games you play, but rather the life you live. *How* you play. If you are constantly playing games (multiple per year), up on all the latest gaming info – live, breathe, eat, sleep gaming – that’s a hardcore gamer.

      1. which frankly most people aren’t.. they just like to think they are (for whatever reason)

        there’s different tastes in games of course but the average core or hardcore gamer would embrace most or all types of games and not claim a certain type of game (such as jump and runs on nintendo consoles) is “casual” and never touch them for that reason even if they’re very good
        people who do that are not gamers to me they’re ignorant fanboys

        most publishers nowadays cater to the core segment anyway since with those types of games you can still attract the casual players and the hardcore gamers alike

    1. This is the problem, just because the PS4 is black and manly looking with manly games guys need to feed their ego and insecurity of having to prove they’re the most macho of the pach and they are real men by having a PS4. I already know I’m a guy, why? ‘Cause I was born with a dick, and no matter what I play, what I say, what I buy, I’ll always be one, unless I have an operation, but anyway, the thing is that comments like these shows how people put “cool and mature looking” things first over quality. When having to play or buy something to prove and show you are a man and mature, it just shows you are not.

  26. I look at it this way, let the PS4 have its day. I want to see how it does on its own without leaning on Nintendo by copying them all the time. This puts less pressure on Nintendo. That way, when all the promised expectations on PS4 is a let down, the Wii U will come up out of no where.So give credit where it is due. I love the Wii U. It’s a mystery machine on its limitations. There’s no telling what’s going on in Nintendo’s R&D. After all less than 24hours ago we didn’t know Wii U could handle hyper graphics 4K to 8k textures.

    1. Don’t take this as me hating Nintendo,but a racing game having superior graphics isn’t surprising.The more linear the game,the more that can be done with it graphic wise.There’s less content&a lot less happening at once.Plus not much power is required.

  27. Well, the Wii U’s been out for quite some time. Of course not many people plan to own it by the end of the year, they already own it.

  28. i’m not butthurt about this survey it didn’t surprised me. it’s like asking mynintendonews readers if they prefer xbox and ps4 over wiiu. though i wouldn’t say that wiiu could beat the 2 consoles. just sayin

  29. dammit thats 3 surveys posted on this site so far that say a smaller percentage of people want to own a wii u as opposed to the other two. that should give you self denial pricks a big freaking clue plus the way its currently selling.

  30. That was predictable from a website full of PS fanboys. But if we look closer, we will see that actually 12 % of them are planning to buy a WiiU and not only 4 %

  31. Smash bros. is 10% wanted by the gaming community? Who are you guys surveying again? I swear I never see these on IGN.

  32. Well golly gee no wonder it’s so low, they polled IGN’s audience. That’s like being surprised at the comments on My Nintendo News being so pro-Wii U. I honestly don’t get why people even go to IGN.

  33. Most people that go to IGN are “hardcore” gamers who are men with a lot of insecurities so they need a console that is “manly” and “adult” and they choose the PS4. Right now the PS4 is like “manly and cool” console to own for teenagers and men all over the place, plus all the other fans. But if you ask these guys why they prefer the PS4 they’ll go like “‘Cause it has the best graphics, real games (you shoot stuff), and it’s the coolest thing now!”, something like that. Gaming has turned into high school, everyone wants to be with the popular and cool kids who have to prove they are mature by doing and owning “adult” stuff. When most adults,don’t do that. Anyway, most gamers are men who want cool shit and that is “manly” ’cause they’re insecure as fuck, that’s why none of them will vote for Wii U, since you know, what’s better way to prove you were born a man than having COD and a PS4? Also, since Wii U didn’t went big gamers don’t pay much attention to it, and since PS4 is the new bomb now and what’s everyone talking about right now, all these people are just gonna vote PS4.

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