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Bravely Default Available For Pre-Order In North America

The highly-anticipated Nintendo 3DS RPG from Square Enix, Bravely Default, is now available for pre-order in North America. On Amazon, as well as GameStop, you can pre-order the Collector’s Edition of the game.  While on Amazon it is priced at $49.99, GameStop prices it at $54.99. Bravely Default is set to be released on the 3DS in North America on February 7th and in Europe on December 6th. The standard edition is also available for pre-order on GameStop and Amazon for $39.99 a piece. Will you be pre-ordering the game? Let us know your thoughts on Square Enix’s upcoming Nintendo 3DS entry.

11 thoughts on “Bravely Default Available For Pre-Order In North America”

  1. Sweet, I had pre-ordered it on gamestops website, but since seeing this I cancelled it and bought it through amazon. Saved me 10 bucks.

    1. It’s from Square Enix.It’s pretty much like Final Fantasy with a unique artwork. Those that have reviewed it already gave it high scores. I’m really excited for some old school rpg.

  2. I love RPGs. Come to me Bravely Default: Flying Fairy. I want to bask in your beautiful art work and ravishing story.

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