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Amazon Leaks Fourth Playable Character In Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze?


Popular online retailer Amazon Italy may have just leaked the fourth playable character in Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. The box-art for the Wii U exclusive now features the long-standing Cranky Kong. Hopefully we will see some new footage of the game at this year’s VGX awards, which Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime should be attending.

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72 thoughts on “Amazon Leaks Fourth Playable Character In Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze?”

    1. Are they making more than one announcement? Because I was expecting a new game and then some footage of X and Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem

  1. I don’t think he’s going to be playable, he could just be on the cover because he’s one of the main characters.

    1. Well he is so far on the cover, plus cranky hasn’t ever been playable in main dk game, plus the game’s story effects him too. Do u know what happens to old people in the cold?!?!?!

      1. No they don’t they appeared in mario super sluggers and donkey kong barrel blast. Nintendo owns anything donkey kong related.

      2. They don’t belong to Rare. No Donkey Kong character belong to Rare. I guess Retro doesn’t want to do a same villian everytime so they don’t bring back King K. Rool and the Kremlins which sucks.

    1. really those three never really sticked to the dk series. Cranky, diddy, dixie and donkey are the most remembered characters. We have never seen cranky do much he might be cool, maybe the original DK has some juice left

  2. When I said I wanted Cranky Kong to be playable, I wasn’t being completely serious,,,but could I have been right after all? If so, that’s pretty cool!

  3. Hmmm… I thought it was gonna be a new character…. I would’ve liked a new character more than Cranky. :P

  4. Cranky is the original DK, and DK is junior…father and son working together. maybe this is reason for the delay? Maybe working on cranky was more tricky then expected. I wonder who will run the shop this game,and what CK bring to the table?



    1. Even if he is confirmed we don’t know how cranky works, we also don’t know what Nintendo is going to do at VGX

    2. The current Donkey Kong IS DK Jr, and Cranky is the original DK. Jr’s always been here, but we’ve never been able to play AS the ORIGINAL DK, until now, if this is true.

  6. Before anyone starts doubting cranky, because he is old and old people suck to young people lets think. Who is old and kicked ass in platforming game… Scrooge McDuck. who did he fight…A aline rat, yeti, vampire, stone statue, three robbers, a witch, a ball king guy that caused earthquaks and a evil rich scottish duck. Do u want screw with that duck..and do want to screw with cranky?

  7. Is anyone else freaked out by the shape of Donkey Kong’s foot on this cover? I mean, I know apes have an opposable digit on their foot, but that just doesn’t look right… it’s like a “normal” cartoon foot with only four toes, and then a thumb tacked on.

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  10. Nobody remembers YOU BUY YOUR STUFF FROM KRANKY KONG!!! He will be in the game. I highly doubt he is playable. He is to old to swing from vines and such lol.

  11. I hope to GOD that this is not their VGX announcement. This game already disappointed once me at E3; it does not need to again.

  12. I was really hoping for Cranky to be the fourth so I hope the rumor is true. It would be great to have Original Donkey Kong with the new Donkey Kong side by side.

  13. No! The current DK is NOT DK Jr.! The current DK is Cranky’s grandson. DK Jr. is Cranky’s son. Says so in the original dkc. And please don’t bring up where Cranky says to DK “son” in 64. My grandfather used to call me son all the time. Hell, Otacon says it in Smash Bros. Brawl.

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  15. …As long as it ain’t taking its cues from that baffling piece of crap that was Donkey Kong 64, it’s alright.

  16. DK 64 was GREAT. Sure it wasn’t Banjo Kazooie or Super Mario 64, but if a DK 64 sequel ever happen today people would welcome it. There isn’t alot of games like it. I mean, don’t get me wrong, DK 64 had its problems but those problems could be fixed in a sequel and can make an overall AWESOME gaming experience.

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